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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Beth Kery loves reading, writing and cover image of Because You Are Mine: The Complete Novel. Beth Kery - Battles of the Sidhe 01 - Fairy Beth Kery - Because You Are Mine - Since I Saw Beth Kery - Because You Are. Titles by Beth Kery MAKE ME PART 1: MAKE ME FORGET MAKE ME PART 2: GLIMMER GLOW Because You Are Mine Series BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE.

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Kenner and Maya Banks. This is the second in Beth Kery's One Night of Passion series about a group of connected characters who each begin their romance with a night of impulsive, steamy sex John Corcoran loved the isolation of the Shawnee National Forest. Isolation is what movie star Jennifer Turner craved too, an escape that only a weekend away from Hollywood could provide. Yesterday, they were strangers - until a fateful acciden throws them together and plunges them into darkness. For Jennifer it is as unnerving as the night itself, trapped in such close quarters with a man as mysterious as John. He is alpha: bold, rough, and masculine, but with a scent she finds intoxicating.

Fielding says is true, the logical part of his brain reasserted itself. Did he believe that he'd successfully buried weak, ineffective Jake Tharp and had evolved into an independent, utterly self-reliant man? Yes, he did. Or at least he had. There was no telling what Harper would do with those volatile memories.

How much did she remember, and when, exactly had she begun to recall? Or had she remembered all along, and knowingly reinserted herself into his life in order to get an inside position for this story?

Most of him thought that idea was paranoid and ridiculous. The tiny remainder that doubted only added a small, but rich vein of fuel to his unrest. Something told him everything was about to blow up in face: He'd been wrong to think he could handle getting involved with her. The only chance he had of keeping them both safe was to convince her that the only future they had together was to leave the past where it belonged.

If he couldn't accomplish that. It was time to seriously consider the bleak possibility that he might have to cut all ties with the only woman he'd ever loved. With the only woman he strongly suspected he'd ever be able to love.

Elizabeth had gone through the protocol with her that morning on how to enter and exit the Lattice compound. Clarence, the stocky, friendly security guard who had spoken to Jacob from the woods on the first night she'd come to the mansion, was called in to enter Harper's fingerprints and record her speaking into a voice recognition system.

Upon Jacob's orders, Elizabeth had also instructed Jim to drive Harper to work that morning and pick her up again in the evening. When Jim picked her up after work, he started to take her directly to the mansion, but Harper stopped him. Jim glanced back uneasily. I don't want to have to bother you about running me around. I'm pretty used to getting around on my own, you know.

Her car was a tangible means to come and go as she pleased. Today's meeting with Burt had stunned her. It was always hard for her to get a good perspective on Jacob, but after that meeting with Burt, everything had gotten worse. She got downright dizzy every time she tried to focus on what Jacob's guardedness meant. When she tried to puzzle out who Jacob was. What Burt had uncovered about Regina Morrow was shocking, but at least it made some sense, given the little Jacob had told her about Clint Jefferies taking advantage of Regina and hurting her.

If Burt was correct in his suspicion about the nature of that party at Jefferies's, didn't that mean Regina had been a prostitute? How had Jacob known her? And had he been in love with Regina Morrow at the time he'd found her intoxicated and bruised up at his mentor's party? It felt disorienting, entering the mansion that evening with no one there to greet her.

In fact, a strange, surreal quality had settled on her consciousness ever since she'd seen those typed words on that report this morning. West Virginia. She had so many questions to ask Jacob, but knew she couldn't. She felt blocked at every turn.

Laisse-moi te désirer (Because You Are Mine, #2) Beth Kery

For one, she couldn't reveal that she'd been consulting with one of her reporters today in regard to a story about him. He'd think she'd betrayed him. Two, he'd made it very clear that his past was off-limits in their personal relationship. She'd spoken with him briefly on the phone earlier at work, and he'd told her where to find him when she returned to the mansion.

She traveled through the enormous house like a sleepwalker, passing the familiar entrance to Jacob's bedroom suite and continuing down the hall. She rapped softly on a pinewood door. Harper entered. Elizabeth's portion of the office was large and airy. She had her own spectacular view of the lake and pine-covered mountains. Jacob's assistant sat behind her desk, her demeanor striking Harper as contained, but tense.

