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David Burge - Perfect Pitch Ear Training Handbook - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Where do I download them free? .. of the most basic exercises suggested by David L. Burge in his Perfect Pitch Ear-Training SuperCourse. The Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse book download David Lucas Burge Download The Perfect P.

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David Burge Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse with Handbook (PDF). Learn to recognize EXACT tones - BY EAR! The #1 best-selling ear training method. The #1 best-selling ear training method for 30 years. Name EXACT NOTES and CHORDS - by EAR alone! Sing any desired pitch - from memory. Proven at two. The Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse version [David Lucas Burge] on Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

What a lucid thinker Burge is! The average teacher would have told you that Relative Pitch is all about learning music intervals, chords, and all facets of a professional ear for music. Gaining Relative Pitch is like bringing that fuzzy picture into sharp focus so you can see what's really happening. Burge means that most people don't really have a clue what's going on in the music. But with Relative Pitch, you can see clearly what is going on in the music - how the chords are structured, how they progress harmonically, and how the music flows.

EarTest doesn't lock you into any particular practice method but offers the flexibility to use a variety of different practice methods to flexibly design your ear training program and work at your own pace.

David Burge – Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse

You can easily practice with any instrument sound, and easily change other midi parameters volume, note velocity, etc. EarTest is a lot of fun! The unregistered version of EarTest is limited in that you can only practice 5 notes at a time. This is not as limiting as it sounds, because you can practice ANY 5 notes.

You could learn all 12 notes with the free version of EarTest; you would just have to learn them in batches. All other functions of EarTest are enabled and there is no time limit on the unregistered version, so the unregistered version lets you try out EarTest on your system and do a lot of good ear training for free. If you are interested in EarTest, you might try the free online version of EarTest first. Much of the interface and mechanics are different in EarTestonline in ear training software, the devil is just exactly in those details, and EarTest for Windows has all those details down much better than EarTestonline , but the underlying idea is much the same.

Click here for online registration and details. These exercises really can help you develop your perfect pitch abilities.

EarTest helps develop your relative pitch abilities. EarTest will very quickly increase your skill at the most difficult and vital aspect of melodic dictation: hearing the relationship between the various notes of the scale. You will soon learn to distinguish do from re, la from ti and fi from fa.

Supercourse ear training perfect download pitch

The instantaneous feedback provided by EarTest is the best way to develop your musical reflexes. In a typical melodic dictation or sight singing exercise, it is many seconds or even minutes before you find out if your response was correct or not.

This is not the best way to develop your musical reflexes. After you have developed your musical reflexes with EarTest, you will do much better with melodic dictation and sight singing.

Ear Training

Then after attempting to sing an A, have your partner play a A chord with A, C and E in close position. After practicing this way, you will quickly learn the different color patterns of major chords. This will greatly aid your color memory because you will hear the color of a pitch and also the color pattern of a chord as different as other chords.

When errors are made in this exercise you have not yet remembered the pitch colors correctly. Listen carefully to the chord built on that note.

Then without playing hear this chordal color pattern in your head. Sing the keynote.

Supercourse ear perfect download training pitch

Pitch singing in this manner is now extremely important Play single tones frequently in these extremes. Chord tones may be spread out as far as you'd like. Don't strain with chords on the low register, they would be so muddy that even Mozart wouldn't recognize them.

Complete chords should be used in the extreme upper range. These will be "ear teasers" but in time you may master them.

David Burge - Perfect Pitch Ear Training Handbook

You have now cultured your ear to a high degree of color discrimination. You should now broad your pitch color discrimination to include all instruments, even a grandfather clock striking the hour. One way is to go to the piano, open it up and pluck the strings inside.

Have friends sit with their instruments so you can get used to the sound of pitch color of their instruments. Check in which key a song is played, on the radio, concerts, records. Listen to any sound: church bells, horns, water, cats!! The most important exercise to practice is pitch singing. When you can remember a tone without hearing it first you have mastered color hearing technique. These are not impossible exercises and should be approach with fun. I had a colleague during high school and both of us used to create outrageous exercises to test each other.

Leave one out and play all the others simultaneously in one tone cluster. Have your partner name the missing tone Hint: first listen for and identify the key tone.

EarTest--Ear Training for Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch

Then climb the scale and listen to the "gap" - Play all but one of eight consecutive whole-tone scale tones together. Name the missing tone. Name all tones in order. Be sure the player strikes in even manner. Watch out because you may hear overtones