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Noor-ul-Huda (Para Shasham) by Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza. Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand- picked. Noor ul Huda Shah is a Pakistani dramatist and former caretaker minister. She is well-known Sindhi language and Urdu language playwright, novelist and a. Noor-ul-Huda Books by Sultan ul Arifeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo R.A. Translation in urdu language is done by Said Ameer khan Niazi. Published by.

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Nur-ul-Huda (Kalaan). Written by: Sultan Bahoo. Translated by: Said Ameer Khan Niazi. download option. This book is guiding light; it reveals the secrets of Divine. Books Apology of Al-Kindy ( MB PDF File) Battles of Badr & Uhud by Edward Sell Historical Development of the Qur'an by Edward Sell ( MB PDF File). hazrat sultan bahoo books. Noor ul huda kalan. hazrat sultan bahoo Cover of "Shams-ul-Arifeen (Urdu Translation with Persian Text)".

Pakistan Biodata Dr. Noor ul Huda Maria is one of a few female neurosurgeons in Pakistan,author of a book on conservative vs surgical management of sciatica due to low backache , author of several articles,international neurosurgery speaker and has presented her work at various different international forums and conferences. Currently working at Pakistan's largest dedicated neurosurgery hospital ,Punjab institute of neurosciences,she has followed the highest neurosurgery degree thats is Fellowship of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan FCPS. Graduate of Services Institute of Medical Sciences with top position ,distinctions and gold medals, she has always been passionate about neurosurgery. She has got special interest in research work and has various articles published in national and international journals. She has presented her abstracts and e posters at different international conferences and has been invited as speaker on various different neurosurgical conferences.

This in fact is a pact between Allah and His slave which eternally bonds the Murshid with his disciple. He says: Sarwari Qadri Murshid has perfect command over Ism-e-Allah Zaat The personal name of Allah which represents the Divine Essence and all His attributes that is why, when he blesses a seeker with the Divinity of Ism-e- Allah Zaat, he grants him an equal status of his own.

On the contrary, the follower of Zahidi Qadri order has to devote at least twelve years to very hard mystic struggles, then Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani helps him and elevates him to the status of majzoob3 devotee, while the status of a Sarwari Qadri devotee is that of belovedness. It is that he elevates the seeker spiritually on the very first day, with his one glance and zikr invocation of Ism-e-Allah Zaat, to such heights that the seeker is completely drowned in the Divine union and finds presence in the holy assembly of Prophet Mohammad.

The Murshid who cannot do this, is not a proper Sarwari Qadri. For every true seeker of Allah I render my guidance. I can take him from the initial stage of the spiritual journey to the final and supreme level in just a moment. Come to me! I can take you to Allah on the very first day. Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo could not avail the opportunity to receive formal academic education because he was ever absorbed in the deep ocean of Divine unity, even then he has written books.

All of his books are in Persian except the collection of his poetry which is in the form of Punjabi quatrains. He proclaims that if anyone could not find a Murshid, his books will prove to be a medium for him to reach the perfect Sarwari Qadri Murshid who will guide him to Allah.

His writings are so persuasive and influential that they envelop the reader completely. If his books are read respectfully after ablution, an ocean of spiritual beneficence pours down to the reader. If a reader continues reading them with complete faith and true heart, he will be guided towards the perfect Sarwari Qadri Murshid who is the real spiritual successor of Sultan Bahoo in the present age. Faqr is the spiritual way which leads to the Divine knowledge and vision of Allah.

In all his books he lays emphasis on acquiring Faqr under the spiritual guidance of a Sarwari Qadri Murshid. He declares the zikr4 and tasawur5 of Ism-e-Allah Zaat the key to the ultimate sanctity and purgation of soul after which the soul is blessed with the Divine vision and presence in the holy assembly of Prophet Mohammad, which are the most elevated spiritual stations.

Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo says in his books that despite of all his efforts he could not find a truly capable seeker of Allah to whom he could entrust the Divine Trust of Faqr for the future guidance of seekers, so on the 1st of Jamadi-us-Sani in H 1st March, A. D he passed away without transferring this Trust to anyone. His urs is held on the first Thursday of Jamadi-us-Sani. All praises are for Almighty Allah, The Sustainer of all worlds. The Immortal, The Eternal. He is the One who brings forth the living from the dead and dead from the living.

