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The White Magic Book book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. A mysterious book with a mysterious past, first published in , Th. Free white magic spells are always a must-have for any new witch, and you can find them for pretty much anything. This section is dedicated to white magic, but. White magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for selfless In his book, A History of White Magic, recognised occult author Gareth Knight traces the origins of white magic to early adaptations of.

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A mysterious book with a mysterious past, first published in , The White Magic Book serves up answers to life's daily questions. "This book," Farber writes in. The White Magic Spell Book eBook: Deran Gray: Kindle Store. - White magic is anything which induces positive energies and results. Most of Wicca magic is White Magic for instance, and so are a wealth of.

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You will receive remarkably vivid dreams imparting vital information. A mysterious stranger may appear in your life, only to disappear just as quickly - but only after something remarkably uncanny has happened. The Old Ones will protect you every day of you life.

Amongst them is the all-nurturing ancient Great Earth Mother who fulfils the needs of all those who turn to Her! A young woman turned to the Earth Mother and a stranger pressed a piece of paper into her hand which changed her life for ever. She performed the Gold-Creating spell and now lives a life of luxury and ease. A young man saw violent death was beckoning - but the Old Ones intervened.

He has since prospered. Scorpio who had found both love and wealth through working the spells of the Old Ones, has decided to spend his life teaching the Secret to others, instead of keeping it to himself as others have done.

Sharing something so good brings its own pleasure. The latter enables the reader to mysteriously and inexplicably receive gifts of jewels! Strange and Bizarre - but Scorpio presents the proof in his book!

The White Magic Book

Chapter 4 explains how the mysterious power of the Old Ones operates in the lives of those who believe. Read the story of Justin F. Destitute Cathy C. Scorpio relates the story of a witch whose rituals failed her - but was astounded by the power of the Old Ones.

Another woman used her knowledge of the Old Ones to help her husband make a killing on the stock market. The book also reveals the Volcanic Partner-Enslaving Ritual to make he or she your love slave.

The sensuous You-Are-Mine Ritual has a powerful effect! Learn more about the Guardians of Human Emotions who will comfort you when it's most needed. These love rituals work wonders. A man, 48, still with his parents, felt handicapped by his slight deafness. He was astonished by the effects of the Women-Notice-Me ritual.

Nothing had ever worked for him previously! His full story is in the book. You are shown how to involve the Guardians of Health not intended as a substitute for medical help, but to be used in conjunction with same , to restore well being; and how to deal with people who are holding you back. For Jane D. That's when she discovered the power of the Old Ones.

She felt young again, romance blossomed, and her health improved. David H. The Old Ones took care of his problem. Blast her enemies. They've never returned. In the first place, initiation has an informal character , but it can be also of formal character in the sense, that there is some official ceremony, where an adept is formally initiated by his master and becomes for example a voodoo priest or a lama.

But, in order to have this ceremony, an adept has to go through informal training and informal testing or probation. This informal training means having to go through tasks, which should A. After that, we have these levels of initiation:.

Mastering one's thoughts and emotions. Ability to stay in thoughtless awareness. Ability to achieve trance. Consciously moving in to the level of dreams of normal people. Consciously moving in to the level of deep sleep of normal people and bringing back some information. Consciously moving in to the level where reside the dead people and bringing back some information or knowledge. In reaching the higher levels of initiation, there is also a degree of higher ability to communicate with beings from other worlds.

It is about having the above mentioned higher abilities and mastering the ability to invoke and evoke different entities. Is he strong or not? Does the financial loss or death of a close person bring him down, or is he able to calmly go through the situation and try to find a solution?? This process can take several months, or many years. If the student is ready to do the exercises and follow instructions, everything goes faster.

Besides following the master's instructions, the process is also very much influenced by the ability of the student: Is the student sensitive enough to communicate with the immaterial world?

Then, the student is not ready. Tasks and tests are focused on the student's problematic areas. It is very individual.