Harper suspected it was her own presence in Jacob's private offices that made Elizabeth that way. Elizabeth continued to be polite and highly efficient in regard to Harper, but Harper still sensed her caution and a hint of disapproval. Harper heard Jacob's distant, deep voice. Elizabeth held open the door for her.

It was an enormous space. Three of the walls consisted of book-lined shelves, while the fourth was floor-to-ceiling windows and doors with the spectacular view of Lake Tahoe through them. Jacob's large, L-shaped desk was situated to the right of the room, so that he could easily look out at the panoramic view as he worked. He sat behind the desk. Harper was immediately aware of his stare on her as she walked into the room. Elizabeth closed the door behind her. Harper walked toward him, gazing about the handsome, incredible room.

His appearance struck her as new and magnificent in that moment. Yet he was achingly familiar. He was so big and tall. Somehow, his sense of graceful power struck her as miraculous.

His expression was impassive, but his eyes shone with feeling as he regarded her. She swallowed back a lump in her throat. He walked around his desk and rested his butt at the corner of it. When he held out his arms to her, her dazed, strange state fractured for a moment.

She stepped between his legs, warmth thawing her when he wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her against him. Without saying a word, his mouth fastened on hers.

His firm, hot kiss further scattered her disorientation. Her arms snaked around his waist. How was it possible to be dazed and confused logically, when her senses grew so sharp and brilliant beneath his touch?

He smoothed back her hair with one hand, cupping the side of her head, and sealed their deep kiss. He continued to nibble hungrily at her lips. His sharp gaze moved over her face. He slid his butt a few inches off the desk, his feet planted firmly on the floor, and pulled her more tightly between his legs.

The bright evening light off the lake made his agate eyes seem to glow. His hands lowered to her ass. He caught her to him and deepened their kiss, pressing her against him tightly in a way that made it clear to her just how much he'd missed her. This time when he sealed their kiss, he straightened and stepped away from her. Harper tried to contain her disappointment as she watched him walk around his desk.

Her gaze dropped down over his lean, powerful body. Despite both her reanimated and new doubts, her desire for him was cutting as it'd ever been.

Possibly even sharper. He lifted an envelope from his desk and handed it to her. Harper took it with a questioning look, but he merely gestured that she should look for herself. She unfolded several pieces of paper. They were lab reports and a written note from Dr. Her mouth fell open at the moonlit vision of his gleaming, muscular back, powerful, long legs, and a mouthwatering ass.

God, he was beautiful. Was it any wonder she'd been so uncharacteristically impulsive? He opened a cupboard, his actions once again unhurried and controlled.

He turned toward her and she saw he held two towels in his hand. I have a conference in the morning. I needed it first thing," she replied, covering her body. He, on the other hand, didn't bother to hide his nakedness.

He used the towel to briskly dry himself with one hand. To hide her confusion, she busied herself with fastening the towel above her breasts. Or do you want to stay the night? This time she couldn't stop herself from laughing. He really was something. So cool and intimidating one moment and yet so self-deprecating the next. She warmed even more when his low chuckle twined with her own. Very satisfied, in fact. Very curious about what other secrets you hold, what other mysteries you might unlock in my body with the ease of a master thief.

She pushed the incendiary thought aside. A cool breeze rippled over her damp skin.

Mine beth kery epub are because you

The rush of humor and warmth had suddenly abandoned her. I really should be going. It's an early morning for me. In his absence, she scurried to find her clothing. By the time he'd returned, she'd donned her socks, underwear, and pants, and was fastening her bra. It was as if with every garment of clothing she put on, the unreality of what'd just happened grew greater.

She glanced up self-consciously when he returned, her clutch purse looking tiny in his big hand. She was glad for the cloak of semidarkness. He bent down and retrieved her shirt. She shoved it over her head. He stepped closer, and she froze. If you let me.

What's the harm in that? She saw his brow furrow. That you want me? She jammed her foot into one of her shoes.

Captured by You by Beth Kery

I was told by someone that you usually don't. She hid her eye roll by looking down while she put on her other shoe. He didn't want to take her to dinner and a movie, for Christ's sake.

He wanted her for the purpose of exchanging single-minded pleasure.

Mine epub you are because beth kery

Which sounded pretty damn exciting at the moment. The thought of his rigid face and bulging arms as he'd made both of them come a moment ago flashed into her mind's eye, stealing her breath.