Al-Rome Meaning: Ash-Shura Blessings and salutations upon Prophet Mohammad, the leader of all the leaders, the most eminent of all the creation of the eighteen thousand worlds and the Prophet who brought righteousness and the true faith. Allah declared his grandeur as: If it was not for you I would not have created the worlds. Say unto them: If you love Allah, follow me. Allah will make you His beloved. It guides all the common and special seekers of Allah and the Fana Fillah8 Faqeers9 at all the levels whether initial, middle or final and blesses them with the great beneficence of the right mystic path by revealing upon them the observation of Divine secrets.

It showers upon them the theophanies of Noor10 of the Oneness of the Divine Essence and raises their level from Ilm-ul-Yaqeem11 to Ain-ul-Yaqeen12 and then Haq-ul-Yaqeen13 by the benediction of true love of Allah. Allah says in a Qudsi Hadith I was a hidden treasure, I desired to be recognized so I created the creation for My recognition. Only those recognize Allah who remain steadfast upon the sacred way of Holy Prophet and never get depraved from the right path by going against the way of Prophet or involving in wrong innovations and deceptive ways.

Allah says: Those who deny Our revelations, We shall soon lead them gradually towards catastrophe in such an imperceptible manner that they will not even notice it. True Faqeer is the perfect Saint who travels the path of Faqr and reaches its ultimate level i. Every way that is rejected by shariah15 is heretical. All the ways repudiated by shariah are surely infidelity. They are the ways of Satan or nafs16 which create wrong desires of the contemptible world, all of which are like a brigand for the travellers of the right path Everyone must beware of them.

The Holy Prophet said: One who seeks anything other than Allah finds no good in it, while the one who seeks Allah finds everything. I am going to write a few words about the mystic way of Faqr which blesses the seeker with the spiritual flight towards Allah. The esoteric and exoteric objective of Faqr is i. While the objective of the reprobate seekers of the world is i.

I have annihilated myself in the Oneness of Allah in such a way that my existence has become one with The One. Due to this ultimate Oneness I see nothing except Oneness. I reached above the Throne and the Chair through the way of shariah and thoroughly observed all the spiritual levels and waystations. You must observe Oneness of Allah in each and everything and ever remain in the state of this observation so that you gain perfect belief that there is nothing but Allah everywhere.

Whatever is contained in the vessel, only that comes out of it. Faqeer Bahoo informs the travellers of the mystic way that Allah is neither in the six dimensions nor in the sun, moon or the four basic elements i.

His closeness can neither be gained through lengthy supplications or recital rounds nor through exoteric pious deeds or ascetism, neither by begging from door to door nor by wearing rags or keeping quite. Get to know and understand it verily that Allah is in the heart of the possessor of Divine secrets i. If you come to him to know this secret the doors are open and if you do not then Allah does not need anyone. You are concealed in the heart of every possessor of the Divine secret.

This secret is revealed upon those who seek it and always look forward to Your kindness. Whoever comes to Your court with humility never returns empty handed. The Divine ocean of Oneness of Allah is present in the heart of Momin Whosoever wants to gain the Truth and have union with Allah, must first of all find a perfect and supreme Murshid20 who is actually the possessor of all the treasures of heart.

By the efficacy of tasawur21 and zikr22 of Ism-e-Allah Zaat23 , the existence of perfect Faqeers24 is all Noor. Whoever is blessed with the treasures of heart does not remain deprived of the vision and closeness of Allah. First find a companion then set on a journey. One who has no Shaikh25 has no faith. One who has no Shaikh, Satan surrounds him. What is heart? It is vaster than the fourteen layers of earth and skies. Allah says in a Qudsi Hadith: Neither the earth nor the skies can contain me but the heart of a true Momin can.

Verily, Allah neither observes your physical appearance nor deeds rather He observes your hearts and intentions. What are the signs of a perfect Murshid? He takes the seeker of Allah above both the worlds in just blink of an eye and blesses him with the level of Fana Fillah He neither narrates long tales nor involves in verbal discussions. His single glance is better than the eternal devotion.

He straight away carries his disciples to the world of absolute peace.

Huda noor book ul

Whoever enters it, attains safety. Try to raise your level from an inferior man to an elevated and strong man. What is the difference between the two? At the inferior level, one is always fighting against the nafs and Satan who are the enemies of Allah. While, the level of a strong man is that he beheads the nafs and kills all its desires in just one stroke and ends the fight, hence finds eternal peace and attains the level of perseverance which is better than high levels and miracles.

What are the other signs of a perfect Murshid? He blesses the seekers of Allah with Divine presence. It is a great sin to involve the seekers in invocation without granting them the Divine presence.