If for example, a student has a financial problem, his tasks will be in the area of money. Everyone has something, that has to be improved and mastered. It is not better or worse, it is different. This is similar to a sport. If someone wants to be a perfect gymnast, he has to work at the same time on his power and flexibility. Even if these two things seem to work against each other. The same principle applies to Magic. Someone asks you a question: Someone with perfect genetics and training can do that within 2- 3 years.

Someone else will need a longer period of time and yet someone else won't achieve this goal at all and he will just run for fun. Every possibility is ok. The same applies in Magic!!!

Does a student care about his energy? Does she work on knowing herself? Does he read the spiritual books? How good is their karma? Did he achieve some level of initiation in his previous lifetimes? Does he remember any his previous lives?

Or does he just perform evocations without proper training and then, end up possessed or depressed? Another factor is motivation. In the above example of the marathon, someone can have perfect genetic predisposition, but if she doesn't care about running, she won't use this potential.

Without proper training, she will run just for fun and her performance will be average. Likewise, in Magic, someone can have the best karma and all the qualities to be a Mage, but if she doesn't want it and she wants to live normal life, have a family, and so on, then she will have that life. No one will force her to do otherwise. Training in Magic has to be always connected with a spiritual training, otherwise it won't have desired effect.

In some cases, the magical training can be speeded up.

An example of this is Lobsang Rampa. His training was accelerated, because he had certain prerequisites, which allowed this to happen. It was clear, that he was able to do it. For example, if a strong magician at a high level of initiation dies, he can be a strong magician again in his next life at the age of 10 perhaps, with all his abilities and powers. This soul won't need any master to teach him or to approve him, any initiation.

Book white magic

The initiation as a ceremony only has the minor importance. The most important are real abilities: Are they able to invoke and evoke entities? The name for these abilities, the title is not important. The ceremony is just a visible result of something, that already is. Because the real Magician possess certain abilities, energy and knowledge.

Only these things make him a real Magician, nothing else. The ceremony can also be performed in a way, that during a ritual, a certain Deity is invoked and the adept communicates in front of others with this Deity and gives others a message from this Deity. In this way, the ceremony can also be useful for others, as they will receive a message and they will be blessed with energy and knowledge.

For example, if someone consciously enters the astral plane, it doesn't mean, he is immediately a voodoo priest. Maybe his Master sent him energy, in order to motivate him to exercise further, so that one day, he is able to do it alone, with his own energy and will. So, if a student does something for the first time, it doesn't mean much, because this is not enough. It is real.

Just continue your training. Some tests can also be formal if the Master wants to show something, to hold a mirror to his student. But these tests don't have the same effect or consequences as the informal probations.

The tests are individual and depend solely on the situation of the student in question. The example of a formal test can be to lock a student in a coffin with a snake. For magical training, it is important to meet in person. Many magicians and different cultures and traditions use drugs as a means to enter the astral plane for example cocaine, mushrooms, cannabis or hashish….

Some masters use these drugs in order to help students to enter the astral plane. On the other hand, these students had to be ready to enter, so that they could understand things and receive energies.

Drugs cannot help students to understand things on the astral plane properly, in fact, they can prevent him from understanding messages and are useless, because the student, who is not able to enter the astral plane with his own power, is not able to influence things there, get information he needs and move to the places of his interest.

Instead of drugs, we recommend breathing exercises and meditations. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. The White Magic master speaks with higher spiritual masters, deities and angels in order to lead the world and the people to the higher balance, knowledge and self-awareness.

When you wish for something, and your wish is fulfilled, the fulfillment will change you. So, be careful what you wish for, because it could come true! White Magic and spirituality are ways of self- enlightenment, self- recognition and wisdom.

White Magic and spirituality are ways to get equability, health and joy.

Book white magic

This Meditation will lead you to inner peace and place above time and space. Enjoy your life! Haven't you found what you were looking for?

We invite you to search also on our other Websites. Find balance, peace and new impulse in our magic office. Find the answers to your questions, our individual counselling will help you to take the right decision.

This flow can be created and consciously directed through the Magical Work. Magic can be learned, and world can be influenced. We should keep always in mind, that Magic influences not only world around us, but it also influences us.

