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Also, the WI website has free pdf downloads of most of Chris Peers http://www. Wargames Illustrated - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Wargames in WI on the 'Like a Stonewall meanwhile. wargames illustrated pdf Darkfast Classic Fantasy Bonus Set Four: Fae Is Fowl gives you six quirky Old School Classic Fantasy themed miniature figures.

White Dwarf is of course Games Workshops inhouse magazine and only features articles and models for GW's systems. Wargames Illustrated is a historical wargames mag and rarely has any fantasy or sci-fi content, but covres a range of manufacturers and systems. The two mags come at very different times as well, Wargames Illustrated comes to me earlier than release date around the 21st of the month and White Dwarf shows up around 2 weeks later when we are into the next month. I don't actually mind this as it means I'm never more than 2 and a half weeks away from a new gaming fix. This month we have the Necron issue to conincide with the new Necron codex. For the necrons you get a breif history, design notes, painting ideas and a battle report. All expected and fine, I've never been massivly interested in Necrons, but I can't really fault them for covering the big release of the month.

You get an orange base plate that acts as the board, enough pieces to make the monster and the monsters cave, and then a bunch of pieces that act as the tiles for the game.

The objective of the game is to cross the lava pit the orange board defeat the monster and claim the ancient treasure. This is achived by rolling the dice and the either placing a coloured tile that you can walk across the lava on, attacking another player with a bat or moving the fire barrier, depending on what you rolled.

There is also one side of the dice that allows you to place any colour tile or to make a bat attack. You can only move along the clour tile you rolled, but can move as far as you like along that colour.

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There's actually quite a lot of decisions to make in tile placement and who to attack, escpeically when you get the 'choice' side of the dice. The game also changes towards the end as when all the tiles are placed you get to remove tiles and replace them, which again gives you a lot of options. There is a lot of luck here as well, and its simple enough that anyone could play, but as a group of experienced gamers we found it had enough decisions and fun to keep us interested.

The games last around mins as well which is a good time slot. As mentioned earlier the game comes with some suggested extra rules, which include placing tiles on top of each other in an upwords manner and one where you get to move the monster out of the cave and attack poeple with it. As always, The Holy Rule of 5 applies, with each Success being a hit.

The target unit rolls one Cover Dice per hit, the type of the cover dice depending on the terrain they are in, although they can Go To Ground and gain an extra dice.

Illustrated 292 pdf wargames

However, you do have to take a Stress Token for doing so. Every roll beyond The Holy Rule removes one hit and the remaining hits result in a casualty for that unit.

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There is a chance that any Characters with the unit may also become casualties, which is again resolved by the roll of a dice. Otherwise, it is the rank and file who drop to the ground, never to rise again. Up Close And Personal Melee or close combat follows a similar process to shooting in the first instance but the success results are then compared to a chart. If both sides get the same number of hits, each unit gets a Stress Token and the defender flees, if one side causes one more hit the losers take a casualty and flee, with both units taking a Stress Token, etc.

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So, the more hits you inflict on the enemy, the worse it gets for him and the less impact it has upon you with regard to Stress Tokens. Melee is pretty brutal as a consequence and it is worth attacking the enemy with more than one unit if possible, especially if they have a character in the unit. As an aside, it is also quite characterful — in the game we played, Alex decided that a unit of attacking cannibals, having won a round, then paused to consume parts of a fallen bearer, thereby ensuring that the explorer unit were deserving of their fleeing the horrific scene!

Each unit can have up to four Stress Tokens at a time. If a unit ends up with more than four tokens, it must either Flee! If a unit cannot Flee!

292 wargames pdf illustrated

A token is taken at random from a bag or similar opaque container and then the effects of that particular token are applied to that unit for as long as it is in play. These can be minuses on your Movement, Shooting or Melee dice but can also be the Mask! Terror tests come from Totem cards or as a result of events. To remove Stress tokens, you roll as many die as you have tokens plus any extra die for having a relevant Totem card or a Character figure.

Pdf wargames illustrated 292

Each success removes one token. Terror tokens are removed in the same way. As you can see, Stress and Terror tokens have a major effect upon a unit and the faction being gamed overall, hence the reason that the Totem cards come into use fairly often.

Wargames illustrated 292 pdf

Spirit Animals In addition to the three order cards drawn per turn, you also have one Totem card. Each particular Totem animal provides a different opportunity during the game. Totem cards do NOT have to be used during the course of the turn during which they are drawn, allowing you to build up a series of cards for when you really might need them.

However, once played, they are discarded and placed back in the pack for re-use. The Totem cards are a great tool for bringing another element of chance into the game and are a great way to disrupt the plans of your opponent, which is always fun!

Retire To Camp For Tea Although I have tried to give the facts behind the rules, it is perhaps worth mentioning that I really enjoyed every aspect of the game we played. The actual gameplay was fast and the rules very easy to pick up, with the use of cards adding a whole additional layer of possibility. During our game, we tried to play in a suitable style, with even the cannibals charging into contact to the sound of niama, niama meat, meat , as observed by Henry Stanley during his mission to find Dr.

Although one could simply play the game as a battle, the addition of a chosen scenario really helps to create a suitable tale of derring-do, horror and adventure.