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2 days ago Shortcut tricks on Quantitative Aptitude method will help you to do Quantitative Quantitative Aptitude Math Shortcut Tricks: Quantitative Aptitude is a very .. please send me the shortcut tricks PDF for aptitude and reasoning. This PDF Contains Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude || Short Tricks in Maths Download PDF || Maths Tricks and Shortcuts. Maths tricks pdf in hindi, quick maths tricks for competitive exams Math / Mathematics / Quantitative Aptitude notes in hindi pdf free download.

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Quantitative Aptitude Tricks. By Ramandeep Singh. Page 1. Quantitative Aptitude Tricks - PDF. Download. Topics: 1. Simplification. 2. Number Series. 3. I have started Quantitative Aptitude preparation series. I will try .. Pls send me shortcut tricks pdf at my mail id [email protected] Find the list of Important Aptitude shortcuts PDF for upcoming Bank Exams and all other competitive exams, aspirants those who Quantitative Aptitude · Uncategorized. Aptitude Shortcuts PDF and Mind Tricks Tips in PDF.

It is the time consuming part for most of the Aspirants. It is also the nightmare for many aspirants. These methods can save two third of your time. Practice Practice and Practice. Go through the topics with utmost patience and make your own questions and solve it.

How to find a Square root of a number? How to find a Square of any number? Multiplication using Split and Merge Method 5.

Multiplication with 11 7. Multiplication of Numbers near to the bases 8. Square of Numbers near to the Base 9. Simple Trick to remember Squares of numbers from 25 to 30 DI made easy — Play with Percentages.

How to Solve Number System Questions in Exams [Short trick PDF]

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You may also like. The following table demonstrates the difference that the number of compounding periods can make over time for a INR 10, loan taken for a year period. It can only be used for annual compounding. Selling Price-The price at which the article is sold is known as selling price S.

QT-TRICKS.pdf - Quantitative...

When selling price is greater than cost price then profit And when cost price is greater than selling price then loss. Following formulae should be kept in mind while solving profit loss questions in bank exams.

Pdf quantitative aptitude tricks

However, if it is negative then overall we have a loss. If a cost price of m articles is equal to the selling Price of n articles, C.

Quantitative Aptitude Cheat Sheet | Part-1 | Download PDF

This is nearer to 25 since more batsmen scored 25 runs. If the value of each item is decreased by y, then the average of the group of items will also decrease by y. If the value of each item is multiplied by the same value m, then the average of the group or items will also get multiplied by m.

Pdf quantitative aptitude tricks