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What are contracts in WCF? The main components of WCF are; ServiceContract - This attribute is used to define the Interface. OperationContract - This attribute. Chapter 7: WPF Interview Questions And Answers. – with LINQ, WCF, MVC & managing IT/Web applications. NET /3x/, WCF, MVC (Razor). WPF is the latest presentation API by Microsoft Windows. It is 2D Mathematics Interview Question · WCF Interview Questions Top 70 WPF Interview Questions & Answers All the common user controls. .. Download PDF.

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Wpf interview Question Answer - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read WCF, WPF, Silver Light, LINQ, Azure and EF Interview Questions. with the good pay 20 Best Advanced WPF Interview Questions and answers. Frequently asked WPF interview questions What are the various ways of hosting a WCF service? There are three major ways to host a WCF service; Self hosting the service in his own application domain.

SumInt and SumDouble. Important Note: Remember that during a technical Interview, interviewer always ask about the latest feature of that particular technology, so be prepare for it also. For latest features series on Windows Communication Foundation v4. Explain each of them briefly. In this pattern, a response message will always be generated to consumer when the operation is called, even with the void return type. In this scenario void return type , response will have empty SOAP body. One Way In some cases, we are interested to send a message to service in order to execute certain business functionality but not interested in receiving anything back.

PropertyChanged: - In this setting data is updated as soon as the value is changed.

LostFocus: - In this setting data is updated as soon as lost focus event occurs. Explicit: - In this setting the data is updated manually. In other words to update data between two WPF object you need to call the below code. GetBindingExpression TextBox.

TextProperty ; binding. In other words when lostfocus or property change event happen on the target it makes a PULL to the source to get the latest data. In simple words the source sends a notification to the target WPF object that data has changed in the source and he should refresh himself with the fresh data.

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But when data flows from source to UI or vice-versa using these bindings we need to convert data from one format to other format. In simple words we need to do data transformation. Explain multi binding and multivalue converters in WPF? This single string will be displayed in the third textbox.

Attached property are again dependency property in WPF. These are used to extend the functionality of a control. These are analogous to extension methods in C. They can be used to receive a notification of a change of them self since they are a type of Dependency Property but one of the differences that these properties have is that they are not defined in the same class they used, unlike DPs.

Give an example of attached property in WPF framework?

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Row and Grid. Column are good example of Attached property in WPF. You can read more about attached property in this article.

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What are markup extensions? The UI is not tightly coupled to code. The code is more easily unit testable as we can create the unit tests on the methods.

The controls can be easily customized, thanks to the power of XAML. What are different type of binding modes present in WPF? You can learn more about binding in this article. What is a style in WPF? Styles help us to define a custom look to the control in WPF. You can read more about styles in this article. What are different types of styles present in WPF?

What is a template in WPF? Each and every control in WPF cmoes with default template. Moreover we can also change the default behavior of the control. What are different types of templates present in WPF? You can read more about them in this article.

Can I create a control template for TextBox control? What are most commonly used interfaces in WPF? This interface is used to notify the UI. Since the UI and model in decoupled in MVVM design pattern, this interface implementation provides an event named PropertyChanged which is raised when the property values in changed.

What are different types of panels in WPF? It helps in the development of WPF application where designer and developer can work independently. You can read more about MVVM design pattern in this article.

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Attached properties are based on which design pattern? Attached properties are based on the decorator design pattern. You can read more about IValueConvertor in this article. What is difference between ItemTemplate and DataTemplate?

What is a content control in WPF? What are different type of routed events in WPF? Routed events are special types of events provided in WPF. There are basically three type of routed events in WPF.

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They are Direct Events, Bubble events, and Tunnel events.