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He grabbed Blackbirds without paying for it. And then bought all my other books. Which is, you might say, a way to ethically share files. Title: Blackbirds Author: Chuck Wendig Publisher: Angry Robot, Formats: Kindle .mobi), ePub .epub), PDF .pdf) Pages: Downloads: Reported Missing - Sarah KB .. The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare Zeroes_ A Novel - Chuck KB.

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Index of /hugoawardnominees/tmp/campbell/Wendig Chuck Wendig -, , K. [ ], Chuck Wendig - The first book in the Miriam Black series: “A sassy, hard-boiled thriller with a paranormal slant” (The Guardian) about a young woman who can see the darkest. New Extracts: Blackbirds, Evil Dark and The Nekropolis Archives of Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig, Evil Dark by Justin Gustainis and The.

Lord Mayor Ellor Machison wields assassins, blood witches, and forbidden magic to assure that his powerful patrons get what they want, no matter the cost. Their grave magic enables them to help souls pass to the After and banish vengeful spirits. When the toll exacted by monsters and brutal guards hits close to home and ghosts expose the hidden sins of powerful men, Corran, Rigan and Kell become targets in a deadly game and face a choice: obey the Guild, or fight back and risk everything. Paris, A student at the Catholic College de Montaigu, serving as a courier for the Inquisition, is murdered by members of an extreme Lutheran sect for the packet of letters he is carrying.

I have to download whiskey. I have this notion. I believe that art has value. I believe that this value is not purely or even necessarily monetary — art and stories make the world go around.

They change the creators and they change the audience. They make us think and feel. They teach us things. They challenge us. The value of art being separate from money does not unfortunately remove the artist from this world of ours, a world that is at times comfortably and other times crassly capitalist.

Not impossible. But it is, at times, a challenge. Meaning, you or someone else downloads my book without paying for it. More on that in a moment. This is about what people see as the relative value of art. File-sharing expresses the value of that art at baseline of almost zero. It takes ridiculously little effort to click a button and tickle the Internet and make it poop out my book onto your respective e-reader. I get a twinge in my gut when you pirate my stuff. A tiny little prison shiv of sadness.

Some of those reasons might not even be terrible.

Fang-tastic Fiction: Chuck Wendig: MIRIAM BLACK SERIES

Maybe you want to stick it to me. Or to my publishers. Or to site. And this is your way of voting with your not-dollar, a splinter in the eye of commercial publishing. And then taking that copy and either using it to shore up a crooked table or, even better, donating it or passing it along to a friend. When the couple accidentally runs into Louis, Ashley decides that he will be their mark.

Miriam doesn't want anything to happen to Louis, but she can't think of a way out of her situation. In the meantime, two killers—Frankie and Harriet—are looking for Ashley, who has stolen something from their mobster boss. The plot takes two paths as it follows Miriam as she tries to save Louis and the killers as they track down Ashley and Miriam, who is now in this up to her neck.

These two story lines are interrupted now and then for pieces of an interview that Miriam is doing at an unknown point in time with a young man whose father's death was foretold by Miriam.

In that interview, she talks about her childhood, with her stern, Mennonite mother, who called her "a sinner, slattern, slut, whatever" when she wanted to read comic books or watch television. Eventually, as Miriam always knew it would, all of these disparate characters come together in a climactic scene in which her vision begins to come true. Late in the story, Miriam has an emotional scene with a psychic that shakes her to the core.

All Miriam wants to know is when she will die, but the fortune teller looks into her soul and sees nothing but death and darkness. This is a terrific beginning for what looks to be a compelling new series.

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Everything about it is fresh and inventive, from the imaginative world-building to the cynical tone and coarse humor, to the well-developed characters, both primary and secondary. Harriet, especially, is a rich character who reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson's character, Jules Winnfield, in the movie, Pulp Fiction —always providing her victims with philosophical soundbites and informative tidbits just before she either kills them or beats them to death.

Wendig's narrative is compelling as the action moves along at a fast pace, sweeping Miriam and her unfortunate acquaintances along to its bitter end.

The humor is dark and sardonic, filled with pop cultural references that liven up the dialogue. I love Miriam, a societal outsider who courageously confronts the world on her own terms while dealing with visions that would drive anyone else to suicide. In Miriam's life, however, even the ordinary becomes a weapon that can be used against her. The story begins as Miriam hits the road again, trying to turn her back on Louis and the seedy trailer park they're living in on the Jersey shore.

Although Louis always catches up with her, she keeps trying to get away from the "normal" life that he's trying to get her to share with him. She knows that she will never be normal, and she's sick of trying. Finally, Louis gives in and finds her a "job" that is right up Miriam's alley—giving a death reading to Katey Wiznewski, a teacher at Caldecott School, a private residential academy for disturbed teenage girls.

Time and time again, Miriam returns to the school to search for more clues even though she has been banned from the grounds and the security guards are on the lookout for her.

Wendig epub chuck blackbirds

That part of the story gets improbable fairly quickly. The plot unwinds violently and rapidly as Miriam gets closer and closer to unmasking the killer, but just when she thinks she's wrapped things up, the whole situation takes an ugly and dangerous turn. Just as in book 1, birds play mystical roles.

Wendig blackbirds epub chuck

This time, the plot revolves around talking ravens and crows, swallow tattoos , and, of course, the titular mockingbird. This story is much less effective than the previous one. The plot follows a Horror path, with sociopathic, one-dimensional villains who are easy to spot early on. The relationship between Miriam and Louis is difficult to understand.

Louis is supposed to be a long-distance trucker—on the road several weeks out of every month, but he somehow manages always to be there just in the nick of time to save Miriam's life.

He seems to care for her and vice versa but they rarely have much of consequence to say to one another.

I have to say that I'm disappointed in this second book, particularly after the great character building and compelling action of book 1. If you like reading standard horror fiction, though, you might enjoy this one. Book 3 drops us directly into the action and never slows down for a moment.


As the story opens, Miriam has been kidnapped by a man and a woman who claim to be FBI agents. After Miriam is kicked out of her Philly apartment, she heads for the Florida Keys to find a man who offers to pay her big bucks for telling him when and how he will die. Her experience with that man actually kicks off the primary plot because the client is not who or what he seems and because Miriam's every action after that point leads her into a labyrinth of hellish pathways that grow more and more dangerous.

I love Wendig's raw and bitter descriptions of Miriam. Miriam, she stands there on a street corner—the smells of cheesesteaks, cigarettes, and anger washing over her.

It happens eventually. Apparently, Miriam will have a partner maybe two for that trip, which may or may not be a good thing.