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In this article we will share the Stuff related to Dentistry Exams, Dental Decks are essential part of your preparation if you are preparing for. DENTAL DECKS SOFT COPY DOWNLOAD HURRY UP!!! are the files from Dental Decks Volume 13? ReplyDelete. Replies. Reply. Essentials of Clinical Periodontology and Dental Decks Prosthodontics PDF. Dental Decks Prosthodontics. Dental Decks Oral.

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Uploaded by: SHEBA Ayko Nyush. Notice Medicine is an ever- changing science. As new research and clinical experience broaden our knowledge. Dental Decks- AnatomicSciencies - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. حصريا تحميل كتاب Dental Decks Part II مجاناً PDF اونلاين r n npar Jim Lozier nin order to obtain a dental license, candidates must fulfill the following three.

Learn More Dental Decks are by far the best resource to use when studying for board exams. I found the Decks to be the most efficient and the most practical way to study You can take them anywhere you go The illustration cards provide a great supplement to the Anatomical Sciences section to reinforce the information on the cards without always taking the time to find an example in a textbook. The New Clinical Vignette cards help tie all the basic sciences together before the test to help prepare you for the new testlet sections with confidence. If you want the most straight forward way to pass your boards Dental Decks are the way to go.

Decks pdf dental

Submental A. Submandibular B. Superficial cervical C. Buccal D. The first statement is false, the second is true E. Deep cervical 5. Development of fulminant hepatitis A. IgD C. Development of hepatocellular carcinoma B.

IgM D. Asymptomatic carrier state C. IgG E. Resolution with eventual clearing of the virus D. IgE E. IgA 6. If it were to be transferred, it would MOST likely involve which of the following routes? Oral-fecal A. Beta-2 agonist inhalers C. Contaminated needle stick B. Steroids D. Inhalation of aerosols C. Mast cell stabilizers D. Parasympathetic stimulation 7. Once the patient is dismissed, you clean the instruments and place them into a dry heat sterilizer.

Which of the following settings is most appropriate for an Common manifestations of an asthma attack include each of the following oven type dry heat sterilizer? Decreased surfactant B. Airway edema C. Increased mucous secretion D. Increased airway resistance E. Bronchospasm 8. The greatest cementoenamel junction can be found on which of the follow- ing teeth?

Mandibular central incisors B. Maxillary central incisors C. Mandibular canines D. Mandibular lateral incisors E. Maxillary lateral incisors 7.

كتاب Dental Decks Part II

You Weight lbs. Hepatitis viruses are extremely heat resistant. Both statements are true 1. Which B. The first statement is false, the second is true A. Cardiac failure B.

Liver failure 2. Transient ischemic attack D.

Left ventricular hypertrophy A. Non-enveloped virus E. Renal failure B. Enveloped virus C. Picornavirus 2. Deltavirus E. Flavivirus A. Decreased smooth muscle cell growth F. Smoking G. Decreased total cross-sectional area of capillaries and arteries D.

Obesity 3. Which one E. Increased arteriolar and capillary density A. Fatigue 3. Myalgia C. Cold intolerance A. Normal D. Constipation B. Prehypertension E. Jaundice C. Hypertension, Stage 1 D.

Rounded A. Fibrocartilaginous layer B. Located mostly at the tip of the tongue B. Fibrous articular layer C. Proliferative zone D.

Do not contain taste buds D. Subarticular zone E. Contain taste buds E. Calcified cartilage F. Innervated by CN X 5. The occlusal shape of a mandibular first molar can be best described as: Rhomboidal A. Ageusia B. Circular B. Hypergeusia C. Square C. Dysgeusia D. Trapezoidal D. Hypogeusia E. Rectangular Oral evaluation reveals rampant caries.