A perfect and supreme Murshid is completely drowned in Divine union while the zikr which does not grant Divine presence means that the reciter is away and separate from Allah. The perfect and accomplished Murshid having Divine union separates the seeker from everything other than Allah, removes all his confusions and distractions and never indulges him in the hypocritical devotions. The noblest amongst you near Allah is the one who is the most pious.

Al-Hujrat This Faqr is the way of secret and inward struggle and is not at all related with discussions and exhortations. Do you command others for piety and forget yourselves, while you also recite the Book of Allah? So do you not understand! Single glance of a perfect and supreme Murshid is better than the worships of thousand years. The superficial knowledge and discussions just create confusions and differences while the glance of Murshid having spiritually effective sight grants complete gnosis of the Divine union.

Huda noor book ul

If a perfect and supreme Murshid wants to involve the seeker of Allah in hard mystic struggle, he may indulge him in ascetic practices for twelve or twenty four or even forty years.

However, if he wants to bless the seeker with the Divine union he can confer it upon him in just a moment without involving him in zikr, meditation or any kind of mystic struggle. On attaining this level, everything other than Allah is forbidden upon the seeker. His existence is unified with the Divine name and Essence.

His essence becomes the Divine Essence and his attributes become the Divine attributes. When the Lover is annihilated in Hoo, there remains no duality. Whoever recognizes himself, recognizes his Lord. One who recognized himself by annihilating himself, recognized his Lord by gaining immortality with Him.

The Eternal Essence should prevail in every breath i. After thirty years Khaqani realized that a moment in the company of Allah is better than possessing the Solomon empire.

Khaqani is not telling the truth here. The fact is that a seeker of Allah should be so much drowned in the state of Fana Fillah that he forgets even his breaths and does not feel even if hundreds of years pass by.

There are some Faqeers who are absorbed in the zikr of , they possess effective spiritual attention, beneficent glance and enlightened insight. They rule over their nafs31 and are absolved of the lust of pleasures of the world, desires of nafs and satanic temptations. They are ever inclined towards the Bestower and are blessed with closeness of Allah. They are the beloveds of Allah and are honoured in both the words. There are some so called Faqeers who pretend to be absorbed in zikr of just to become known among people.

They are in fact ruled by their nafs and trap people to gather money. You can recognize both kinds of Faqeers through their conversation and concern about the world. The true Faqeer talks about the world with disdain 31 The baser self of a person which traps him in wrong desires and prevents him from travelling towards Allah.

The ignorants are covered with ignorance which is an attribute of Satan while the scholars and knowledgeable persons are covered with knowledge and wisdom gained from the Book of Allah, their knowledge guards them against the satanic ignorance. The Faqeers are covered with the Noor of marifat32 of secrets of Allah which takes them on the spiritual flight to both the worlds. Ignorance brings torment for the ignorants while knowledge is a source of forgiveness for the scholars.

Another difference between the ignorants, scholars and Faqeers is that ignorants are commoners, scholars are special ones while the Faqeers are the distinguished ones. An ignorant breeds ignorance, infidelity, polytheism and wrong innovations in the religion.

Do the zikr of your Holy Lord when you forget everything. Al-Kahf It is not at all difficult for the true Murshid who himself is stationed at the level of Fana Fillah and blessed with the Divine presence, to immerse his disciples in the Oneness of Allah and 32 Gnosis, the knowledge of Allah gained after His closeness and vision. It is certainly easier for him to bless them with Divine presence than to indulge them in ascetic discipline or invocation and meditation.

He just holds the hand of his true disciple, takes him to Allah spiritually and entrusts the disciple to Him. Truth can be verified! The Murshid who is not empowered to do so cannot be called a Murshid, such a person is actually a brigand like Satan. Al- Fateh Meaning: Hold the hand of a true man i.

Except the true men, no one knows the exact path to Allah and the proper way of guiding others on this path. However, the condition is that the seeker of Allah must observe Allah with his spiritual eyes through the zikr of name of Allah, as one of the attributive names of Allah is Hadi The Righteous Guide and Allah send the Holy Prophet as the righteous guide i.

A perfect Murshid is also blessed with this attribute and is the righteous guide for his disciples. Verily, Satan can never take the form of the righteous guides.

Satan cannot take my form. No doubt! Whoever saw me, saw the Reality. Surely, you Satan shall have no power over my true servants i. When a true Murshid having spiritually empowered sight blesses the seeker with his attention, he awakens the soul of the seeker and starts the zikr of Allah in him which continues voluntarily due to which his nafs is disgraced and tormented. He is attached with the Creator and detached from the creation.

