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Merry Wilding, is a lady of leisure and espionage. She spends her free time with her aunt, in the countryside of the Colonies in North American. Drawing, painting, spending time in the gardens and when she can sneak out with her brother, drawing images of traitors and British spies in order to aid her brother's cause. She is very proud of being able to contribute someway to fight the English, even if it's just doing some drawing. She is very proud of being able to contribute someway to fight the English, even if it's just doing some drawings. Merry agrees when her brother comes for a visit, to go to a tavern, posing as a pregnant woman in order to draw certain faces of men that her brother desperately needs.

It's a combination of a gasp and a sigh, usually followed by a quietly reverent, "Ah, I love that book. It is one of the most cherished historical romances ever published. The book itself is also something of a legend — by which I mean that for some time, finding a copy was really difficult.

It's been out of print for years, but still so beloved by readers that it's seldom found in used book stores. Pristine copies have been listed for sale for hundreds of dollars, and I know a few librarians who have had to report their copies as "lost" because they never returned to the shelves. The book itself, both the pages and the story within, is a treasure. But we won't have to hunt for copies anymore: The Windflower is being reissued this month, 30 years after the original publication — and for the first time in a digital edition.

Today's romance readers will be able to discover it easily, and I confess to a bit of trepidation over how it will be received. Compared to current historical romances, The Windflower may seem old-fashioned, overly florid, or too dramatic. But in order to fully understand what kind of book it is, it's important to understand what it was.

His fellow pirates become close friends, but right when everything seems to be going smoothly for Merry and Devon, a mix of truths and lies come about pertaining to Merry, and Devon will have to decide if his love for her is enough The Hero Devon Crandall, is a privateer but many would assume he is a pirate.

Devon however, is the last man on earth you would expect to be a lord of the Ton. He was raised to be a Duke. But he fights for his country, and his half brother Rand Morgan who is the captain for the Black Joke. Devon and Rand, are brothers but were never able to be raised together. But now they work together and fight together. Devon is a hero you crave more of and I can't honestly say I have read a hero like Devon.

Devon is very mysterious for a major part of the book and that quality is what makes his character so intriguing. He definitely has some hidden depths that are slowly revealed with each chapter or so. He seems like a dangerous and sexy pirate at the beginning, but by the end He is honorable and loyal, dedicated and affectionate. He is charming of course, but he also is genuine too. She is outspoken and independent and very opioniated.

She is also a bit dramatic at times, but I believe that is what makes her such a good match for our Devon here. She isn't shy or reserved, although you do think that about her in the beginning. She does portray those qualities in certain moments.

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But she can also be high strung probably due to her overactive imagination and being raised by a highly dramatic aunt. What I liked about her, was her spirit. She is a fighter, and even though she is starting to enjoy the friends she is making on the Black Joke, she wants to return home. And keeps trying to escape. It always seemed so funny to me, because the moments she attempts, well they aren't successful and not planned out at ALL!!

They are the spur of the moment. But Merry is not a planner really Plot and Story Line I had heard about Laura London, a couple writing team years ago but never picked them up. And after reading Windflower, I am wondering how I could be so idiotic as to delay reading this book for so long. I was browsing through audible, when I saw this book pop up.

One of the thing I noticed was that it was a longer book which I go for, its seems worth my credit to get a book that is over 15 hours long. So I immediately started listening to this book and with each hour I grew more and more hooked on this spell binding story that captivated me. Her secret was so minor it was silly to make it sound so important. She was with her brother who is on the side of America in the war with Great Britain.

Most Americans are on that side. It was a reasonable thing.

So why the big secret? I was intrigued with the character Cat, but he was a secondary character. Many of my friends enjoyed this. It was written in the early s. It was co-written by two authors husband and wife. My ratings for books by two authors are usually lower than books by one author. I don't intend that, but it is a statistic. Narrative mode: Story length: Swearing language: Sexual content: Setting U.

American Merry Wilding is kidnapped by the English pirate, Devon. An old favorite of many. If I had read this back in the 80s when it was published I probably would have given it 5 stars but my taste have changed some through the years. Written in the heyday of bodice rippers, this has some elements often found in them. But more of a soft bodice ripper. I liked it but I did feel it lagged in a few places.

There were a lot of interesting characters and they really added to the story. Oh, The Windflower, you crazy, delightful book. I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical going in.

The book comes from the same era as The Flame and the Flower , which I hated, and the basic premise -- innocent, virginal young woman kidnapped and taken against her will on high seas adventures -- was similar. This book is so much better than The Flame and the Flower, though, from prose style to plotting to characterization. Also, unlike in the Woodiwiss book, the hero of The Windflower doesn't rape Oh, The Windflower, you crazy, delightful book.

