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[PDF] Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners by Ranjit Kumar Books^ Online^. 1. PDF Research Methodology: A. Research methodology: a step-by-step guide for beginners / Ranjit Kumar Kumar, Ranjit · View online Find a specific edition Ranjit Kumar. - Fourth edition. for beginners, 2. Research methodology a step-by-step guide for by Ranjit Kumar Kuma; Ranjit Kumar; Yusheng Xie; Guoguang Huang Fourth edition.

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Ranjit Kumar , , Second edition published This third edition published . 18 Research methodology and practice evaluation The fourth type of research, from the viewpoint of the objectives of a study. Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (4th ed.) by Ranjit Kumar. Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure EPUB format. Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Research Methodology: A Step-by -Step Guide for Beginners and it was written by Dr Ranjit Kumar. This edition of.

Kirk Agbenu Related Results Get local results for research ste Stop searching for Research Step Step. Find it here! Find research step step in your town now! Get fast local results in your town NOW! Today best deals in America for Research Step Step! New to this edition: - the paradigms of research have been expanded to present a way of thinking that helps students Anatomy Test Quick Study Guides- gain a clear idea of the different examples used in research; Academic - material on focus groups, development of conceptual framework for unstructured interviews and greater detail on in-depth interviewing has been expanded, allowing students to discuss and analyse the differing methods of data collection; - new material on analyzing quantitative data and separate sections for the analysis of qualitative and quantitative research.

Conclusion Ahmad can be trusted not to steal. Premise 2 This survey involves substantial inner city household interviewing. Conclusion The interviewing in this survey will be especially difficult and expensive. In this research qualitative information are used usually gathered using Nominal and Ordinal Scales to be discussed later.

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The other way of defining qualitative Research is that it involves a smaller number of individuals within a longer time span. This information is extracted from data collected using high level scales of measurements, such as, Interval and Ratio Scales to be discussed Later. The other concept is that quantitative research involves a larger number of respondents within a relatively brief time span.

Some conditions are mentioned here for guidance. Though originality is a basic condition and it is a credit point for any research, yet it does not mean that a problem studied in the past cannot be undertaken again. There is a constant need for the verification of the findings of previous investigations.

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No research project should be undertaken if one feels that it would not add any significance findings and improvement in the area. If it a producer research, the problem will be studied to enhance existing knowledge for its own sake.

If it is a consumer type, the result should be suitable for immediate application. Is it an academic or business type research? A major reason for the encouragement of the investigator is to choose his own research problem in which his interest should be involved. Experience Good research problems stem from a clear understanding of a theoretical, empirical and practical aspects of the subject derived from personal experience and from a thorough review of the literature.

Conversely lack of familiarity, with the subject is almost sure to result in a poor choice. The investigator should possess the required competence, knowledge and skill to handle the project.

No investigator is in a position to handle the study independently. He needs a group to work for him in planning, collection and analysis of data. Availability of Guidance Guidance in research is very important.

Is there any qualified persons or guide in the field you are interested? You need help from the persons who are involved in that business in which you are conducting your research. One cannot see the insight of the problem independently. Research Design Three steps are to be noted in Research design.

Research Methodology

What is a research design? Basic issue of a research design. Component of a research design. A research design is a basic plan that guides the type of information to be collected, the source of data, and phase of analysis of the research project. A good design will make sure that information collected is consistent with the study objective and data are collected by accurate and economical way.

Every design has its own merits and demerits but a good research design should satisfy the following four conditions.

The questionnaire should be framed in such a way so that no ambiguity should be faced either to the investigator or to the respondents.

Example Any questionnaire constructed for measuring intelligence should measure only intelligence and nothing else. Validity will be discuss later on. This is very important part in any research design reliability will be discussed in details later on.

This is only possible if it has appropriate design related to the problem. This also requires that the selection procedure and statistical techniques of the data analysis must be appropriate. Basic Issues of a Research Design There are three basic issues of a research design: i Type of investigations a Causal When the researcher wants to describe the cause of the problem, then the 5 study is called a causal study.

For example the fear of earth -quake predicted in some area was an instrumental in obtaining insurance. Does smoking cause cancer is an other example of causal study.

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Are smoking, drinking and chewing tobacco associated with cancer? The real state business will be influenced by the prediction of an earthquake are examples of Correlational study. In such cases extensive work needs to be done to gain familiarity with the phenomena relating to the situation i. A manager of a firm is interested whether the work ethic values of the employees of his firm are different in Pakistan than those of in Europe.

A bank manager wants to have a profile of the individuals who have loan payments outstanding.

This information might help him to make decision regarding their cases. A marketing manager would like to know if the sales of the company will increase if he doubles the advertisement. Here the manager wants to know the nature of relationship between sale and advertisement, or more men then women are unbelievers, or working in the night shift as opposed to the day shift is associated to whether or not one is married.

More women than men are interested in having more children Study Setting There are two types of study setting i contrived and ii non-contrived. Correlational studies are conducted in non-contrived settings.

A bank manager would like to detect the cause effect relationship between interest rate and saving inclinations of clients. Usually causal studies are done in contrived laboratory settings. In cross sectional study data are collected at one time whereas in longitudinal study, data are collected over a period of time.

Whom to observe? How to observe? Why to observe?

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How to record the observation? How to analyze the observation? What inferences can be drawn? In doing so he proceeds step by step in the following order: i Title of the Investigation or research The title of any research project should be: ii as brief as possible. Should be in generalized terms. Purpose of the Study A brief mention of the importance of the area of research in the present context of social life should be attempted highlighting the main purpose that prompted the investigator to take up the recent study.

Critical Study of the Previous Research Instead of only reviewing previous studies for the sake of doing it; critical approach of previous studies is more meaningful and useful by doing so he may be able to: know about the different areas covered by various researchers in the field of investigation in which the investigator is interested.

Scope of the investigation The scope of any investigation is dependent on several factors such as the time and money available to the investigator, availability of the sample, accessibility of the investigator to the respondents, the amount of time the respondents can spare for the investigator etc.

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Research Methodology: Science - Education Tags: Stop searching for Research Step Step. Find it here! Find research step step in your town now! Get fast local results in your town NOW! Today best deals in America for Research Step Step!

Research Methodology (4th ed.)

Random Recommend http: Dr Ranjit Kumar Language: English Pages: Sage Publications Ltd Size: To Since Width: As with the first, the Second Edition of Research M ethodology is designed specifically for students with no previous experience or knowledge of research and research methodology.

New to this edition: This gives a comprehensive and concise discussion of the two major research types; - the chapter on Research Methodology and Practice Evaluation contains 11 new figures and one new table for enhanced visual learning and analysis. Rousseau And Revolution Part 1 Of 3 This clear and concise text links theory with eight practical steps central to any research process. It focuses on developing research skills by providing practical examples from both qualitative and quantitative research for a balanced and comprehensive grounding in research methodology.

Book Details Summary: The title of this book is Research Methodology: