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Seducing Drake Palma - Free ebook download as Text, PDF or For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2. Easy as one, two, three lang kasi talaga yun. For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser. File Size: The Despicable Guy 2. the_despicable_guy_book_2_shirlengtearjerky. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: For Hire A Damn Good Kisser Ariesa Jane peruse the unimpeachable altering of this ebook in txt, DjVu,. ePub.

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For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. Hello. For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser and Good Girl Gone Bad. 2 primary works • 2 total works · Ratings · 4 Reviews · published · 2 editions. Well she just ruined a budding romance between my 2 favorite characters. then the Reading a damn good kisser made me wish I was Dana (haha!) and there .

Condolence to you summer flings. She is really my friend. Go on and tease me, you whore. Now she's Noffie nice. It's not as bad as you think.

There is not one redeeming quality I find about Dana. She's pretty, yes, and rich. But what else? Another thing is that almost every other girl in this book, aside from Dana and her best friend, is either a slut or a perfect runaway model straight from hell.

Not all pretty girls are stupid and shallow and not all of them are stupid enough to make someone's life miserable because they can. Why should every antagonist be the same pretty, desperate, domineering girl who'll do anything -- may it be disgusting -- to give the innocent protagonist a hell of a life, like blackmailing a guy who likes the MC or giving the MC a cat fight in the cafeteria?

For what? And why is the protagonist always be a naive, innocent girl with a or several knight in shining armor?

Girls, you are all better than this. Secondly the reader is thrown into the story without any chance to "get to know well" the characters. Everything just sort of happened. At the first 10 pages, Dana was accused of being a prude, dumped by her boyfriend and saw her boyfriend making-out with the school "slut.

I can't even Aside from Dana, the other characters are not good either. Sara, her bff, is as cliche as bff's go and as cliche as party girls go. You know, that "slutty", girly, party kind of girl that you've probably read in a hundred books before?

Yeah right. She's not even a good adviser. Well, she did save Danna from being killed by Ynna in the center of the whole cafeteria.

It is a ridiculous scene that had me rolling my eyes painfully. If the only way a friend could act like a true friend is by saving you from a cat fight, that is just problematic.

And of course, the love interests. I think it was done horribly. The writing is very hard to get into because it didn't felt authentic enough. I'm always very torn about how unnatural the characters are kinda like puppets, in a sense.

I'm all set for people to enjoy what to read but this sets a very unhealthy example to women, especially teenagers.

Kisser damn ebook 2 hire good a for

Pick a chic-lit, yes! But make sure it isn't sexist or demonstrates unhealthy situations like this did. This is horrible in of everything a book stands for. Let's start with the characters because they are so full of shit: Dana Ferrer is the weakest, saddest, lousiest, most desperate bitch in the book. She's so hungry for the D in other people's case, she wants the dick. But whose dick? That is the question and I see no positive side to this cockhungry woman.

Now the three boys are pure anime stereotypes. We have the asshole Andy. The emotionless Cyriel and Dave, the good guy. Oh my fucking god, when I learned that the romance is set on Cyriel, Andy, and Dana I wanted to set the book down and download a different one to read because it sounded like a smart thing to do. I did not do that. I read the book instead. Anyway, now let's discuss the writing.

The character descriptions are so fucking bad. The plot was also bad. Weak heroine. Other nonsensical extras. It needs him. One sided characters and one sided romance, pathetic writing, plot made by a seven year-old. Fuck this book. Fuck it all Dec 05, Kristine rated it it was amazing.

I'm always on edge of my seat every time I read this. You can't predict what will happen next.. View 1 comment. Nov 25, Blesie rated it really liked it Shelves: Medyo naguluhan ako konti sa epilogue pero siguro may kasunod pa itong story.. Maayos na sana relationship ni Dana kay Cyriel pero mukhang may ginawa si Andy na hindi maganda kay Dana..

Gonna find out soon,, dahil honestly nabitin talaga ako.. View 2 comments. Dec 10, Victoria Llasos rated it did not like it Shelves: First things first, I bought this book because I was curious on why the title is like this.

And I was like whaaat? Even my english teacher thought that it is unsuitable with my age or maybe she's just close-minded and all. But to tell the truth I was kinda excited to open this book since I know it contains a bookmark and images just like any pop-fiction or wattpad story that I have read.

After reading some of the chapters I was contented and reassu First things first, I bought this book because I was curious on why the title is like this. After reading some of the chapters I was contented and reassured that I will not regret downloading this book.

And about the characters: Dana Kathryn Ferrer- which is obviously the protagonist in the book. I like how she is determine on proving to her ex-boyfriend that she can be a good kisser.

But I don't like how she usually cuss around since it is quite unappropriate for a lady. Jarred Bautista- Dana's ex-bf. I can summarize all his descriptions with one word. Oh make it two words, if you consider "A" as a word. Ynna- a bitch, whore, slut, hoe and other words that are synonymous with these words.

