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PDF | 5 minutes read | On Oct 2, , Dickson Adom and others published Questions and Answers on General Knowledge In Art. General Awareness Questions And Answers:: General Knowledge: part1 General awareness pdf are available in objective type questions and answers will help you in TRB, SSC and UPSC examinations . Welcome to GK (General Knowledge) Quiz Archive of GKToday. This section comprises GK Questions from to on static subjects.

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Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers from our , , PDF GK Section. Online General Knowledge questions and answers for interview preparation, solved questions with answer and explanations for Indian History, World GK. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. general knowledge questions and answers No Questions Quiz 1 Answers 1 Carl No.

A question which haunts every aspirant. I would say it is a puzzle and the only solution to this puzzle is Practice. This is not just a word. It is defined as Ocean that consists of persistence, determination and learning. So, for all the aspirants out there, Day Today GK is a platform where you get umpteenth of Quizzes for practice and knowledge from every corner of the world. Now, myriads of question must be flooding in your mind.

What is Pagoda? More in General Knowledge Quiz Articles. More in History Articles. Geography What is Geode Rocks are grain of minerals which are homogeneous solids formed from a chemical precipitation.

All SSC previous year asked general knowledge question paper topic-wise

More in Geography Articles. Science Important Laws of Physics Physical laws play a crucial role in Science and are considered as fundamental. More in Science Articles.

The Polity which countries use electronic voting machines Electronic Voting Machines are used in some of the world's largest democracies, including Brazil, India and the Philippines. More in The Polity Articles. Economy Definition Features Advantage and Disadvantages of the Universal Basic Income Universal Basic Income UBI is a model for providing a sum of money to all citizens of a country or other geographic area with a given sum of money, regardless of their income, employment status.

More in Economy Articles. download Study Material.

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View All. General Knowledge December ebook Hi Rs General Knowledge December ebook General Knowledge November ebook Indian History eBook and question bank More in GK Facts Articles. The General knowledge section of jagranjosh.

The best part of our content is that it is made by prominent writers and fully authentic content is available to all the aspirants on the single click of our GK section. Prominent parts of GK Section are: General Knowledge List: This category caters not only to competition aspirants but also very useful for general readers. Gk Facts: This category contains the research based content on general knowledge from various fields like mythology, Science, Defence etc.

The added advantage of our General Knowledge section is that we published the GK content in hindi and English. So, for all the aspirants out there, Day Today GK is a platform where you get umpteenth of Quizzes for practice and knowledge from every corner of the world.

GK Questions: 2009-2019

Now, myriads of question must be flooding in your mind. No worries, We are here to answer The more you learn, the more you realize, how little you know. Just going through Current Affairs is not enough.

One must be willing to attempt the test on daily basis. So, by the end of the day, you can justify and grade yourself on the basis of Question attempted. This is why, the Current affairs Quizzes are so important and reckon us then only you will realize how important it is to attempt Quiz on daily basis.

What are the Benefits of Current Affairs Quiz? Well, you can never measure the depth of an Ocean and the Current Affairs are like ocean — The more you dive, the deeper it gets and you find more and more peace day by day because you become aware of the benefits and believe me the benefits are enormous. Day Today GK is not a mere competition or a general knowledge site. It is a Knowledge hub where we work hard to provide you information from contours of the world.

Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF

We make sure that we publish a set on daily basis with a minimum of 10 Questions. Apart from Current Affairs, we make sure that we add all the possible general Question too and provide the visitors with a maximum information.

We believe in providing the quality stuff, extracting it from the globe. We always welcome suggestions as we believe there is always a room for improvement. The link shows the current event only.

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