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Hibernate is an ORM (object-relational mapping) tool for Java programming language. Download Hibernate Interview Questions PDF. Hibernate Interview - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read What are the most common methods of Hibernate configuration?. These interview questions and answers on Hibernate will help you strengthen your technical skills, PDF was generated at Saturday 10th January,

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Then check out our detailed Hibernate Interview Questions! Besides studying them online you may download the eBook in PDF format!. Hibernate is a popular framework of Java which allows an efficient Top 50 Hibernate Interview Questions & Answers .. Download PDF. Dear readers, these Hibernate Interview Questions have been designed specially to get As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question they continue based on further discussion and what you answer.

Hibernate is one of the most widely used ORM tool for Java applications. So I decided to write a post about hibernate interview questions to brush up your knowledge before the interview. Whether you are fresher or experienced, having good knowledge or Hibernate ORM tool helps in cracking interview. Here I am providing important hibernate interview questions with answers to help you brush up your knowledge and impress your interviewer. Just like other interview questions posts, chances are that I will be adding more questions to this list in future, so you might want to bookmark it for future reference. Recently I have written a lot of posts on hibernate, most of them contains complete downloadable projects.

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How can we see hibernate generated SQL on console? We need to add following in hibernate configuration file to enable viewing SQL on the console for debugging purposes: What are the two types of collections in hibernate? Following are the two types of collections in hibernate: a.

Sorted Collection b. Order Collection What the benefits are of hibernate over JDBC? Hibernate can be used seamlessly with any type of database as its database independent while in case of JDBC, developer has to write database specific queries. In case of hibernate, there is no need to create connection pools as hibernate does all connection handling automatically while in case of JDBC, connection pools need to be created.

How can we get hibernate statistics? We can get hibernate statistics using getStatistics method of SessionFactory class as shown below: SessionFactory.

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What is transient instance state in Hibernate? How can we reduce database write action times in Hibernate? Hibernate provides dirty checking feature which can be used to reduce database write times. Dirty checking feature of hibernate updates only those fields which require a change while keeps others unchanged.

Callback interfaces of hibernate are useful in receiving event notifications from objects. What is HQL? It considers the java objects in a similar way as that of the SQL. It is an Object-Oriented Query Language and is independent of the database. What are concurrency strategies? The concurrency strategies are the mediators who are responsible for storing items and retrieving them from the cache.

In case of enabling a second level cache, the developer must decide for each persistent class and collection, and also which cache concurrency, has to be implemented. Following are the concurrency strategies that can be implemented by the developer: This strategy is used mostly to read data where the prevention of stale data is critical in concurrent transactions, in the unique case of an update.

Read- Only: We can use it for reference data only. It is similar to transactional strategy. This strategy assures no guarantee of consistency between the database and cache. We can use this strategy only if the data can be modified and a small likelihood of stale data is not the critical concern. How to write composite key mapping for hibernate? Mention the Key components of Hibernate?

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The Key components of Hibernate are: It is used to get a physical network with a database. It represents the unit of work with a database.

It is used create and execute object-oriented queries and retrieve the objects. It represents the properties of files required by Hibernate Session Factory: It configures hibernate for the application using the provided configuration file and instantiates the session object.

What is a One-to-One association in Hibernate?

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It is similar to the many-to-one association and the difference lies in the column that will be set as a unique one. The many-to-one element is used to define one-to-one association.

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To the defined variable a name attribute is set in the parent class and the column attribute is used to set column name in the parent table, which is unique so that only one object gets associated with another.

Explain the Criteria object in Hibernate? Criteria objects are used to create and execute object-oriented Queries to retrieve the objects.

Explain Hibernate configuration file and Hibernate mapping file? Hibernate configuration file: It contains database specific configurations and is used to initialize SessionFactory.

Hibernate Interview Questions and Answers

Dialect information is another important part of the hibernate configuration file. Hibernate Mapping file: It is used to define the database table column mappings and entity bean fields. We use JPA annotations for mappings, but when we are using the third party classes sometimes XML mapping files becomes handy and we cannot use annotations.

What is Lazy loading? It is a technique in where the objects are loaded on the requirement basis. Since the Hibernate 3 version, the lazy loading is by default enabled so that the child objects are not loaded while the parent is loaded.

Explain the advantages of Hibernate? Some of the advantages of Hibernate are: It provides Simple Querying of data.

An application server is not required to operate. The complex associations of objects in the database can be manipulated. Database access is minimized with smart fetching strategies.

It manages the mapping of Java classes to database tables without writing any code. Properties of XML file is changed in case of any required change in the database.