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3. Cracking CSS Interview 4. Recommended Books For Optional Subjects 8. Time Management in CSS Exam Preparation CSS Exam Preparation at Earlier. First of all you need to find out if you meet all the requirements of CSS Exams, before you carry on your research about these exams. To do that you should read . AOA I am Aziz ur rehman Niazi from Dera Ismail Khan After alot of days searching i found these important books links There is a link from.

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CSS books recommended by FPSC download free ,books for css , css books list pdf, How to prepare for CSS in 6 months, CSS exam guide pdf. Download CSS Books for CSS Compulsory & Optional Subjects.| The CSS Point. Best Books for CSS Exam Preparation of Compulsory and Optional Subjects - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read.

Origin to End 2. It should be very comprehensive and elaborated. A sample outline of topic Failure of Governance in Pakistan 1. Introduction 2. Prerequisites of good governance: 2. Evidences of failure of governance in Pakistan 3.

Secondly, you need to start reading the topics from down to up, again doing the same thing. As you move along, your concentration level decreases. So not to do injustice to your topic selection, you need to repeat the process from downwards this time.

Doing this will help you choose the right topic. Once you have selected the topic, it is prime time for you to start brainstorming your topic.

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Now, I would like to tell you that there are broadly two types of people in this world. The Second type is the rightbrained who is quite creative and innovative in his approach. Youd be wondering why I would be telling you this regarding essay writing. Well, there are two ways of brainstorming. If youre the left brained person youd restrict your thoughts and categorize them as they come in your mind. For example, if your essay is related to terrorism you may start thinking firstly the causes, then the effects, and so and so forth.

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You would try to limit your thoughts. Whereas, if youre a rightbrained person, youd let your ideas flow in a meaningless and categoryless approach. This way, a meaningless point may lead you to a very strong point if you put no limits to your thoughts. Once you have scribbled all your ideas, then you may categorize them or code them.

You may choose the approach that suits you, but personally, I would go with the latter. This is how you need to attempt your essay in your CSS Exam. This is what discipline is all about that I mentioned earlier. To begin with, there are three parts of an essay that are as follows: a. Introduction: Will what we will discuss.

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Body: Am what I am discussing. Conclusion: Was what I was discussing. Whatever your stance was in the introduction part, it must be the same in your conclusion with a mere reshuffling of the words or sequence. This is to be your background where you indirectly come to your topic should be general in nature, not specific.

You may use a quotation, anecdote, Hadith, Ayat, recent news or historical event. Attract the examiners attention emotional trapping in 4 to 5 lines.

Thesis Statement is particular and precise; it contains the main theme of your essay. It is a pivot around which your essay revolves. You cannot waver from your stance, stick to it till the end and defend it at all times.

It is the simplest and clearest sentence no ambiguities. It may be a risk for a few but you may use a blue marker to write down your thesis statement. Telling the sequence youd be following. It must depict connectivity and coherence. For instance, if youre writing an essay on My favorite Politician Your introduction structure may be as follows: Motivators: The significance of politics and politicians Thesis Statement: Mr. ABC is my favorite politician.

Plan: I will be discussing Mr. ABCs sincerity, devotion, higher qualification, and courage. Your plan tells the sequence of your body paragraphs. The examiner may pick one random point from the list e. They may be 15 to 20 in number. It is imperative to understand the technique of paragraph writing.

All your paragraphs must be according to this technique. The examiner may pick any paragraph to see if youve followed the technique or if you know what it is. A group of words having complete sense is sentence. A group of sentence supporting one idea is a paragraph. Paragraph Writing just like essay writing has three parts. Paragraph writing is nothing but solid evidence.

Paragraph writing is an art. Like other arts, it can also be learnt and mastered by learning some principles and acting upon them. You will have here the most important techniques and principles for writing paragraphs and later essays. They are as follows: 1. Topic Sentence Will : It is advisable to state your point in very first sentence. The point or an idea of a paragraph is called a topic sentence.

Whole the paragraph relates to topic sentence. Make sure all the details are directly relevant to topic sentence? If you add irrelevant details your paragraph is going to be weaker, and weak paragraph does not capture the attention of the examiner. In paragraph, first and last places are very important. It is the first single sentence. It is the heading in a form of a sentence. It must contain one main idea. An effective topic sentence does two things.

