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Log books and data collection are a crucial part of keeping your diabetes under control. When you write down the number it is easier to see your blood sugar. Every day, you can make healthy, informed decisions to better manage your diabetes. Use this log book with your FreeStyle meter to help you learn how food, . The logbook provides space for recording your daily insulin injections, blood glucose results, and any notes you may want to make. It will also make you.

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Why keep a diabetes logbook or diary? Here are 3 benefits Ilka gets from actively tracking her diabetes data. Can a diabetes logbook help you. Access our detailed, printable diabetes log sheets including: blood sugar, pump and glycemic Printable PDF: Type 2 diabetes logbook with rotating pattern. Have your diabetes under your control today, it's quick and easy! For 3 times the Top Diabetes App by Healthline. Featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, The.

September 16, by Scott Johnson My friend and monster-taming counterpart Ilka recently shared on our German site why she keeps a diabetes logbook. I wouldn't blame you for assuming it's because she works for mySugr. But there's more to it. Honestly, brushing our teeth is also dull and boring — but we do it anyway. Because there are benefits.

If nothing works for you because you wish to have more room for writing down your information, you may want to consider making your own logbook. Obviously printing out log sheets is the easiest way for your to create a customize log binder.

Book diabetes log

But if you wish to have a bounded book for your purpose, you can consider downloading a day to day business agenda or diary and use it as a logbook. You can always create one by using a 3 or 5-subjects notebook for your needs. And if you wish to turn your diabetes logbook into a project, you can always create your own log template and print the sheets from Fedex office and have them bind the pages into a booklet.

A diabetes individual makes this Logbook for all the other diabetes patients. It is a simple yet intuitive log for inputting various data such as blood glucose level, blood pressure, weight, and carb intake.

A great little logbook for carrying around inside your purse or suitcase. Believe it or not, this is free. This logbook is actually part of an informational campaign created by Eli Lilly for children with juvenile diabetes. In these children booklets, the tree frog Hu-Mee teaches young readers about diabetes, insulin, and healthy eating habits. The Eli Lilly frog log book is an excellent logbook for kids.

Due to the demand, many parents are simply so in love with this logbook that they are willing to download them by the dozens when it is available. If you cannot find this logbook anywhere or your child wants a pretty pink logbook for her data, we recommend checking into the American Girl Diabetes Logbook.

The logbook comes with a toy blood sugar monitor, lancing device, and an insulin pump that can be attached to an American doll waistband. Now that smartphone is such a common device that almost everyone has one, one can easily download an electronic logbook app to track all their diabetes information on the phone. It has been shown in a scientific study Laffel, et.

It has also been shown that participants who use an electronic logbook are able to maintain better glycemic control that participants who use a conventional logbook system.

My Diabetes Logbook | Pharmaco Diabetes

When it comes to looking for a logbook app or computer program, there are several factors to consider. This app is most beneficial to patients who are using insulin as their diabetes treatment. It allows individuals to record their blood glucose levels, lifestyle activities, and food intake throughout their day.

Visualizing diabetes as a monster friend, mySugr Diabetes Logbook uses visual reinforcement, competition activities, and rewards to encourage individuals to stay with their progress and to upkeep their monster friend. It is both suitable for adults and children who have a moderate user knowledge on smart phones and tablets.

Available on both Android phones, iphones, and tablets, this powerful app allows individuals to track their blood glucose levels, insulin dosage and medication instake, food and water intake, vitamin supplements intake, and weight measurement.

From the data, the app will generate a graph so that you can easily check on your overall progress. At the same time, this app has an amazing calorie counter so that you can immediately calculate your carbohydrate and calorie intake for each meal.

What separates this app from the others is that you can set up an online account and backup your information on their database.

So in case you lose your damage your phone or tablet, you can quickly recovery all your information on your new device. Similar yet not as powerful as MyNet Diary, this free app allows you also to upload your data on your free glucosebuddy.

You can easily access the information on your computer so that you can print out the data for your doctor and insurance providers. What is unique about this app is that you can set up notification alarms to remind your medication schedule. If you have any personal experience relating to diabetes logbooks, please do not hesitate to share with us. We would absolutely be delighted to hear from you.

Sergii Vasyliuk MD on October 11, Lianne Fachetti holds a degree in Biopsychology. With a keen interest in both psychological and biological aspects of behavior forming, she has worked as a researcher at the UBC Brain Research Centre for seven years focusing on the research of memory formation, neural damage from epilepsy, and hormones' effects on behavioral changes.

She is also a certified ABA therapist for autistic children. I reviewed your webpage. It looks very comprehensive. We are strong proponents of the logbook as well. Here are my suggestions and thoughts:. Many people with diabetes are quite sensitive to tone and language — most respond better to a positive approach and consider diabetes to be a medical condition rather than a disease.

Even though I agree that bringing the logbook data to the provider can be very helpful I am not sure there is benefit in saying — the Dr. I know that Medicare will often ask for logbook data but am not certain this is true of all carriers. I like that you acknowledge that managing diabetes is hard and can seem overwhelming at times. I would flip the x and y axis on your intensive logbook — track the times at the top and track BG, carbs, insulin, ketones, etc on the left hand side — this way you can see the timeline of events better.

I would like more information about this. I second Marlene! Your choice of words lack understanding but contain lots of judgement. But once I see passed that your information would be something I would share with my diabetes online community. How can I receive free log book for type 2 diabetes both my husband and myself have this condition. I also suggest you get our diabetes bracelet here: I need a carbohydrate counter app with food database that I can use while offline and an app or program that will let me create my own log sheets or edit an existing one and then printout.

If you have any suggestions for either please let me know thank you. Your email address will not be published. You are here: Click here to download our comprehensive diabetes logbooks. There is a comprehensive version for kids and adults. Nothing like this exists in market.

Just visit the link and download the PDF files. What is a Diabetes Logbook? Diabetes Logbooks vs. For more researched articles on diabetes read the below: For further reading: Diabetes Alert Dogs: Reference Laffel, L.

Continued use of an integrated meter with electronic logbook maintains improvements in glycemic control beyond a randomized, controlled trial. Diabetes Technology Ther, June, 9 3: Was this Helpful? Comments Lianne, I reviewed your webpage. Here are my suggestions and thoughts: How can I receive the kids frog log books?

You can download our version, I believe the frog log book was discontinued. We have provided a free version that you can download and print. Thank You Maureen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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90 Day Blood Glucose Log Book

Download a printable version of a Simple Log Book. A more comprehensive log includes the blood sugar levels at various times on different days, and includes notations about exercise, food carbohydrates and medication doses. Use this log when you want to understand how your blood sugar is responding to different foods, activities and medication.

Download a printable version of a Log Book for non-insulin medications.

Diabetes Logbook For Adults & Kids

Download a printable version of a Log Book for sliding scale insulin therapy. The most complex and intensive log book captures the most important variables that affect the blood sugar, including:. This intensive log is used when you are taking multiple doses of insulin or using an insulin pump.

Download a printable version of a Intensive Log Book. Self assessment quizzes are available for topics covered in this website. The quiz is multiple choice. Please choose the single best answer to each question.

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