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SUPER MEMORY BY SHAKUNTALA DEVI PDF - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you download in a book store or download off the web. Our. SUPER MEMORY IT CAN BE YOURS BY SHAKUNTALA DEVI PDF - In this site isn`t the same as a solution manual you download in a book store or download off the. super memory by shakuntala devi is available in our digital library an online Devi Pdf, Read Online Super Memory Shakuntala Devi pdf, Free Super Memory.

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Super Memory - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Shakuntala Devi has been honing and teaching her memory improvement. Super Memory Shakuntala Devi Pdf - [Free] Super Memory Shakuntala Devi Pdf [ PDF] [EPUB]. Shakuntala Devi (4 November – 21 April. Super Memory It Can Be Yours By Shakuntala Devi Free - [Free] Super Memory It Can Be. Yours By Shakuntala Devi Free [PDF] [EPUB].

Mar 02, Leela Pal Chaudhuri rated it it was ok Picked it up from the library with hopes to boost my memory. While the language is vibrant and fluent, I am not certain about the techniques. Having said that, haven't tried any as yet except for what I already know and practise. It's certainly motivational, but how effective is yet to be gauged. A lot of it was redundant, and had me skimming over pages.

I got off, but I felt disoriented. So fogged, in fact, that I even forgot my name. She stood at the bus-stop till her memory returned. Then she caught the next bus to her destination and rang my door-bell, four hours late! My friends temporary bout of total amnesia is not explained in terms of ageing brain cells or a congenitally deficient memory. My friend was an unhappy woman, under severe mental and financial strain. Her husband was suffering from a progressive, incurable disease.

Her emotional ordeal was compounded by the 18 sheer practical demands of caring for him. Yet, after a bracing cup of hot tea and a bowl of upma, there she was, sitting and laughing and joking with me. Nobody would have imagined that, just a few hours before, her hopelessness and turmoil had clouded her mind so oppressively that it had blanked out memory. Poor memory has been blamed on all kinds of suspects I just wasnt born smart, Age is catching up with me , but the fact is that the most common culprits are the least suspected ones.

Unhappiness, for instance. It can usher in the dark, heavy clouds of fear, anger and resentment that overturn your mental equilibrium and blotch out memory. Most memory experts fail to give due importance to mental tranquility.

Yet, in its absence, you might be able to train your brain to remember better temporarily, but you will not be able to make remembering a lifelong habit. Its when you possess inner calm that you are able to retain your sense of reason, your sense of balance, your sense of humour.

In this state of rational tranquility, you operate from a basis of fact, not sentiment. And facts are what memory is all about. A robust memory requires fertile ground on which to thrive.

Super Memory - It can be yours

Not only a clear mind, but other pre-requisites go into its making. So, before we get down to the actual techniques for improving memory, let us make sure that we prepare well the soil in which it is to be nurtured. Start with these important preliminary strategies before you go on to the next chapter; without them you will not derive the full worth of this book.

Throw Out the Mental Clutter Lets suppose that a month or so ago, you read the word, screever, looked up its meaning in the dictionary and filed away the information for future retrieval.

Today youre trying to recall that word, but for some unfathomable reason, it eludes you. Negative emotions are one of the impediments that can impede clear traffic.

As the Bhagvad Gita says, From anger results delusion, from delusion results confusion of memory Not only anger, but a scroll of other unhappy emotions can fog your mind: fear, depression, selfpity, envy, grief, hatred, restlessness, anxiety. With this mist overhanging your mind, your senses can get dulled to the point where you are not registering even your immediate environment or experiences.

Thus, you may: Pass a friend on the street, look at him, but do not see him. Listen to someone who's talking to you, but do not hear her or later recall a single word she said. Touch a snake in the wild undergrowth, but do not feel it. Eat a delicious meal served to you, but do not taste it, or later even remember what it was you ate!

Inhale the gas leaking from your cylinder, but do not register its smell with potentially disastrous consequences. Make a conscious effort to weed out negative thoughts from your mind, to send it positive, harmonious messages.

Memory devi pdf shakuntala super

The great sage, Paramahansa Yogananda, asks us to remind ourselves every day: I am a prince ss of peace, sitting on the throne of poise, directing my kingdom of activity. Memorise this sentence. Say it to yourself when you awaken each morning. Repeat it to yourself whenever you find yourself in a situation that threatens to upturn your mental equilibrium.

Until, gradually, you find that equilibrium is more and more easily acquired and that finally it gets embedded as a natural feature of your thoughtscape. Once this happens, you wont find yourself turning into a mass of quivering jelly with a bad case of exam nerves or interview fright. The mental equilibrium youve instilled in yourself will still those butterflies in your stomach: All 20 youll need to do is take a deep breath and tell yourself with confidence, It will all come back to me in a minute.

And it will! Keep an Open Mind Let me illustrate the importance of this with a riddle which I would like you to try and solve. Can you add just one mark or symbol to this Roman numeral, and change it into the number 6?

