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PART i: ADDRESS TO STUDENTS. Learning from Experience. 3. The Indian of the Twenty-first Century. 9. Succeeding in the Contemporary World. Narayan Murthy,really a man of vision as well as action,a remarkable person who meticulously transformed his dreams into reality through his. Better India Better World - Narayanamurthy- Excerpts - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. An article.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | A Better India, A Better World | After reading each part, I pause, try to digest and reflect whether I could present a succinct digest. i BETTER WORLD. BOOK REVIEW. A BETTER INDIA, A BETTER WORLD" by N.R. Narayana Murthy. Penguin Books, , Price: * Prof. N.S. Srinivasan. Visit the website for A Better India; A Better World; here. With one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world and an array of recent achievements in technology .

Mar 20, Juha rated it really liked it Recommends it for: people interested in corporate social responsibility and international development Recommended to Juha by: Vijaya Vadivelu Shelves: india , international-development This is a refreshing book by an important business leader. I was very much positively surprised. Narayana Murthy, the founder and chairman of Infosys presents a rather coherent and positive vision to the world according to himself. It is difficult to imagine that million people in the country do not have access to safe drinking water and million people do not have access to basic medical care. Why should million people not have access to acceptable sanitation facilities even in ? When you see world-class supermarkets and food chains in our towns, and when our urban youngsters gloat over the choice of toppings on their pizzas, why should 51 per cent of the children in the country be undernourished?

Rebooting India. Nandan Nilekani. Imagining India: Ideas for the new Century. The Wit and Wisdom of Narayana Murthy. India's Tryst With Destiny.

India better pdf better world

Transforming India. Sumantra Bose. Chanakya's New Manifesto. Product details Format: Kindle Edition File Size: Penguin 8 March Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. India Unbound: Gurcharan Das. Hit Refresh: Satya Nadella. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

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~~Vision of Narayana Murthy for a better India~~

Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. Wonderful book. A compilation of various speeches given Narayana Murthy, this book is a must read to learn how to solve some imminent problems our society is facing and to understand our Indian society and how it is the Digital Temple of the world today. Very instructive but poor quality paper a common thread that runs thro the speeches is strive for excellence possible with high values.

Every young Indian should read and have optimistic picture of future India believing that things which are bad today can be changed tomorrow. Good buk. Narayana Murthy and sudha mam are the best indian ideals. A great book. Places India in reference to other. Our problems and how we can solve the. Great reading. Jack Welch and likes. The best way of ensuring fairness in a transaction is to use data and facts to decide on the merits of the transaction.

Aspiration was the main fuel to ignite these minds. Aspirations build civilizations. Self-esteem gets enhanced when people participate in making decisions that affect them.

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After all. The vision has to be powerful enough to make every tired mind and body that leaves the office in the evening come back early next morning. By enabling a renewed. Progress happens when every member is confident that everybody else is also putting in the required work and making necessary sacrifices.

Better India Better World - Narayanamurthy- Excerpts

The leader has to craft and articulate a vision in which everybody sees a better future for himself. They inspired their followers to believe in themselves. It is a dream that should excite and energize everybody in the community or corporation. PSPD — Predictability of revenues. In my opinion. The corporate governance problem.

Take your work seriously but not yourself. Government regulation is. He is generous. It is true that. He is firm but courteous. Raghunath Mashelkar I do believe that such focus on rule-based regulation can only succeed if we create a mindset for decency. It can incorporate every governance practice in form.

A good leader makes people feel an inch taller in his presence. He shows his frailties since people want to see him as a normal human being rather than a superman. De-risking De-risking is about the systems. Corporate leaders wear a badge of increased distinction and responsibility.

A better India, A better world – N R Narayana Murthy

You can disagree with me as long as you are not disagreeable. We fight a constant battle between our mind which is the engine of problem-solving. He is confident and decisive.

Praise in public and criticize in private. Unethical companies have typified corporate cultures that voiced their commitment to one value system while their processes and incentives reflected an entirely different value system in practice..

Review Of The Book ‘A Better India A Better World’ By N.R.Murthy

Peter Drucker Once we create a mindset where the role of honesty in our social contracts becomes significant. A value system is based on fairness and equity in policies. Let us avoid 'governance by embarrassment' and be proactive. Every nation is in a global competition to attract strategic resources — human resources and capital. Effective public governance requires a laser focus on the customer. Progress takes time. A good value system can be a competitive advantage for governments.

The dogmas and shibboleths of socialism and centralized planning espoused by our leaders during the first forty years of independence have proved to be false.

A strong value system is essential for effective public governance. Fairness and transparency are very important in public government.. There is now realization that capitalism with integrity is the only way forward to create jobs and solve the problem of poverty.. Since India has a democratic government elected by its people. It is the responsibility of leaders to keep up the enthusiasm of people by demonstrating through personal example that putting the interest of the community first in the short term will indeed lead to individual betterment in the longer term.

Good governance requires an open environment where anybody. A key factor behind this is the care we take to deliver on time and within budget while meeting the highest standards. The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out. Technology helps democratize information. Accountability to stakeholders has been rarely emphasized in our public institutions since colonial governments focused on revenue collection and law and order.

