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עלטה, ההזיה 2 (Pandemonium). Delirium (Series). Book 2. לורן אוליבר Author אביגיל בורשטיין Translator. cover image of Pandemonium. Editorial Reviews. Review. site Best Books of the Month, February Lena Haloway is content in her safe, government-managed society. This captivating page digital-original story set in the world of Lauren Oliver's New York Times bestselling Delirium series focuses on Raven, the fiery leader of .

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The first book in Lauren Oliver’s New York Times bestselling trilogy about forbidden love, revolution, and the power to choose. Living with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in Portland, Maine, Lena Haloway is very much looking forward to being cured and living a safe, predictable life. Read "Delirium A Novel" by Laura Restrepo available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. In this remarkably nuanced novel. Get this from a library! Delirium. [Lauren Oliver] -- Lena looks forward to receiving the government-mandated cure that prevents the delirium of love and leads to.

Click to see if another is available for you to download. In this remarkably nuanced novel, both a gripping detective story and a passionate, devastating tale of eros and insanity in Colombia, internationally acclaimed author Laura Restrepo delves into the minds of four characters. Through the blend of these distinct voices, Restrepo creates a searing portrait of a society battered by war and corruption, as well as an intimate look at the daily lives of people struggling to stay sane in an unstable reality. Lauren Oliver. Half Blood Blues.

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We will then contact you with the appropriate action. At first I was a tiny bit disappointed by that. I wanted to see what happened after Lena escaped, but I got over that because I quickly saw that we were going to find out some things that Lena never knew about This is a behind the scenes look.

Delirium (Kobo eBook)

I learned that Hana was not quite the person I thought she was. There was a lot more going on with her than I ever thought. I wasn't expecting a surprise ending She always, always surprises me and finds new ways to break my heart.

The ending was completely unexpected for me.

Ebook delirium

Usually I suspect or guess things before they happen but I had no clue until I read those words. My jaw hit the floor.

Ebook delirium

If you're curious about what I'm talking about, read it. It's very short. You can definitely get it done in one sitting and it's written in the same beautiful prose that we have all come to expect from Lauren. It was fascinating to see things outside of Lena's point of view. Finally a short story tied to a trilogy that actually has a purpose! After so many that were a total disappointment, I am excited to get this extra look into the life of Lena's best friend, Hana Hana wanted to rebel.

She went to underground concerts, talked to boys, and even kissed one.

Ebook delirium

Hana wasn't going to let some rules stop her from enjoying herself. She knows her knew ways are driving her apart form Lena, but she needs to explore what else is out there. When an unexpected raid makes her realize just how dangerous what she is doing truly is, Hana decides to reconnect with the girl who always does the right thing: What she finds, though, is that Lena was the true rebel who wouldn't let any government stop her from falling in love.

Ebook delirium

I am really glad I gave this short story a try, because it adds wonderful insight into Delirium. We know Hana, and we know how she led to Lena's choices, but we don't really know Hana, until this story, it shows her transformation from the typical rebellious teen we know and expect to a girl who isn't willing to risk her life for a simple contest. In fact, this short story changes the entire tone of the ending of Delirium, giving you a new perspective on how everything happened.

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You might not be happy with how this story changes the trilogy, but everything will make more sense once you read it! It is told not from Lena's point of view, but from her best friend, Hana. The story takes place in the summer before the girls get the cure. I was really looking forward to reading this short story. I found the plot to be very similar to Matched by Ally Condie, in the sense that in both books, there is a type of futuristic society that plans out your whole life for you.

Reading Delirium, there were parts in the book where I just couldn't put it down.

Despite this, Oliver's excessive details although charming at some points did make the story line drag on for a hundred extra pages. One thing I will say I really enjoyed about the book was the ending. Although some may disagree, I found it refreshing from the more predictable plotline.

Worth reading on a lazy Sunday. Yes, the topic was a tad bit different, but these futuristic universes had failed all too many times for me to approach any new ones with positivity.

Availability: Annabel [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] : a delirium story / Lauren Oliver.

But Delirium was like a breath of fresh air. Something about the relationships carved between characters made them all likeable and I appreciated the story that was being crafted so expertly. In a world where love is branded as a disease, can Lena ever find what her heart truly desires?