And obviously the antagonist of the story. Andy Guzman- hot, hot and hot. But I don't like how he can't get over with his past girlfriend and all the macaroni thing. And I also hate how he became a jerk when he found out that Dana's sister killed his girlfriend. Cyriel Perez- well, he's absolutely cool! And I love cool, cold-type guys. When he appeared in the book, I fell inlove with him in an instant. And yeah, I hate him for leaving Dana at the end which is so unexpected! Dave Cruz and Sara- nothing special about them since they are just supporting casts, to be more specific friends of the main characters.

Well that's about the characters. Now we come to the serious part here. Some of the reasons or the cause of some actions in the book is quite LOW. I mean, who will pay 50, If I have that kind of money, I will use it in downloading stuffs like books, books and books.

For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser

Yeah, I am a book freak and I am proud of being one. Next is the reason of the formation of the Good Kissers Inc. And yeah, it is something that I am excited to know. But when I found out about the reason, I was like "What the hell!!?? That's it?!

For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser Series by Ariesa Jane Domingo

Just because Andy blame himself for not knowing how to kiss?! And I was really annoyed that everything is all about kissing. What is wrong about being a lousy kisser? Is that the only thing that matters.

Okay, I'm sorry with my outburst. And lastly, I like turn of events or the twist. But to tell the truth, this book kinda disappoints me. Feb 10, Kevin rated it did not like it Shelves: This was just I rarely write reviews for bad books because I don't want to air out my negative thoughts because of the repercussions it might have.

However, I just can't take it anymore. This is only my own opinions regarding the book, so please be mindful of that while you read the review. Okay every Pop Fiction Books have rad covers and this one is not an exception. It totally speaks of the tone of the entire story and it was presented in a fun and quirky way. Ch This was just Dana the protagonist was just frigging annoying!

God her voice was just like listening to nails on a chalkboard. She's whiny, arrogant, and irritating! I did sympathize with her on some parts, especially that thing with her parents. However, it didn't easily erase the other facts I mentioned before. Then we have those Kissing Instructors. I didn't even like them to the point that I can't even remember their names now. SorryNotSorry Story: The plot of the book wasn't what I imagined it to be.

I expected a light, fun romance but all I got was a crude and totally over dramatic novel. I initially thought that it will have that How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days vibe to it because of The Kissing Instructor shtick, but basically the group is just an escort service for overly privileged girls like seriously why would you avail their shoddy services for PHP 50,?

Truth be told, Pop Fiction books are written in a straight-forward way. These books are not prose heavy and it still works well with the kind of audience they want to reach. However, something that was kind of unique about this book is that it constantly threw the words rape like it was nothing, which bothered me a lot. It felt so insensitive towards the topic and I wished the novel had more class than that. Emotional Impact: If you consider the lingering annoyance I felt after I read the book, then yes it did made me feel something.

To Sum It All Up: I just didn't appreciate the story of For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser. It was just not my cup of tea, but if you think you'll enjoy it more than me by all means go for it. I just didn't get the whole point of the frigging Epilogue.

Seriously, way to ruin an almost decent story. I just wasted time and money on a book that took rape as a light topic. This is just wrong! Mar 28, Dorothy rated it liked it. Finished this book within 6 hrs. And let me tell you the truth, well at first I lurved it, but when it got to the end, I was like "Woah.

Why did freaking Ynna go to Sara's party? And saying that Dana stole Cyriel from her! But I had to admit, I really liked the Dana-Andy thing.

It was so cute! When Lynne's grave was mentioned, I already had an idea. But I didn't expect that Dannie would be the one driving the car that crashed into Lynne Finished this book within 6 hrs. I can walk. Kailan pa naging zigzag ang daan? I asked myself. Lasing ka na. Bakit ba kasi umalis si Cyriel eh, tignan mo nangyari sa'yo. Ang bitter mo kasi.. Don't dare mention his name. I don't like hearing loser's name.

Dito ka lang ha?

Tatawagin ko lang si Sara.. Between the three of you, you're the only one i didn't get the chance to kiss. Kung wala si Sara, ano kaya ang nangyari? Now i know why Sara is in-love with this guy. I kissed him passionately but he's not responding so i stopped. I'm about to speak when i heard someone say.. I can't see her face clearly, so i can't recognize her. It's not what it looked like! She slapped Dave. Just great. Another relationship ruined by none other than DK Ferrer. Hindi pa pala..

Damn 2 ebook good a for kisser hire

She faced me. She's angry. I can feel it. Why should i believe in you? Do i even know you? That hurts. As far as i'm concerned, we don't know each other.