While focus on the customer has been well-accepted phenomenon in the private sector. On the other hand. Success in public governance comes from ensuring fairness to every stakeholder — citizens. Our politicians have to create a powerful vision to achieve economic growth with fairness and equity. In comparison. The resultant social stress will break the very fabric of our economic system. The task of the government is to create an environment where it is possible for people to create wealth and jobs legally.

Compassionate Capitalism Capitalism is a system based on the principle of individual rights and responsibilities. The Travails of Philanthropy in India The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them.

The private interests and passions of men' are led in the direction 'which is most agreeable to the interest of the whole society'. Free markets and open trade. Individuals and companies are allowed to compete for their own economic gain. Compassionate capitalism is about fairness. Such a system allows them the freedom to experiment.

Market forces determine the prices of goods and services. They have to believe in an economic system which allows them to prosper. The role of the state is to regulate and protect. The bulk of economic activity is organized through private enterprise operating in a free market. This results in efficient and optimal allocation of resources. Adam Smith A popular joke on socialism is that in a socialist system there is no unemployment while.

Each person has a right to the product of his own work and is driven to action by the opportunity to create wealth. Thomas Jefferson Technology also has an important role in reducing corruption.

That is the essence of inhumanity. Shaw Indians give only 1. We have to redeem people's faith in capitalism as an economic system which believes in the sanctity of private property. Managerial remuneration should be based on three principles — farness with respect to the compensation of other employees. An economy that does not liberalize will slowly die from a sedentary lifestyle. It is about overcoming greed and short term orientation.

The idea of prosperity always starts in the minds of men. Such a system is based on the premise of separating the state and industry. Each person survives and flourishes based on his freedom to use his ability. That government is strongest of which every man feels himself a part.

Chance favours the prepared mind. For this.


I believe that our passion is more important than our finances. Lois Pasteur We. Every successful company is built on an idea that is taken seriously in the marketplace.

This requires that every corporation build this uniqueness into its business rules and models. Martin Luther King 8. I take quiet pride in how Infosys has become shining example of all good that came out of India's economic reforms.

It took us a year to obtain a telephone connection. Right from day one. When we founded the company. It is our duty to make sure that these assets return well rested. Apathy in solving community matters has held us back from making progress which is otherwise within our reach. I hope. Our respect for our professionals can be summed up in our belief that the market capitalization of Infosys becomes zero after working hours end at 5 p.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Action springs not from thought. The fuel that kept us going was our passion to make a difference. Our idea was to produce software in India for clients in the G-7 countries. The lesson from Indian experience is a clear clarion call for all who are willing to listen: The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comforts.

Although we managed to keep our heads above water. To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. Our core corporate assets walk out every evening. In fact. Even today. While we had a good idea. Our approach. All political parties are required to following tenets to wipe tears from the eyes of every poor person in the country: But they are not meant to be there — the best ships are destined to ply the wide oceans and brave the stormy.

We only act in ways that will let us sleep peacefully every night. The task of the government is not to create jobs and wealth but create an environment where these leaders are enthused to create more and more jobs and wealth. Take risks you must. We define learnability as the ability to extract generic inferences from specific instances and to use them in new. There are only a few people who can lead the task of the creation of wealth.

We know that ships are safest in the harbor. In such cases. Our company has always placed premium on recruiting people with a high learnability quotient. The more profound one's commitment to a value system. All else will follow. The foundation of our corporate governance philosophy at lnfosys is the belief that it is better to lose a billion dollars than to act in ways that make one lose a night's sleep. Openness to new ideas. In our case. Go after it confidently. The only way we can solve the problem of poverty is by creating jobs with disposable incomes and new wealth legally and ethically.

But always. Joseph Campbell Choose a worthy dream for yourself. The future winners will be those firms that escape the gravitational pull of the past on the fuel of innovation. These entrepreneurs take advantage of the opportunities for innovations in markets with nothing more — especially in the initial.

These people are human beings and they need incentives to create wealth. Create a life that you will be proud of in the years to come. Follow your bliss. Entrepreneurship refers to such creation of corporate wealth as leveraging ideas and sweat equity.

Jawahralal Nehru Instead of becoming emotional on issues. God made idiots. That was for practice.

Just because you have certain stake in the company does not make you boss. If you have a good idea. The physiology of successful companies and pathology of unsuccessful companies bring out the following criteria of success: Main difference between China and India is not democracy but lack of India's focus on education anf health care.

Then he made school boards. The days of the generalist revenue-collector type of administrators are over. We have to fight poverty as stoutly and as bravely as we fight any enemy who invades our country. Having observed the Indian society in action and seeing the slow culture. It is due to lack of attention to speed and excellence in execution. They should be trained to become managers.

We can build our nation only when we build our people and make them happy and contented. Our current attitude to education reminds me of what Mark Twain said. The traditional thinking of MNCs that they can release an outdated product in emerging markets has to go.

I do not know of any developed country or a country which aims to become developed that has not adhered to strict discipline. Any progress requires discipline.