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Title: Portraits striking the pose ebook. Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for downloading any book or publication on ISSUU. By using. Transcending Travel is an eBook designed to give you the skill and . Inspired by our eBook Striking The Pose and professionally illustrated to ensure they are. This eBook shares techniques the author has used on royalty, rockstars & supermodels. Portraits: Striking the Pose is broken down into three sections.

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Title: Portraits striking the pose ebook, Author: beyond-words, Name: Portraits striking the pose ebook, Length: pages, Page: 1, Published: Experienced portrait photographers all have a set of 'go to' poses for any situation As with Gina's other portrait eBooks, Portraits: Striking The Pose is broken. An another Ultimate Ebook for Portrait Photography from DPS. I am sure this material would be very helpful for aspiring photographers. Posing.

Striking The Pose is broken down into three main sections. The problem is that this wisdom often sits in the back of their mind, hidden from view…. Everything she knows about posing is right there at your fingertips. Gina Milicia has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years. In this eBook Gina shares her extensive knowledge and experience in an easy-to-follow way to help you fast-track your journey to capturing beautiful portraits.

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The problem is that this wisdom often sits in the back of their mind, hidden from view…. Everything she knows about posing is right there at your fingertips. Gina Milicia has been a professional photographer for more than 25 years.

Ebook pose striking the

In this eBook Gina shares her extensive knowledge and experience in an easy-to-follow way to help you fast-track your journey to capturing beautiful portraits. Click the link below to pick up a copy of this fantastic Portrait Posing eBook.

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What do we cover in this eBook? Try experimenting with different focal lengths until you find one that suits your style. A 50mm lens gives the truest representation of what someone looks like and is a good focal length for group portraits.

Image credit: Jocelyn Idriss from www. At 24mm and 19mm you start to get a caricature feel to the image. Many portrait photographers love this wide look and have achieved some really cool portraits using it. It is a style decision more than anything. Credit: Dylan McCabe. The other thing you need to consider when choosing a portrait lens is how much background you want to include in your shot. This will often be dictated by the style of portrait you are taking.

Wide lenses also work well in photojournalism. Image credit: Boone Freund from www. Aperture A good portrait lens should give you the option to shoot at very wide apertures, allowing you to use a shallow depth of field to separate the model from a distracting background.

A lens with a wider aperture will also give you the advantage of shooting in lower lighting conditions. The tripod When I started working as a photographer, I worked with film. Using a tripod instantly solves these problems for me. My hands are free to gesture and guide and I can step away from my camera without breaking my setup or losing my flow.

You can see why my tripod has become one of my must-use bits of photography kit. Showing images at this stage is the quickest way to diminish confidence. Shooting tethered to a computer has made my life as a photographer so much easier because I can use my computer as a teaching tool. I can show my model a series of great images with slightly different poses. We can talk about how the poses are different and what I want them to do in the next series.

How to Pose Portraits eBook

They can see what I mean and it makes more sense, straight away. It was an awful experience but it reminded me of all the ways to guarantee a dud portrait. Sharon, the lady who was taking my license photo, had the personality of a sheet of cardboard. She mumbled so I had trouble hearing her instructions. In one frame Sharon managed to capture and enhance every single flaw on my face.

How to Pose Portraits eBook

My eyes look dead and cold. I have a double chin, puffy cheeks, big forehead and I look Image credit: The Footy Show.

Image courtesy of Nine Network Australia. I am fairly confident it is not going to become my next Facebook profile picture.

Many photographers believe that a great portrait needs a model who can pose and work in front of a camera. I disagree. I think a great portrait is achieved when the model and photographer work together. The amount of effort you put into connecting with your model will be reflected in the portrait shot. Their smiles will appear fake, poses stiff and eyes cold. If you are confident and able to connect with your model then anything is possible.

The way Ditching the mug shots 25 How to connect with people I pride myself on being able to develop a rapport with anyone. Sure, some people are harder to thaw than others but I persist until I find a topic of conversation that will help me gain their trust and respect. Hopefully, by the end of the shoot we genuinely like each other. I was a huge fan of her work and thought she was hilarious so naturally I was very excited.

Instead, I met a rather serious, painfully shy woman who could barely make eye contact. Every attempt to strike up a conversation was blocked by her complete lack of enthusiasm.

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I chipped away at different topics but nothing worked. The atmosphere started to become really awkward. I fantasized about running out the door and never coming back. I was about to give up when I finally found our common ground. It was… wait for it… how to get rid of garden weeds. Riveting stuff! But the moment I mentioned my gardening tip you use boiling water I saw her eyes light up and for the first time that day we had an animated and passionate conversation.

The energy in the room become lighter and everyone stopped holding their breath. As the shoot went on, I managed to gain her confidence and we got some great shots. Some people find it easy to develop a great rapport with anyone they meet.

Title: Portraits striking the pose ebook

How you connect with people is an extension of your personality. I must gain their trust and respect within the first few minutes of meeting them.

If I can achieve this, then capturing an authentic, relaxed and beautiful portrait is much easier. Your model is the star of the show. Ask them lots of questions about their job, their family, and their hobbies and really listen to their answers. Active listening means doing more than just hearing what another person is saying, while politely waiting to speak yourself. Great portrait photographers can connect with people, quickly. People will generally feel good about a conversation where they have had the opportunity to talk about themselves.

It has to be genuine and sincere. If you want to be a great portrait photographer you really need to genuinely like people. Keep asking questions until you find something that you have in common.

Finding some common ground is by far the easiest icebreaker and the conversation should flow naturally from then on. A warm sincere smile and good eye contact is the best way to greet anyone. Try to practice these techniques when you are meeting new people. Remember, the more you practice the easier it becomes.

Music is an important factor for setting the mood. I generally play lounge style music to give a nice ambiance while makeup is being done.