Also, unlike in the Woodiwiss book, the hero of The Windflower doesn't rape the heroine. So yay for that! P It didn't take me long to get over my skepticism and get swept up in the crazy ups and downs of Miss Merry Wilding and the pirates who become basically the adoring dwarves to her Snow White.

There's a lot of humor in the story, along with the drama, and the book never takes itself too seriously. Merry's unicorn fixation alone I mean, come on. What can her dreams of riding a muscular unicorn with a thick, long horn possibly mean? It's a mystery! The book worked for me less as a romance novel, and more as an adventure, a coming-of-age story, and a friendship story. The most compelling thing about the book wasn't the romance between Merry and Devon, the golden-haired Adonis pirate with an aristocratic backstory.

I was pretty indifferent about Devon, actually. What really drew me in were the secondary characters, particularly the pirates on board the ship the Black Joke. The leader, Rand Morgan -- dark, dangerous, with mysterious and intriguingly opaque motivations for the things he does and the way he manipulates the lives of others.

Windflower pdf the by laura london

Morgan's protege, former child prostitute Cat, whose icy, shut-down demeanor is breached by his growing friendship with the girl he kidnapped.

Raven, the sweet-natured young man who gets himself into trouble more than once thanks to his crush on Merry. Sails, Cook, Valentine Cat in particular is a rich, compelling character.

He puts most of the others in the shade, really, and Devon especially pales in comparison. Cat's nuanced and complicated in a way Dev never is, with his heartbreaking past, dry sense of humor, and cynical view of the world. Merry's innocence and his growing affection for her crack his shell and lead to a scene toward the end of the book, view spoiler [when Cat breaks down and cries, allowing a certain someone to hug him I don't want to really get spoilery and say who , hide spoiler ] that made me tear up and feel genuinely emotional.

Cat is the standout character, in my opinion, and would make a great hero in his own right. His scenes with Merry are some of my favorites in the novel. She seems to spend more time with him than with Devon, and their relationship is a lot more interesting to me. As for our heroine, Miss Merry, I like her a lot. Sure, she has many of the traits that make people roll their eyes at romance novel heroines, especially those from this time period.

She's incredibly beautiful and nubile, and all the men who see her either fall in love with her or want to protect her in a fatherly way. She's virginal and innocent, and gets herself into all kinds of stupid situations from which she has to be rescued.

I liked her anyway, though, because in spite of those things there's a level of self-awareness about her that I appreciated. After she is kidnapped, for instance: She was ashamed of her cowardice, her crying, the whimper in her voice. There were probably a hundred spunky things that a woman of spirit would have thought of to say, and all she had managed to do was plead pitifully for her life.

In a bitter epiphany, she saw herself as she was, an inexperienced, awkward teenager, endowed with more imagination than poise. She does dumb things at times, but I never felt that she was "too stupid to live.

She did better than I probably would've, to be honest! I also like that, though her attempts always seem to go wrong, she never gives up on standing up for herself, whether by trying to escape, confronting the hero with an ancient harpoon wrenched off a wall, or refusing to be cowed by the group of foul-mouthed, dangerous men she's surrounded by.

She actually matures a bit over the course of the story, which makes her beginning as a sweet little naif less annoying.

[PDF]The Windflower by Laura London Book Free Download (530 pages)

This book is far from perfect -- the prose is often very purple, especially during the sex scenes. And if you're looking for some kind of realism, you aren't going to find it here. The plot is engaging and full of twists and turns that kept me flipping the pages, but the likelihood of any of it plausibly happening is pretty slim.

Some of the coincidences and contrivances are just too much! But really, who cares?

The Windflower

You don't read this kind of book for verisimilitude. You read it for escapist fun, and I had a lot of that. It's intriguing to me that The Windflower was written by two people -- a husband and wife team, no less.

It had a consistent voice throughout and I would never have guessed it wasn't written by one author. I have to admire people who can collaborate like this. I'm such a control freak that the thought of co-writing something gives me hives.

Oct 12, Thebloggart rated it it was ok. So I realize that this novel is immensely popular, and that it stands out among other earlier Romantic works as the Smart Bitches say- Old Skool. But perhaps all this praise served me poorly, because I went in looking for something instead of just simply immersing myself within the text.

I had no problems with the poetic language of the novel, nor the story itself. The problem for me solely resided in the characters. When the supporting characters surpass your hero and heroine in terms of comp So I realize that this novel is immensely popular, and that it stands out among other earlier Romantic works as the Smart Bitches say- Old Skool. When the supporting characters surpass your hero and heroine in terms of complexity hello Cat , you've got yourself a problem.

One earlier review described Merry as a "marshmallow," which is incredibly apt. But whether this is a positive or negative trait solely depends on the reader. For me, Merry was a trifling sweetness, not terribly complex or rich, and in many ways was a lump.