First, it provides the topic of a paragraph. For example, if youre writing an essay related to crime, and your first portion of paragraphs is on causes of crimes, then one of your paragraphs may be on unemployment as a cause of crime. Your topic sentence would be: Unemployment is one of the causes behind crime. So in this sentence Unemployment is a topic and is one of the causes behind crime is a writers idea about topic. Remember, your topic is a general idea.

Supporting idea is specific one. This will be described below. Now it is time for supporting the point you have made. To support your point you may provide logical or specific reason, example or experience, etc. Even if you mention one example, that would be enough. Your supporting details should be concise so that your examiner can understand it. This portion would have five to six lines while youre justifying your topic sentence.

CSS Beginners Guide Aamir Mahar Paragraph has main idea, which is general idea and the details which support the general idea topic are specific ones. To write an effective and impressive paragraph, you should understand the general and specific ideas. Do you know that you use general and specific ideas on daily basis? Yes, you do, but you do not know about them. For example: you may say that Unemployment is one of the causes behind crime and after that you go on telling how it causes crime.

So in this example Unemployment is one of the causes behind crime is general idea topic sentence and the causes which you provide are the specific details and strong evidence about topic. Guys, remember that the details in your paragraph clearly relate to and support your topic sentence.

If details are irrelevant, your paragraph is going to lose unity.

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If unity is lost, nothing is in paragraph. For example: if your topic is, Economy of Pakistan is going down day by day so in this topic you should discuss only the reasons of going down of economy with examples, experience, some study etc.

You should not discuss political aspect of Pakistan because topic is economy not politics. If you mix relevant and irrelevant details in your paragraph your paragraph will not be read by anyone.

Concluding Sentence Was : A mere reflection of your topic sentence. It means that it is the restatement of topic sentence. Coherence is basically the flow that you have to maintain in your paragraphs as well as your whole essay. Transitions are words or phrases which show relationships among ideas.

They are like signposts which are installed on roads to show the direction to the travellers. The signposts are installed to facilitate travellers to tell them where to move now. Transitions are like a bridge which connects two roads.

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As bridges connect two roads so is the job of trasitions. They connect two thoughts and direct the reader that writer is connecting another reason with the first or writer is introducing another idea to support the topic. European History by IJ Chawla. Constitutional Law 1.

World Constitutions by Kaeley 2. How States Are Governed 3. Sindhi 1. Sindhi adab jo tanqidi ibheyas by Abdulmajeed Memon 2. Sindhi boli ji mukhtasar tarikh by leghari 3. Sindhi adab jo mukhtasar jaizo by abduljabar junejo. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Sultan Khan Political science 1. Muslim Political Thought by Rosethal Agriculture 1. Yellow pages coming with the Dawn of Monday 3.

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Constitutional and political history of Pakistan by Hamid Khan for postpartition period British History 1. Select Modern Governments by V. Internation Law by S.

K Kapoor 2. International Law by J. Sindhi adab jo mukhtasar jaizo by abduljabar junejo You Find this Article by: Related Interests Pakistan Accounting Business. Sheikh Abdul Rauf. Ghaffar Laghari. Muhammad Naseem. Asad Ullah Khan. Mudassar Nawaz. The CSS Point.

Adnan S Javaid. Muhammad Mubashir Siddiqui. Anonymous M5QiCx. Muhammad Ali Saqib. Rana Mubashar Raza. No Use.

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Agha Zohaib Khan. Aamir Shehzad. More From bestthanever. France Blythe Trance. Zia Ud Din. Production and Domination Afghanistan, Fair Combined Ad No. Shafeeque Memon. Popular in Politics. Edalyn Capili. Matt Sebastian. Shirley Pigott MD. John Petrucelli. Kenan Farrell. Scribd Government Docs. Nathaniel Lepasana. Mikel Carbajo. Husnain Akhter.

Executive Power and the Theory of Its Limits Luke McMahon. Jhenjhen Ganda. Dimitris Temperis. Whitfield Larrabee. Hidden Resource For Development'. Global Financial Integrity. Abraxas Luchenko.