He'd stepped closer. She realized he'd calmly extended his arm, handing her the clutch. She swallowed thickly and reached for it. His voice just now had sounded beguiling.

She didn't want him to kiss her again. She didn't want to give in to a powerful urge to kiss him. This whole situation was already murky and confusing enough without adding more of the intoxication of his mouth and touch into a serious decision.

She glanced back at him. His face looked shadowed from this angle. Had she offended him? Good night," she repeated, feeling foolish. He didn't reply. She flew down the stairs to the moonlit beach, highly aware of his stare on her back. Maybe it was her imagination-because she refused to look back to confirm it-but she had the distinct impression he watched her for her entire trip home.

The thought kept reoccurring in his head as he lay in his bed later, moonlight spilling into his suite and onto his naked body. He'd already masturbated again, a fact that didn't surprise him at all.

He'd screwed up out there. That was a simple, unavoidable reality.

When I'm With You series by Beth Kery EPUB

The wise choice would be to avoid Harper altogether. If he couldn't see fit to be wise and restrain himself-which apparently, he couldn't-then his other choice would be to possess her completely.

Instead, he'd acted like an impulsive, clumsy teenager, getting so turned on by the feeling of her wet, supple body and the taste of her sweet mouth beneath his, he'd jerked off on her. He grimaced at the exciting, embarrassing memory.

He'd given her the wrong impression of him. Or had he? Was that yearning, desperate kid really still alive in him? Jacob didn't think so. But still. It wasn't the first time in his life that he'd thought Harper McFadden was worth the complication.

It probably wouldn't be the last. In the case of himself-Jacob-the complication was risking his exposure. His shame. His weakness.

For Jake Tharp, the stakes of getting involved with Harper had been even greater. In helping that girl so many years ago, Jake had risked nothing less than his own life. His uncle, Emmitt Tharp, ran one of the largest dogfighting and gambling operations in the Appalachians.

Emmitt's run-down house, barns, dog cages, and fighting rings were well hidden in the mountains and forest from the police. There was no fight scheduled tonight, though; no dozens or hundreds of loud, drunk men arriving in their pickups or with the boat service Emmitt provided, which dropped off gamblers at nearby Shaker's Landing.

The dogs had been alerted to something-or someone-on the property, though. Jake sat up on the thin mattress when he heard Jarvis, one of their more aggressive dogs, bawl extra loud.

Maybe the mountain lion that had prowled around the dog pens last summer had returned? If so, it'd be best to leave dealing with it up to Emmitt. Jake hated his uncle, and feared him more than anything he could imagine, but one thing was certain: Emmitt could handle a mountain lion.

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Emmitt Tharp was as lean, mean, and strong as the bred killers bawling right now out in the pens. Word had it that Jake's father, Emmitt's older brother Marcus, had been even taller and stronger than Emmitt, a rumor that fascinated Jake. He still doubted it, though.

Emmitt was brutal, but he was still the most physically intimidating, fastest, and fearless man Jake had ever known. His uncle was probably already shaking off his nightly whiskey drunk and reaching for his shotgun at this very moment.

But Jake heard no sounds emanating from the direction of the living room, where Emmitt usually passed out every night in front of the television. His uncle must have really overdone it this time. Jake usually made himself scarce once the bottle left the cabinet at around four o'clock every afternoon. Hell, he made himself as invisible as possible from Emmitt all the time. Earlier that afternoon, he'd tried to make an escape to the cave to avoid his yelling and his heavy hand for a few blessed hours.

Emmitt had been unusually aware today, however, grabbing Jake by the too-long hair at his nape when he'd tried to slink silently out the back door.

I'm starting to think you're a little faggot. Probably dolls you're playing with out in them woods," his uncle had said around a wet, sagging cigar. This was a new bullying theme Emmitt had taken a liking to since Jake turned thirteen: Using his hold on Jake's hair, Emmitt shoved all eighty-three pounds of him.

Jake flew across the worn wood floor of the living room, landing with a thud against the wall. He scrambled to his feet quickly, ignoring his pain, so that Emmitt wouldn't find him in that vulnerable position.

Jake prayed daily for a bigger, stronger body so that he could start to defend himself against his uncle. He'd be weak and helpless forever. If you do, I'll make you sorry. You know I will. She's done for. Only use she has is to train the other dogs on her.