Her actions, escaping the ship etc, though proactive, had a weird role in the novel where her escape was depicted as more of a burden and product of general lumpiness. And when I say lumpiness I mean that, like a marshmallow, action was done to Merry, but nothing of real, harrowing consequence was done by Merry. But there's also weirdness and oddity in Devon's portrayal. Everything about him is abstracted, even his name.

His presence in the novel is that of a looming shadow see Beyond Heaving Bosoms for elaboration of the theory of The Hero as the Shadow-Self of the Heroine. Though I understand that this is normal of the genre, it gives Merry most of the work to do in the novel, which is unfortunate because she's a bit boring.

Reactions don't equal personality. And finally, we have the side characters. Cat and Raven were by far my favorite characters in the novel, and the fact that both of them especially Cat seemed to truly care for Merry made her relationship with Devon all the more frustrating.

I'm not saying that because Devon was too preoccupied with stifling his raging lust for Merry to spend time with her and therefore is rendered a poor choice for her- I am suggesting that more, truly heartfelt emotional moments are between Cat and Merry, and to see them together would be, by far, more satisfying.

It feels like the union between Devon and Merry is a foregone conclusion- he gets her because he is the Hero, he is the Hero because This was the second Romance novel I've ever read, so my review really comes from my experience as an English Major with a Feminist slant. I'm still interested in the genre, I plan to read more current Romance novels to see the progress of both the hero and the heroine from abstracted roles.

This book is unique! I put off reading this one for a looooong time, mostly because I really have to be "in the mood" to read anything pre aka, bodice ripper bonanza era: I hate it when the hero usually a pirate, duke, sheik, I honestly thought it would, up to the point where Merry is kidnapped and brought to the Black Joke..

But then The writing and descriptions were amazing, and I was sucked into Merry and Devon's world in a heartbeat: Merry did sometimes grate on my nerves, and I sometimes wanted to smack Devon, but he was so honorable that it was hard not to like him And Cat! OMG, lol I think I almost fell more in love with Cat than Devon!

The secondary characters were deep and realistic, and perfect: Loved this book, and it's definitely going into my favorites! Now I just need to find a hard copy, lol. View all 5 comments. Oct 30, Liz B rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was wavering between 4 and 5 stars on this one, and went with the higher rating. Here's the premise: Innocent Merry Wilding is accidentally kidnapped and brought aboard a pirate ship during the war of , where she falls in love with a hot blonde pirate who is actually a titled Englishman.

I know!! It's ludicrous. But lots of good stuff is exactly where are the cameras during the Hunger Games, pray tell?!? So please I was wavering between 4 and 5 stars on this one, and went with the higher rating. So please ignore the premise and treat it for what it is: Things I loved: What ever happened to long, drawn-out historical romance? It took me--hm--probably at least hours to read, possibly longer. Most everything I download now takes 3 hours, tops--and usually more like 2.

It's OOP and hard to find. Worth it, worth it, worth it. It's not going on the gr bookswap, that's for sure! Yes, this is a romance because it tells the story of a relationship, but it's just as much the story of Merry growing up. And yeah, it's totally unbelievable that her coming-of-age happened so gradually and on a pirate ship.

Nonetheless, I had no problem suspending my disbelief. I don't give a darn about setting, generally speaking--but these authors made me care. I felt no desire to race through the description; instead, I wanted to sink into the worlds that the authors created. Sometimes overwrought, but often crisp and perfect: And this, on the same page: There was no towel.

Pirates, probably, liked to air dry. Good grief, even the villain--present on the page briefly at best--is allowed some humanity. Technically, they belong under characters, but I think they deserve a separate bullet.

The Windflower by Laura London

Three secondary characters who are each fascinating in their own right. I've seen some reviews that point out that this is an unusual romance or even not really a romance because the hero and heroine spend so much time apart. But that gives Cat, especially, more page time--which is a good thing. That's always the element that moves a romance into the 4- or 5-star category for me.

I think it's a combination of convincing initial attraction, believable obstacles to consummation, and slow development of genuine emotion. This book has it, for sure. I really liked both Merry and Devon--although, now that I think about it, they're they're the one element that made me waver on my 5-star rating. Merry's awfully sweet and innocent; Devon's a bit too alpha. But hey--it was And they would have been exactly to my taste when I first began reading romance!

I think I grew to like them because over the course of the book they grew beyond those 80s-romance tendencies in gradual and convincing ways. This is a keeper for sure. I only wish that some of the money I spent on it went to the original authors--they deserve it. Jun 23, KC marked it as dnf Shelves: I know this is a favorite classic, but I just couldn't get past the overly descriptive prose detailing everything in each scene. Talk about tedious. In addition, the heroine seemed like THE airhead of all airheads.