People call him insane as they cannot understand his inward condition. He fervently calls out: Whoever watches us, avoids us because we follow the path of Faqr which is avoided by the people as it is indifferent to everyone. Nothing can stop them from the zikr of Allah even for a moment.

Bahoo has forgotten both the worlds in the love of Allah and has become independent of them. And his eye neither inclined aside nor overstepped the limit. Al-Najam There are two kinds of mystic travellers, one are the majzoob33 and others are mehboob The real Faqeer is neither of the two.

He is the master of both the worlds, beloved of Allah and a man of powers and waham When a seeker reaches this level he becomes disgusted of everything other than Allah, he loves only Allah turning away from everyone. He is obsessed with the intense passion of Divine love and is aggrieved day and night due to the pain of this love. His nafs is dead.

Risala e Noor ul Huda

Then He will love you as He said, meaning: Faqeer Bahoo says that Faqr is the way of perseverance not of miracles or sensual desires. As, perseverance is an attribute of the special ones while miracles are considered as filth and impurity in this way.

Listen friend! A true seeker of Allah must 33 Lost in Divine meditation. The mystic who cannot tolerate the effects of Divine disclosure and loses his senses. You must purify your heart first, then it will accept and surrender to the Truth. Those who submit their lives before the will of Allah are blessed with a new life every moment from the Invisible.

Angels do not enter the house where a dog is kept. Heart is like a house and the zikr of Allah is like an angel while nafs is like a dog. Allah does not bless the heart with His attention which is filled with the sensual desires of nafs, darkness of satanic distractions and the filth of worldly love. The heart which is deprived of the kind attention of Allah becomes dark, depraved and full of envy, greed and arrogance. Due to envy, Qabeel Cain killed Habeel Abel. Due to greed Adam ate the grain of wheat which was forbidden by Allah and was exiled from the heaven.

While, arrogance of Satan took him to the cursed levels. Hence, the heart which is obsessed by sensual desires is an adobe of greed, envy and arrogance. It is always worried for the contemptible worldly gains.

Haq Numaey Noor Ul Huda (Kalan) Al Haj Sultan Ghulam Jilani, Hazrat Sultan Bahoo

The love of world and religion cannot sustain in one heart just like fire and water cannot be contained in one utensil. Your tongue is reciting the name of Allah while your heart is attentive towards worldly possessions. How can such a recitation benefit you! When a true Faqeer closes his eyes, he views eighteen thousand spheres of both the worlds spiritually. Al-Najam The Holy Prophet said: I seek refuge of Allah from Faqr39 which brings disgrace. The Holy Prophet has sought refuge of Allah from the Faqr which makes a person embarrassed before people for the sake of worldly gain, or it is the Faqr in which a person possesses a lot of worldly riches but becomes heedless like Pharoah, miser like Qaroon40 , arrogant like Namroood and slave of worldly riches like Shaddad41 due to that wealth.

They will be humble towards the believers but strict and firm towards the disbelievers. They will toil very hard in the way of Allah and will never fear any reproaches of the reprovers. Al-Maidah Listen! You have been honoured by Allah, as He says: And We have indeed honoured the children of Adam.

Bani-Israil Allah has created you for His worship and servitude as He says: And I created the jinns and human beings solely to adopt My servitude. Al-Zariyat i.

Ul huda book noor

The true Arif43 and worshipper of Allah is the one who reaches this level of worship i. And worship your Lord till you attain to the station of certainly of faith. One who intended to worship after attaining to the final level of union with Allah, committed infidelity and polytheism. One who has surpassed all the levels of servitude and has attained to Lordship after annihilating himself and becoming Fana Fillah, does not need to indulge in physical devotions as he is now a man of Divine observation which is his actual worship.

I behold the unparalleled Allah after being beheaded i. When I am no more, how will I unite with Him.

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When I see things, I just observe Allah in them because He is the core and reality of everything. Qudsi Hadith: I am as My slave perceives Me, now it is upto him how he perceives Me. When they will observe their real inward existence, they will find the Reality. Al-Zariyat However, the traveller of this path which leads to Allah should be a real man whose eyes of soul are open with which he can observe the Reality.

