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Two-, three-, or four-wire proximity sensors contain a transistor oscillator and a TURCK DC sensors with a Voltage Range designation of "4", "6" or "8" in the. Turck USA is a specialist in sensor, fieldbus, and connectivity products, as well as interface technology, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and RFID systems. solutions. Established as the industry's leading brand in proximity sensors, the. TURCK name is synonymous with high-quality, rugged sensing products. Now.

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TURCK proximity sensors are entirely solid state electronic controls that contain no moving parts to wear out as do mechanical switches. They require no. TURCK's magnetic-inductive weld nut sensors provide efficient and economical detection Unlike other TURCK proximity sensors, Selective Metal sensors are. vices for proximity, photoelectric, flow and position sensing. No matter the re- quirements on design, function or mate- rial quality: TURCK offers first-class prod -.

The technology of the ferrite core sensors has been completely upgraded, thus increasing the switching distance by up to 50 percent. As a result, devices for flush mounting can now also be offered with an extended switching distance of 3 mm as well as with the conventional switching distance of 2 mm. The non-flush sensors are likewise available with a 3 or 5 mm switching distance. Thanks to the newly developed sensor electronics, Turck was also able to produce devices with an ultra-short 15 mm design. The modular development approach of the device series has led to a broad range of variants that allows users to find the optimum M8 switch for their application, without any compromises involved.

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Turck has also managed to shorten the length of the previously most compact M8 to M18 designs. Turck's uprox3 Series thus currently offers the largest switching distances of all factor 1 sensors on the market; with flush mounting these are a previously unattainable 3 mm in the M8 design, 6 mm in M12 and 10 mm in M Thanks to the consistent further development of its uprox technology, Turck has been able to achieve these larger switching distances without any compromises in terms of performance and mounting requirements.

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The uprox3 sensors therefore not only offer standard application reliability for demanding switching tasks, but also allow the possibility of completely new applications. Due to their inherent immunity to magnetic fields, the uprox3 Series sensors are suitable for use in many demanding industrial sectors such as for welding applications.


Like their predecessors, all uprox3 sensors offer a high EMC stability and flexible mounting options right through to fully flush mounting in all metals, as well as precise switch points. Turck is presenting uprox3 as the third generation of its range of uprox factor 1 sensor, which has the same switching distance for all metals.

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The modular concept allows a fast installation on the platform within twelve days. Namur-Sensors for the Ex-area To measure the final positions of the innumerable movable elements on the oil rig reliably, Streicher uses inductive sensors from Turck.

About 60 sensors are used for the new construction. The cuboid-shaped proximity switches have a higher operating distance of 20mm on steel targets and fulfill all requirements for the offshore use.

Because of their special terminal chambers, the sensors are easy to install. Solution-orientated partner Turck could not only prove itself because of the reliability of its products, but also as an innovative, solution-orientated partner, especially when it came to a special challenge.

The design of sensor takes the reality of different application environments into account. - Your Global Automation Partner

This includes the ability to be commissioned quickly and the prevention of operating errors. LEDs provide continuous indication of operating states and faults, and a programmable colour change from green to red and vice versa on the display makes it possible to indicate whether defined switch points have been overshot. Heavy duty metal pressure cells The operating concept illustrates how design and functionality are mutually interdependent. A high level of availability, however, has even greater importance than user friendliness, since pressure sensors are expected to perform measuring and monitoring functions over several years.

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The materials used are also resistant to UV radiation and salt spray, enabling these devices to be used for outdoors applications. As specialists in the acquisition, transfer and conditioning of data, the consistency and transparency of sensor data are central requirements for Turck.