On which of the following surfaces is 6. The protrusive pathway of the mandibular cusps on the maxillary posterior pit and fissure caries MOST likely to occur? Facial surfaces of maxillary first molars A. Mesial B. Lingual surfaces of maxillary first molars B. Distal C. Facial surfaces of mandibular first premolars C. Facial D. Lingual surfaces of mandibular first molars D.

Lingual E. Proximal surfaces of mandibular incisors 7. If the patient delays treatment of tooth 30, which of the following is the most likely consequence? Supraeruption of tooth 3 B. Loss of canine protected occlusion C. Loss of vertical dimension D. Mesial drift of tooth 31 8. The temporomandibular joint can be classified as: Synarthrosis B.

Amphiarthrosis C. Fibrous D. Cartilaginous E. Synovial 9. The clicking noise the patient experiences is due to the condyle moving an- teriorly past the disc.

This noise can also be heard with lateral excursion to the contralateral side. The first statement is false, the second is true 4. Blood insulin is absent in type I diabetes mellitus.

Blood insulin levels may be During your examination, you notice a vertical root fracture on It is de- normal or decreased in type II diabetes mellitus. Which of the following root mor- A. Both statements are true phologies would you expect to see? Both statements are false A.

The roots are narrowly separated C. The first statement is true, the second is false B. The distal root is broadest bucco-lingually D. The first statement is false, the second is true C. Only the mesial root exhibits a concavity D. The root trunk is shorter than the mandibular second molar 3. Which of the following organic compounds is a blood ketone? Alpha-hydroxybutyric acid B. Glucagon D. Which of the following cells found in the pancreas is responsible for secreting Sex Female The patient presents glucagon?

Upon removal, you A. Alpha Weight lbs. Delta stone-like lesion on the D. Centroacinar right. Bone resorp- 5. Systemic lupus erythematosus B.

Scleroderma Current Medications Unknown C. The hallmark symptom of infective endocarditis is: Decreased salivation can cause rampant caries due to a an: Fever B. Fatigue A. Increased number of oral bacteria C.

Decks pdf dental

Malaise B. Increased number of oral bacteria resistant to antibiotics D. Headache C. Shift to more acidogenic microflora E. Night sweats D. Shift to less acidogenic microflora 2.

Dental Decks- DentalAnatomy-Occlusion.pdf

Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis is typically caused by which of the follow- 7. A panoramic radiograph reveals excessive calcified tissue at the root apices of ing? This is known as which of the following? Concrescence B. Staphylococcus aureus B. Enamel pearls C.

Streptococcus viridans C. Ankylosis D. Cemental pearls E. Hypercementosis 2. The organic com- cedures. Splinter hemorrhages under fingernails are a common finding in pa- ponent of dentin is composed primarily of: Reticular fibers A. Keratin fibers B. Type I collagen fibers C. Oxytalan fibers 4. Which of the following is an appropriate prescription for antibiotic prophy- Which of the following is the most important infection control practice for re- laxis for this patient?

Appropriate personal protective equipment B. Engineering controls C. Work practice controls D. Hand washing E. Papillary hyperplasia B. Fibroma Sex Female The patient presents D. The bone resorption seen in this patient may be enhanced with which of the following hormones? Insulin Medical History Mother has diabetes C. Testosterone BMI is 32 D. Parathyroid hormone Current Medications Unknown E. Thyroid stimulating hormone Social History Waitress 7.

Continued abrasion of dentures on underlying mucosa will most likely result in: While reviewing the medical history, you learn that the patient recently began A. Lining mucosa becoming gingival mucosa expressing the following symptoms: Lining mucosa becoming masticatory mucosa blurred vision.

This is MOST likely the result of: Gingival mucosa becoming orthokeratinized A. Diabetes insipidus D. Masticatory mucosa becoming parakeratinized B.

Diabetes mellitus type I C. Diabetes mellitus type II D. Gestational diabetes 3. The patient returns three months later with whitish plaques on the buccal mu- 8.