Donkeys are created in the form of men. The person who has studied thousands of books but is deprived of the marifat of Allah and is unaware of the mystic path is like a beast of burden, his tongue is alive but heart is dead. And We are nearer to him than his jugular vein. Qaf Meaning: Whoever gave his life to Allah, procured Ism-e-Allah. Whoever procured Ism-e-Allah beheld Allah with his open eyes.

Meditate upon His signs not upon His Essence. Why do you think that Allah is away from you. He is nearer than your jugular vein and is with you wherever you are, in fact you are away from Him. He Allah is with you wherever you are. Al-Hadeed-4 Allah is always with you but you are blind to His presence and depraved from His path. And whoever is blind to the vision of Allah in this world will remain blind in the hereafter as well.

Bani-Israil Most of the people get knowledge just for worldly gain or to earn their income and elevate their material levels. Have We not broadened your chest for you to gain the marifat and knowledge of Allah. And We have taken off the burden from you. A-Lam Nashrah-1,2 The real knowledge of Allah is present in the pure heart, not in the heart which is malicious and vain. Listen O' knower of the Truth! Be with Allah always and erase everything other than Allah from the tablet of your heart such that there remains nothing but Allah in you.

May you attain the level about which Allah says: Everything will perish. And the beautiful countenance of your Lord, Who is the Master of glory and splendour and the Master of bounty and honour, will remain.

Ul book noor huda

Al-Rehman,27 Meaning: The All-Seeing Lord is always with me, He ever watches me and knows me well. How can the people who are inwardly like animals be aware of such unification with the Lord.

When Ism-e-Allah is engraved on the heart, the theophanies of Ism envelop and grip the heart and the nafs is subdued, as said: It Ism-e-Allah Zaat kills the nafs and enlivens the heart. One who loves Allah is disgusted of everything other than Allah. The world and hereafter are for you, for me there is only Allah. Further he said: One who seeks the world gets only the world, one who seeks the hereafter gets only the hereafter, while the one who seeks Allah gets everything.

Leave your nafs and be elevated to Allah. I have removed all the worries of the world and hereafter from my heart because it can either be occupied by unnecessary things or by the love and thoughts of Beloved. Ishq44 is a fire that burns everything other than the Beloved Allah. Only the Divine Existence prevails in the inward and outward of everything.

When the Arif Billah45 talks, he talks only about Ism-e-Allah and wherever he sees, he sees only Allah, as Allah says: Al-Baqarah And whatever he hears, hears from Allah meaning: Faqr is my pride and Faqr is from me. I am distinguished among all the Prophets and Messengers due to Faqr. Love of the Faqeers is among the virtues of the Prophets and spite against them is the attribute of Pharoah. One who beheld any Faqeer with devotion and love and heard his words attentively and followed them , Allah will raise him with Prophets and Apostles on the doomsday.

I am his companion who does My zikr. This is because learning jurisprudence is just the base of Islam and if the recitation of Quran or other outward prayers are delayed, they can be offered later but if a breath passes without the zikr of Allah, it can never be availed later.

One who does not fulfill his eternal obligation of remembering Allah with each breath , Allah does not accept his obligatory prayers which he offers on fixed times. Every person has counted breaths, each breath which passes without the zikr of Allah is dead. Guard each and every breath because every breath is a whole world in itself, rather for a wise person a breath is precious than the universe because a breath passed in zikr of Allah grants eternal life and blesses with closeness of Allah.

You must not waste your remaining life in grief and worry over the past. The available time is precious, you must avail it, as time and tide wait for none.

They will not be notified. Comments on discussion boards from them will be hidden by default. Confirm Cancel. Sign in to Goodreads to learn more about Noor ul Huda. Sign In. Stats More…. Noor ul Huda is Currently Reading. Noor ul Huda Niazi is currently reading. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. May 17, Nov 05, We strongly encourage all our parents to help their children with their homework and engage with their studies outside of school hours.

The vast majority of our students go on to continue their studies in Al-Huda or An-Noor schools, and the preparatory education they take at Noor al-Huda holds them in good stead for the years of further study ahead.

We hold events celebrating and commemorating religious occasions, such as Eid, Muharram and the birth of Prophet Muhammed s. These events often involve a variety of activities, including poetry readings, cartoons about the occasion in question and plays performed by the students.

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They allow the children to engage with their religion in a more dynamic and fun way than in the classroom. Last year over 70 students entered and 31 reached the first level, 9 of them achieving distinction.

Towards the end of the academic year we hold a charity bazaar for all the students and their families, where clothes, domestic commodities, and food and drink are sold, with all the proceeds going to the orphans of Iraq.