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Additionally, one challenge in studying Italian history has often been the cultural and linguistic gap separating academic communities. At times focused on high-level politics and diplo- matic history, at times taking a history from below, this collective effort offers a multifaceted approach to a troubled and controversial period in Italian history. Moreover, little has been published or translated on Italian colonial wars. For a synthesis in English weaving political, strategic, and military dimensions on the Italian war effort in the Second World War, James H. The impact of these military occupations has been neglected until recently, perhaps following the myth of the bono italiano Italian goodfellow.

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Osti Guerrazzi also underlines the responsibility of Fascist paramilitary groups, such as the Black Brigades, in the brutalization of the civil war. Women who had collaborated with the RSI have been, until recently, pigeon- holed as informers and prostitutes. Ausiliarie, delatrici e spie nella Repubblica sociale italiana — Milan-Udine: Mimesis, Volunteers, after being vetted both psycho- logically and politically, attended courses ranging from first aid to self-defense, in preparation for their role in supporting anti-partisan operations.

By comb- ing memoirs and diaries of women volunteers and their companions-in-arms, Ciavattone digs out the voices of these women, their support even for the most appalling counterinsurgency operations in the civil war, and the heavy price they paid as summary justice was carried out in the last months of the war. Punishing the Fascists, as Andrea Martini explains, was a widespread prior- ity for those who had endured two decades of Fascism.

If the principle of making collaborators pay was widely accepted, though, the choice of who should take the responsibility to mete out justice became controversial. The government of the Kingdom of the South, supported by the Allied Military Government AMG , wanted to take the helm of the purging process in order to assert its legitimacy in the now free areas. Along with an urge to vent their frustration for two decades of oppression, resisters wanted to take the politics of retribution into their own hands, as they feared that ordinary judicial bodies would include individuals tied to the old regime.

Their actions proved extremely controversial and some- times degraded to score-settling, a common feature in liberated Europe. Ethnic Identities and Legacies of Violence The last part of the volume focuses on two aspects that are central to a full understanding of the conflict in Italy: the role of ethnic minorities in the gar- gantuan armies of the belligerents in both camps, and the judicial legacies of the violence unleashed against Italian civilians by German units.

Many of the armies of the — period were multi-faceted organiza- tions that included a whole spectrum of different racial minorities. Perusing letters coming from the Eastern front, Virtue shows that the Slavs conscripted into the Italian army suffered as much as their peers from the difficult conditions on the Eastern front. What is sur- prising, though, is that their experience did not differ much from that of their ethnic-Italian counterparts. On the other hand, Matteo Petrelli and Francesco Fusi examine Allied sol- diers of Italian descent in the United States, and to a lesser extent in Canada and Brazil, who participated in the Italian campaign.

Mostly coming from the states of New York and New Jersey, these second-generation Americans fought valiantly, strongly identifying with the cause of their adopted homeland. That is not to say that being deployed to their ancestral land left them aloof.

On the contrary, more than a few experienced mixed feelings at fighting against their relatives and feared they might be cast as traitors if captured by the Italians. Nevertheless, Italian-American soldiers acted as cultural and political media- tors, bonding with the local population, women included,25 and with partisan groups. The deeds of the thousands of Italian-Americans who fought on the Italian soil still await full recognition by public opinion and the academic community.

Two years of military operations, coupled with the civil war, wreaked havoc on the Italian peninsula. This tension erupted in vicious massacres perpe- trated by German units with the help of Fascist paramilitary groups. German 24 Out of the , soldiers who went in Russia, more than half were killed, went missing in action, or became POWS. The Allies appeared to employ a double stan- dard when prosecuting German commanders: while those who had caused the death of Allied soldiers, were swiftly punished, often by execution, those who had overseen civilian massacres were generally spared death sentences.

Bruno Vespa

War crimes were quietly forgotten in the drawers of history, or should we say in a cabinet—more specifically, the so-called Cabinet of Shame Armadio della Vergogna discovered only by pure luck in Moreover, the justification for the harsh treatments of Italian soldiers and civilians alike was the so-called duplicitous nature of the Italians, ultim- ately considered traitors to Germany both in the First and Second World War.

As shown by the breadth and wealth of monographs published each year, the Second World War is still a vivid, controversial event that sparks wide inter- est both in popular culture and in the academic community. These original contributions merely hint at the renewal of interest in the studies of the role of Italy and the Italians between and Posts Likes Following Archive.

Bruno Vespa Publisher: Misc Date: English ISBN La parola all esperto.

Voltagabbana epub italiani

Vespa, da giornalista e da neo conduttore televisivo di Porta a porta, ci racconta un volto poco amato della nostra italianit, ma incredibilmente vero. Passando per la storia, da Togliatti a Craxi, prima amato e poi massacrato dai suoi stessi compagni di partito, Bruno Vespa in Italiani voltagabbana giunge fino alloggi, alla contemporaneit.