The patient elects to have her ill-fitting dentures remade. The teeth in the new cosa near the commissures. It resembles oral leukoplakia, and cannot be denture have been set up so the MB cusp of the maxillary first molar occludes dis- removed.

Which of the following classifications of candidiasis MOST closely aligns tally to the MB groove of the mandibular first molar. Which of the following BEST with these symptoms? Membranous A. Pseudomembranous B. Atrophic C. Chronic hyperplastic D. Class III 5. HIV replicates in the 9. Penicillins work by which of the following mechanisms? Inhibiting peptidoglycan cross-linking by binding to D-alanyl-D-alanine A. Inhibiting protein synthesis by binding to 50S ribosomal subunits B.

Inhibiting protein synthesis by binding to 30S ribosomal subunits C. Inhibiting DNA synthesis D. Inhibiting peptidoglycan cross-linking by blocking transpeptidase 6. Psuedomembranous colitis, an overgrowth of C.

Amoxicillin C. Doxycycline D. Cephalexin E. Clindamycin E. Erythromycin 7. The combination of the protein capsid and the nucleic acid is known as the: Capsid B. Lipid envelope C. Glycoprotein spike D. Matrix protein E. Nucleocapsid 8. The patient often concocts drinks containing lemons and limes and is known to snack from time to time. The loss of tooth structure is MOST likely due to which of the following dental injuries? Attrition B. Abrasion C.

Abfraction D. Erosion 4. A hockey puck Weight lbs. Weight lbs. Social History Bartender Plays hockey A panoramic radiograph 1. This condition is MOST likely due to: Clostridium perfringens B.

Candida albicans C. Pseudomonas aeruginosa 1. Scarlet fever is a disease caused by infection with which of the following bac- D. Staphylococcus aureus teria? Group A Streptococci 2. Group B Streptococci may also be associated with an ill-fitting denture, prolonged use of antibiotics, C. Group C Streptococci or periodontitis.

Staphylococci aureus A. Both statements are true E. Staphylococci epidermidis D. The first statement is true, the second is false 2. Which of the following describes the distal contact inciso-cervical direction D. The first statement is false, the second is true of a maxillary lateral incisor? Incisal third 3. Clotrimazole D. Topical nystatin C.

Fluconazole 3. Cephalosporin scribed as: Chlorhexidine gluconate A. Class II C. Examination of a portion of the mandible shows a torn piece of muscle at- 4. Which tached to the zygomatic process of the maxilla. This is MOST likely the: Masseter A. Nasopalatine artery B.

Temporalis B. Buccal branch of the maxillary artery C. Medial pterygoid C. Incisive branches of the infraorbital artery D. Lateral pterygoid D. Labial branches of the facial artery E. Nasal branches of the facial artery 8.

You examine a tooth with a square occlusal shape and a prominent mesiolin- gual developmental groove.

Dental Decks- AnatomicSciencies

This tooth is MOST likely a: From the following list select TWO nerves associated with the maxillary cen- A. It contains in-depth information on all the topics; therefore, it is not suitable for a quick review. The book is divided into three sections: dental anatomy, organic systems, and general principles of basic sciences. It has bold charts and diagrams which are particularly useful for studying complex biochemistry concepts.

It has great pictures, which can help candidates in retaining information on dental anatomy. There are over total questions that are created to simulate a true exam environment. There is a strong correlation on Medical Dental exams between the number of questions that a student takes and their eventual performance on the exam.

Dental Decks is probably the most sought after study material by dentistry students appearing in NBDE. The best thing is that the flashcards come with a test booklet that contains 10 case studies, which can help you in acquainting yourself with the exam format.

We strongly recommend using Dental Decks as a resource. These notes can actually help you in correlating your theoretical knowledge to the case-based questions asked in NBDE. This resource is generally considered easier than the actual exam, so make sure to supplement this resource with other sources of study material.

Your best bet is to incorporate a variety of study techniques to optimizing your study.