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Momo Traders book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. PORTION OF PROCEEDS TO CHARITY! - Momo Traders features. Home Trading Method Book Review: Momo Traders Click here to get a PDF of this post Great job Brady Dahl on Momo Traders. Momo Traders by Brady Dahl A necessary disclaimer: I have received a complimentary copy of the book from its author, so my review may be.

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We feel so grateful that the traders featured in the book were brutally honest, revealing far more than we ever thought they would. Traders like Tim Grittani. Let me say that I paid for this with my own $$. I have been trading professionally for over 11 years. I was inspired to download this book via Modern_Rock by. Momo Traders Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from Ten Top Traders. The book has raised over $50, for charity so far thru sales and matched donations in the.

Shelves: trading-classics the format of the book is very similar to what i read before - the market wizards. One good thing is that all interviewed traders can be reached online! They are more modern and up to date. The market wizards traders were just too old and examples they given were way too old. I skipped some answers on background and how each trader came to trading.

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Momo Traders – Brady Dahl Interview – 01-13-16

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Our Partners. Each trader in this book has had a journey that is different yet completely normal enough to be replicated by you.

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Believe it or not, their origins and subsequent successes are within your realm of attainability. So every time you nod your head in agreement, every time you come to a personal realization, every time you learn something new from these great traders, dog-ear the page, highlight the words, and scribble in the margins. It's time to deface the hell out of this book in your pursuit of becoming a better trader Brady Dahl " It's refreshing to hear real traders talk candidly about their paths to success.

Great questions.

Answers that provoke thinking and stimulate endless what-ifs. So good in fact that it will be a key reading resource in our educational offerings. Will be rereading again soon! The inside of the book is now purely yellow with highlights.

Great job!! Worth every penny! I'm reading it for the second time. Awesome book! We enter at 1.

Momo Traders: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from Ten Top Traders

Our first target was 1. It was triggered approximately two and a half hours later.

Pdf book momo traders

We exit half of the position and trail the remaining half by the period EMA minus 15 pips. The second half is eventually closed at 1. The math is a bit more complicated on this one.

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The stop is at the EMA minus 20 pips or The first target is entry plus the amount risked, or It gets triggered five minutes later. The second half is eventually closed at Although the profit was not as attractive as the first trade, the chart shows a clean and smooth move that indicates that price action conformed well to our rules.

We see the price cross below the period EMA, but the MACD histogram is still positive, so we wait for it to cross below the zero line 25 minutes later. Our trade is then triggered at 0.

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As a result, we enter at 0. Our stop is the EMA plus 20 pips. At the time, the EMA was at 0. Our first target is the entry price minus the amount risked or 0.

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The target is hit two hours later and the stop on the second half is moved to breakeven. We then proceed to trail the second half of the position by the period EMA plus 15 pips. The second half is then closed at 0.