View all 4 comments. Jul 05, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Coming up with a rating for The Windflower is one of the more difficult decisions I've had to make for a book. It's one of those books dependent on so many things: Personally, I have a pretty tough suspension of disbelief.

I do make an active attempt to go where a writer is trying to take, with more success sometimes Catherynne Valente, for example than others right now Coming up with a rating for The Windflower is one of the more difficult decisions I've had to make for a book. I do make an active attempt to go where a writer is trying to take, with more success sometimes Catherynne Valente, for example than others right now, I'm making side-eye at Joe Hill's NOS4A2U.

And when it didn't? Well, it was frustrating in the extreme. To start with, if you're not a regular romance reader, I can't imagine The Windflower working well for you. It's a product of its time: At the same time, that's what can also make it great - it's larger than life, and when you get sucked into the story it feels epic in a way modern romances rarely do.

But again, context can be difficult. Whereas early romances often featured rape as a shortcut for "she wants it, but good girls don't, so here's how we're going to have it both ways," to the modern reader especially the modern reader who has had quite enough of all of the misogyny that seems to be growing like a cancer in society again it's really hard to read portions where the "hero" threatens to sexually assault the heroine, and not throw the book across the room.

On a lighter complaint, thinking too much about how perfect and innocent the heroine is, and how a ship full of pirates could turn into a bunch of friendly, Disneyish pirates can also lead to eye-rolling of a particularly epic nature. Yet, even with the above complaints, I couldn't put The Windflower down once I got into it. There's a lushness to it that reminds me of my early days reading romance, and the tension between the hero and the heroine is incredible - especially compared to today's romances, which use simple lust as a shortcut for the kind of desire which the authors of The Windflower excel in depicting.

Because of that, I can't give it less than four stars, even with quibbles. If you're going to read it, go in with an open mind and a willingness to engage in fantasy, and I think you'll enjoy it too. Jan 27, Mary Grace Nakao rated it liked it. DNFed when I got to the part where she willingly gave herself up right after Devon humiliated her, emotionally tortured her and basically treated her like trash.

Watching her defenses and logic go crumbling down because of what? If he looks like a greek god straight out from Olympus. It all ends up with Devon semi-forcin DNFed when I got to the part where she willingly gave herself up right after Devon humiliated her, emotionally tortured her and basically treated her like trash. It all ends up with Devon semi-forcing himself to her anyway.

By laura pdf london the windflower

Very close to rape, mind you. So why 3 stars? I love pirate ships and tales from the high seas. The protagonist is weak but I think she was realistically written. She is, after all, someone who has spent her entire life sheltered from the harshness of the real world. She cries a lot but she does not necessarily break. And seriously, if you have a thing for an alpha male British guy?

This one is probably for you. And dat slow burn romance doe. Im a total sucker for it: Now that I'm a "woman of a certain age", I tend to shy away from teen-aged heroines, too-handsome-to-live heroes, and - for Pete's sake- pirates, of all things! This book should have hit every "NO! But it didn't. I enjoyed every single cliched page of it. Merry is a silly little year-old girl, who is kidnapped and held captive on a pirate ship.

Do the frightful pirates rape and torture her? Heck, no! They teach her how to sail, how to climb the rigging, and how to live like a p Now that I'm a "woman of a certain age", I tend to shy away from teen-aged heroines, too-handsome-to-live heroes, and - for Pete's sake- pirates, of all things!

They teach her how to sail, how to climb the rigging, and how to live like a pirate, yo-ho! There is - naturally - a to-die-for handsome pirate who falls for Merry like a ton of bricks. He's also a spy. Of course. Then there is Cat blond and gorgeous , who was supposed to have had his own book, but the Curtises broke up before it could be written, and Rand, the darkly handsome Captain who is kind of a father figure And so much more I don't care.

I liked this book. Sep 10, Lovetoread rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Windflower is one of the best romance novels I have read. It will be in the top of my all time favorite romances that will defiantly be on my reread shelf.

This is a story about Merry Wilding who is innocence, and breathtaking beautiful. With high hopes for a holiday in England, she sets sail from New York-but the tide of her life is destined to turn. This story has a pirate ship, with our heroine, Merry, finding herself at the mercy of a wicked crew. She meets the handsome pirate, Devon Cra The Windflower is one of the best romance novels I have read. She meets the handsome pirate, Devon Crandall, realizing she has met him before.

Devon believes Merry is in league with his greatest enemy a man responsible for the death of his sister. He's determined to slowly urge her secrets from her. But along the way, he discovers her beautifully unbreakable spirit and a desire unlike any he's ever known.

She is hiding something from him, and yet, each day that passes brings her deeper into his heart. I highly recommend The Windflower.