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Although I followed the instruction at "Not able to see pictures and graphics", I am still unable to see the. In Wiki and Issues, inline images (jpg and png attached files) are not displayed in the resulting PDF doc export (only text reference to attachment path shows). When converting a to pdf the images in are not showing in the pdf. What settings this to occur? How do the pictures need.

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I just downloaded a pdf file that has images but they are not showing up (Only a little red "X") How do I get the proper picture so I can print it I h. The PDF format has the ability to embed images within a document. If you do not see images when displaying a document in Adobe Reader, you may need to. It could be the PDF version, even that I do not really believe that. Is your Acrobat Pro XI page display preference for overprint preview set to.

Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 26 guests. Is there some other setting that I need to check. This problem has been frustrating me for some time. I need to insert my logo into some documents.

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Does this happen on page load or after a while when it's already rendered? Are there steps to reproduce the issue? Please also try checking whether or not you have the most recent graphics drivers. Here's a screenshot of about: Sadly it's only happening on customer machines and not dev environments cough typical … so it's hard to get console reports. Here's a video of the missing text and image in the latest version of the PDF. JS viewer: We were able to reproduce this issue by changing the zoom level, but this bug occurred at any zoom level and on page load.

Shown pdf is not picture

A little more info as we try to track down. When we get into a state where we can reproduce, let's say for the first page, if I query the 2D Context with document.

If I change the zoom level and the issue is fixed for page 1, then its font will be 10px sans-serif. What the video shows is exactly , which I could reproduce before but not anymore because it's very intermittent and hard to reproduce. I closed that issue because I was unable to reproduce it anymore, but I think this is the same issue.

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We have seen this some times before and applied some fixes for it, but appearantly we should do more here. I have only seen it like in the video, i. And no children. We're thinking of checking for such conditions after a page render and re-request rendering of the missing page s in the affirmative.

That's probably more fixing the symptom than the root cause but it sounds like a shorter-term fix. You could do that temporarily, but indeed it's not a valid fix for the issue itself.

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We will have to look into why the page is not rendered in that case. I'm going to close this issue for now because this is more of a Master issue than anything else at this point similar symptoms but different causes. You guys are then free to take it or decide to address the root cause.

I've commented on fxchen 's issue about images disappearing on IE11 which is our most visible and common issue at this point Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized. That being said, let's take a look at the step by step process of how to crop in Word. Select the image in your document that you want to crop. The moment you click the image, the Format tab will appear in the upper toolbar menu. Find the "Crop" command in the "Format" tab, located in the far right.

Once you click the "Crop" command, cropping handles will appear around the image.

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Click the handles, hold, and then drag a handle to crop the image. You can drag as much as you like. Once you are done dragging the handles, click the crop command once more, and the image will be cropped. If you like, Word allows you to crop a picture to a specific shape. Follow the first two steps, but change Step 3.

Not shown pdf picture is

If you like to a specific shape, in the "Crop" section, click on the dropdown arrow and select "Crop to Shape".