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Author Topic: BUDDIPOLE IN THE FIELD, BOOK (Read times) . http://lib. I'm sure. The most current manuals (PDF Format) for the Buddipole and Buddistick line of antenna products. Buddipole in the Field, by B. Scott Andersen (NE1RD). Buddipole dipole got pushed up 18' when I wanted to operate. – I made You will need an antenna tuner, field antennas are often a compromise. – I always.

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Books Buddipole In The Field Yahoo Pdf small hf antennas - north shore amateur radio club - 12/2/ nsarc hf operators 1 small hf antennas! the small space. You can find the PDF version of the book on the Buddipole Documentation Buddipole in the Field was released at the Massachusetts QRP Convention in. Buddipole™ in the Field by B. Scott Andersen is licensed under a. Creative Commons known as “the Buddipole” (short for “Budd's dipole”), named for the inventor, Budd PDF file available from the Yankee Clipper.

Thanks very much for sharing with the forum friends. For your information and for others who would like to built one, here is the link, from Budd W3FF himself who kindly put his plans and all the necessary informations to built one from PVC tubes or pipe and some others parts. That is the antenna he built himself in his beginning, because he wanted something small, assembled easily when in the field, as he does a lot of portable operations. After playing for a while, he decided to commercialized this antenna as we know this marvel today. Over the years he added from time to time some new accessories which are very helpful and useful.

Please note: As a result of more stringent legal regulations and judgements regarding product liability, we are obliged to point out certain risks that may arise when products are used under extraordinary operating conditions.

Portable Antennas for Shortwave

The mechanical design is based on the environmental conditions as stipulated in ETS Wind loads are calculated according to DIN The antennas may be used at locations where the anticipated peak wind velocity or gust wind speed lies within the maximum wind speed listed in the data sheet. We warrant the mechanical safety and electrical functionality under such conditions.

This warranty makes allowance for the partial safety factors specified in those standards. Extraordinary operating conditions, such as heavy icing or exceptional d ynamic stress e.

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These facts must be c onsidered during the site planning process. The details given in our data sheets have to be f ollowed carefully when installing the antennas and a ccessories.

Site planning and installation must be carried out by qualified and experienced staff. All relevant national safety regulations must be upheld and respected.

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Incorrect site planning, faulty installation, as well as interfering surroundings on site, may lead to deviations in the electrical parameters compared to those specified in the respective data sheets. The connectors on this product are only suitable for connecting to the compatible counterpart.

Please ensure that the connected cable has been fitted with a connector of the same standard, otherwise damage may occur. The tilt values will be set to any arbitrary value in the given tilt range. These values Subject to alteration.

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ENISO Any previous data sheet issues have now become invalid. Page 1 of 1 www.

Triple ratio switch balun TRSB. I purchased this later after experiencing problems with RF on the outside of the coax cable and it resolved the issue.

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Shockcord mast — short version 8 feet 2. This was purchased as an alternative to using the full size tripod and mast for operations where I was unable to transport equipment by car etc. I have also ridden on my bicycle to site on many occasions and can carry the Buddipole, rig and battery fairly easily using this. Resources to Get You Up and Running The resources that I found the most beneficial when I was getting to grips with my Buddipole are as follows and I am certain that you will get more enjoyment and fulfilment from your Buddipole after checking them out.

I know I did. You will need the freely available Adobe Acrobat reader to access this.

Buddipole in the Field, by B. Scott Andersen (NE1RD)

This page book tells you everything you need to know about getting the most from your Buddipole and it shows you how to configure the antenna for most HF bands. Do yourself a favor and join this group and check out the many valuable files. Trust me when I say that an antenna analyzer is a must!