If you have a closed mind, youll rack your brain and never come up with the answer. Or you will give up immediately from disinterest. See what I mean? But its only if youre open-minded that you can bridge these separate memory strands, link them together and come up with a new concept.

When you allow yourself to get stuck in a mental groove, you put the brakes on your imagination and interest, limiting your ability to build bridges to memories, to link a present problem to past information and to arrive at a solution or a new idea.

Devi super memory pdf shakuntala

Open-mindedness was precisely the route by which Newton, watching an apple fall to the ground, arrived at the laws of gravity. And Archimedes, looking at the water overflow from 21 his bath-tub when he was immersed in it, gave the world Archimedes principle. If these two men of science had not had that memory-link ticking in their brilliant brains, they might never have given the world those Eureka findings. Which is why I say: keep an open mind! To do that, youll need to force your brain out of its old, well-worn grooves by keeping yourself creatively challenged.

Try things like designing a new wardrobe for yourself even if you never actually go out and download up all those clothes and accessories , reading a book on an unfamiliar subject or dreaming up 10 innovative uses for a paper clip.

Youve got to exercise your mind to make it more flexible. Rev Up Your Powers of Concentration If your attention is not focused, you will not fully absorb a piece of learning or other task on hand; and if you do not absorb, you cannot retain. But what most people do not realise is that concentration is really a matter of habit.

You can learn a score of mental exercises to improve your concentration, but if you do not transfer these principles to your day-to-day functioning and give them the underpinnings of a habit, there will be no lasting impact on your powers of concentration. Before I continue, let me explain the difference between being preoccupied and concentrating. Preoccupation is a kind of mental teasing game, with worry nibbling at your thoughts and scattering them in several directions so that you are unable to think clearly.

Concentrating, on the other hand, means harnessing your mental forces and bringing a bulls-eye centering of attention to a particular task.

Researchers have found that this state, which they call flow, seems to calm down the cerebral cortex where the memory centre is located. This brings a feeling of relaxed alertness. There is a loss of self-consciousness. Aches 22 go unnoticed, background noises unheard. As distinct from preoccupation, concentration has such positive factors as willpower and commitment attached to it. One of the chief things running interference with concentration are those internal pollutants weve talked about before: anger, fear, doubts and distractions.

These can replace concentration with restless preoccupation and mental turmoil.

I have already talked about the importance of cultivating the positive attitude that will help drive out defeatist thoughts. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Super Memory - It can be yours , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Super Memory - It can be yours.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jul 16, Pooja rated it it was ok Shelves: Super Memory: It can be yours. The title reminded me that I already have a super duper memory. The only thing I cannot remember is why I started reading this book!

Oh yes, because my roomie had its physical copy and I needed to have my mind somewhere. On a serious note, the book contains 12 Practical Lessons for ageless memory which you will surely not need if you've already read books on management and spirituality. If one has interest in these books, then he will certainly find a lot of matter.

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The clock has nothing to do with remembering. If you believe in your conscience, your abilities, then super memory will definitely be yours but this book is not for you! View 1 comment. Ageless Memory in 12 Practical lessons" is a book by Shakuntala Devi who is popular for her extra-ordinary mathematical and mnemonic skills. Knowing Shakuntala Devi's achievements and work, I had high expectations. Unfortunately, the whole book is redundant and unhelpful unless you are newbie to the world of mnemonics.

I don't question the techniques, tricks and tips presented in the book. They most definitely work well if applied with care. However I am disappointed that better "Super Memory: However I am disappointed that better mnemonic methods were not discussed. There are far better and more efficient methods to explore and regrettably those are not discussed in the book.

I had to skim through most of the book since the ideas were mundane and redundant. May 18, Hitessh Panchal rated it it was ok.

Pdf shakuntala super memory devi

You pickup a book, just because you admire the author for something and then it turns into a disaster. The book says nothing new and I doubt , author said something , which she applied. Rather it is a collection of various Whitepapers and excerpts , taken from Various books and indianised to suit the audience. I think The author should write more on the subject , she is expert. And Maths is her domain and she has been Best in it. I would rather recommend "Buzan's" books on the subject.

T Hopeless!!! Totally Disappointed. View 2 comments. Nov 24, Sabarish Sridhar rated it really liked it. Jun 19, Lalitha Vadrevu added it. Apr 01, Harish Sankar rated it it was amazing Shelves: The human calculator talks on memory. Must Read book. Mar 02, Leela Pal Chaudhuri rated it it was ok.

Indian "Human Computer" Shakuntala Devi passes away

Picked it up from the library with hopes to boost my memory. While the language is vibrant and fluent, I am not certain about the techniques. Having said that, haven't tried any as yet except for what I already know and practise.

It's certainly motivational, but how effective is yet to be gauged. A lot of it was redundant, and had me skimming over pages. Oct 02, Archies rated it really liked it. Book did helped me a lot. I was worried before this book but after 2 years I feel I have achieved what I wanted. Good to read People should read it once to appreciate various practices which we generally follow randomly need to be used more systematically.