Because the first and the strongest impulse for magic is created inside of the Mage. Therefore, we should not just try to blindly fulfil all the desires we feel inside of us! First of all, we should forever strive to increase our personal wisdom and inner morality, so that we are able to create only things, which support us and not something that will go against us.

Page navigation: Do you have a question concerning magic? Or do you need a help? Contact us here! Healing Rituals. Love Magic Rituals. Protection Rituals. Magic with Puppets.

Money Rituals. White Magic: Saturday, Saturn: Helps separate from people, habits and is good for endurance: Intuition, family, relationships, changes, spirituality.

Gives power to overcome obstacles, also accidents, it helps in making fast decisions. Communication and the power to convince, perfect to help with exams. For welfare through so-called lucky chances, for acute lack of money and justice. Love magic, harmony, enjoyment, romantic passion, delight, art and beauty. If you work on yourself, one day you will certainly gain, what you're looking for.

Or, maybe, you won't. Maybe you will gain something much greater than that! White Magic To reach a goal White Magic is not a profession but a mission.

This topic is explained in detail in the following books: What you think today, you become tomorrow. Invocation and evocation are magical processes, which connect the conscious mind and personality of a Mage with "something" or "someone" from the outside.

A Treatise on White Magic: The Way of the Disciple

We can call this "something" or "someone" a spirit, a deity, an entity, or also an energy form or an information with awareness.

The effect is the same. This connection transforms our consciousness and brings new information, awareness or knowledge. This is a procedure a ritual, spell or prayer , which calls and draws energies into one's own body.

A mage tries to unify with certain energies. This can be seen for example in Voodoo ceremonies, during which certain deities or spirits enter the body of people. For example in India, during religious ceremonies, names of Shiva or Krishna are recited aloud. Or in magic, a mage recites prayers to Gods, performs certain rituals and uses the analogy to make the invocation stronger.

Invocation is more suitable for beginners. There are several ways of invocation: More complex, along with previous activities, a mage performs certain magical techniques, during which, through the strong concentration, the consciousness of the mage merges with the chosen entity and they are in resonance, in harmony. This process is very similar to possession. Thus it is useful to invite to the invocation another person, who can communicate and record the conversations with deity.

To make this happen, a mage usually uses certain tools for protection, like a magical circle, candles, mantras or prayers. The entity, or demon, comes to the certain place, which is always outside of the magical circle. By the evocation, a mage can hear some cracking sounds and then a kind of fog appears, in which the entity manifests and takes a shape. So, if someone wants to call negative entities, he should use evocation.

It is not safe to invocate them, because they will possess the body of the mage and in order to gain oneself back, exorcism will be needed.

Certain steps need to be performed for successful evocation. At the beginning, before the evocation, a mage has to prepare everything in advance. At the end of the evocation, it is necessary to thank the entity for coming, say goodbye and return the entity to the sphere, where it came from. During evocation it is necessary to make the immaterial entity visible. So, this technique is very energy demanding. Therefore, most mages prefer invocation.

Evocation can be also be dangerous, so one has to carefully follow basic safety rules. Many modern mages use astral travels for communicating with entities.

This problem comes from the fact that we are strongly influenced by our own unconsciousness. Rhythmic breathing helps a mage to inhale more oxygen and to obtain more energy than usual. This way, one can achieve a light trance state and the communication with the immaterial world is easier. White Magic Altar and Ritual You should keep yourself to yourself during magical practice! The White Mage, who works with analogies, works with the fact that like attracts like.

The reality is made up of our materialized desires. One can achieve a lot with targeted wishes, but sometimes a little bit of time is necessary. A wish is the power of thoughts. Thoughts leads to the activity. Activity leads to the reality. When a white mage changes his consciousness, the reality changes.

Dymocks - (ebook) White-Magic Book, eBook ()

You also practice magical rituals in your day-to-day life, but you just haven't noticed it yet. For example, we practice negative rituals every day, like complaining about work or politics, getting angry by watching the news on TV, cursing out the red lights while we're driving. Positive examples are evening prayers or meditation before bedtime.

God and his messengers angels, gurus and our soul.