So don't talk as if you know me, relationship-wrecker! She hit a nerve. Don't talk to me as if you know me. You have no fcking idea what the sht i've been through. I'm crying. Fck this. Oh my God. Should i thank you for giving me a title? That's so nice of you. Kung hindi, malamang kasama ka pa din ng ex mo sa kangkungan. Mga pulubi. She crossed the line. I went out and lit a cigarrete. I only smoke at times like this. You drugged me! I drugged you. But it's only mild. I don't know you're a baby.

Well, technically my ex-bestfriend. All thanks to you. You don't need that btch. All you need is me.. Let's drink? I don't want to go in there. Bad vibes. I hate her! Come on, it's still early. It's only 11 p. This will be a long night. You're bringing me in there? That place is illegal! Shut up. The real fun is in there. The place is wild. Much wilder than Area06, i must say. You're seriously freaking me out. First, you're doing drugs.

Now, you're bringing me in some illegal places. What's for next? You're touring me in your hide-out? I can't help it. Your assumptions are fcking funny. I'm overreacting. Can you blame me? Of course not! I hate the feeling of being laughed at. Am i a clown? I'm sorry. I'll stop. I raised a brow. If you don't want trouble, just shut your mouth and let me hold your hand, okay? Maybe he's right. This place is troublesome. The people are doing drugs. The others are doing sex.

My private room. The room was dark and spacy and with bed! Are you bringing prostitutes in here? Tell me, is my question that funny?

It's wild. And i like it. What's new with that? We're kissing when his hand started slipping inside my dress,"Josh, stop!

Stop spoiling the fun. His hand is in my bra, unhooking it. He stopped. Thanks God. Don't act as if you're an innocent Virgin Dana. You'll love what we'll do. I swear. I am no longer a virgin but i do consider sex as a sacred thing.

Now, if you want to get laid, go and call a prostitute. Suite yourself, a hole. No sex. Drinking session only. Unlike before, my alcohol tolerance is not as low as before. I can drink five bottles and i'm still normal. I think that's the effect of having bars as your second home. You get immuned. I'm not stupid. What kind of drug? But it's mild though. Want some? I lost count. While drinking, we kissed. That's normal. I think. I mean, what's wrong with kissing?

I can kiss whoever i want. It's not like i'm doing sex with them. I need to go home, i don't want to sleep in here. I can't drive. I'm drunk. I'll go home alone. I'm kinda dizzy but i really don't want to sleep here. You'll know what i mean when you see this place. I went out, i can't drive so i'm waiting for a cab. I was about to go to a nearbly bench but my head is spinning badly. I tried to sit down but i can't.

What's the matter with me? Ano ba kasi ang ginagawa mo dito? Planning to rape me again?

A kisser good ebook hire damn for 2

This time in a hospital? Just fcking great, Andrei Guzman. I'm trying to sound cool but truly, my head is aching. It's killing me. Kung makikinig ka lang sana sa paliwanag ko.. I'm tired of hearing explanations and i'm tired of forgiving those people who hurt me. I realized that people don't deserve second chances. Fck it! My arms! Aminin mo sa sarili mo na kailangan mo ng tulong, hindi mo kaya ng nag iisa..

Kinuha mo na yung dignidad ko, pati ba naman pride? Ganun ka na ba ka selfish, ha?! Ilang beses ko ba uulitin? Ilang beses ba ako hihingi ng tawad bago mo ako patawarin? Ilang beses ba ako mag eexplain bago mo ako pakinggan?

Sabihin mo kasi sawang sawa na ako sa pagsigaw mo sa'kin. Nahihirapan na ako tuwing pinapaalis mo ako. At nasasaktan ako kasi alam kong ako yung dahilan kung bakit ka nagkakaganyan.. The next thing i know, he's crying. I just stare at him and let him cry. I don't know. I can't move. I feel nothing. I-i can't explain myself. Why are you crying? Now, i'm the villain in my own story. I just remembered something. I better go.

For Hire a Damn Good Kisser 2

Now tell me, why the fck am i here? What have you done to my daughter? I won't download it. Why am i here? Ganun ka ba magpasalamat?

Sasampalin mo siya? I collapsed? Alam kong may problema ka simula nung nagbreak kaso ni Cyriel, pinabayaan kita pero hindi ko naman alam na aabot ka sa ganito..

It could've killed you! I'm doing drugs?

Since when? Oh my God! He drugged me! I'm dead serious! I don't care. My life is a mess. No car, condo, atm, credit card, no everything! That would be better, you know? You'll stay in our house or help me God, i'll disown you! Dana Kathryn Ferrer is broke.

No money, no car, no lover, no friends. Lucky me, right? Kinuha niyo na yung phone ko, pati ba naman telephone?! I was trying to dial Kim's number and invite them to come over our house since i am grounded and God knows, this silence is killing me! Cold treatment? How long will it last, huh?