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Editorial Reviews. Review. As we seek solutions to the frequently complex biomechanical puzzles posed by those who consult us, Tom Myers' insight into the. By Tom Myers, soft tissue practitioner. Some readers may be familiar with the Anatomy Trains Myofascial. Meridians idea. Briefly, all our muscles have been. 1. The Core - The Deep Front Line. Webinar in association with Ben Benjamin by Tom Myers,. Author of Anatomy. Trains. Director, Kinesis. “Where you think it is.

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By Thomas Myers. The shoulder is the main support for the body weight in compression for most quadrupeds (A) and the main support in tension for arboreal. the beautiful cover picture for our 3rd edition is of one of our talented teachers, Karin Gurtner. Karin runs art of motion and, in line with tom Myers Anatomy trains, . A simple Google® search of Anatomy Trains now website, musicmarkup.infoy trains. com, The deeper premise underlying the Maine Thomas W. Myers book, .

Thomas W. Myers Reviews As we seek solutions to the frequently complex biomechanical puzzles posed by those who consult us, Tom Myers' insight into the fascial networks of the body can often point to practical therapeutic options. The Anatomy Trains metaphor is a revelation; a way of seeing the body's interconnectedness more clearly, offering new physiological and anatomical perspectives, and therefore different clinical choices. Quite simply the content of this book is revolutionary. Anatomy Trains champions a wider scope of the body and its movement systems. Readers will gain insight into both basic and clinical research issues, how the science could influence clinical practice, and vice versa.

Illustration by Andrew Mannie More importantly. This is one of biomechanical stress many models available via http: Some Final Notes researchers are working with model- and emphasizes helical spirals as hatever recipe is used. Anatomy bones like a approach to the unfolding Trains. He teaches work- more accessible and aca- support the shops internationally on anatomy.

Scientific Evidence for the Anatomy Trains - Myofascial Continuities

The Architecture of process to anyone interested in the Life. One offers support to athletic training. SI is compatible with actually creating tensegrity models most approaches to the body and in our own image and likeness. More around these fascial continuities.

Anatomy Trains 3rd Edition Book & Posters

He tensegrity of the SI process — both lives. Jan The arms have always is also very similar to what Ed gotten short shrift in the Rolf series.

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Intension Designs. His book. I look forward the combined tant for successful training. Taken as a dent of SI should scope whole. Used with kind permission. I try as the basis for living systems can unhesitatingly recommend the SI have appeared in the scientific jour- nals Ingber.

Scientific American.

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Anatomy Trains 3rd ed. Posters

International Association of Structural Integrators. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jane Johnson Postural Assessment. Hands-On Guides for Therapists. Tensegrity tensional integrity Anatomy Trains Myofacial Meridians.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes. Donald A. Neumann-Kinesiology of the Musculoskeletal System. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Documents Similar To Anatomy-Trains. Silvia Victoria Savaro. Mircea Pinzaru. Elin Taopan. Smaranda Mihai. Keith Wassung. Jason Tutt. Huib Salomons. Rita Chimienti. Mimi Avec Mara. Alexandre de Oliveira. Sekar Ciptaningrum. Raisa M Tapia. Francisco Javier Luza Ramos.

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It even makes studying functional anatomy enjoyable. Dr Andry Vleeming, Professor of Clinical Anatomy, co-editor of Movement, Stability and Lumbopelvic Pain The beauty of Tom Myers' work is that it is as useful for a wide range of bodyworkers, from movement or energy therapists to manipulative manual specialists, rather than simply demonstrating rote techniques, Anatomy Trains provides a deep understanding of strain patterns in the body to enable creative and effective solutions for the issues we encounter in a bodywork practice.

Art Riggs, Certified Advanced Rolfer Our field is fortunate to have the talent and skill of Tom Myers and his ability to articulate his findings. His study, discoveries and syntheses are clearly defined and easily applicable for anyone who works with the body. His documentation of the body's structure and function containing spiral pathways inspire people to rethink the idea of 'straight line' movement.

Judith Aston, M. Somatic Pioneer teaching bodywork, movement, and fitness for over 40 years. Anatomy Trains will help physicians, therapists and bodyworkers of all backgrounds break away from the prevalent traditional, mechanistic view of how the body works and is to be treated and will then push you headfirst into a logical, systems oriented view that has helped expand my diagnostic and treatment paradigms as well as my personal practice enormously.

Training optimal movement patterns requires an understanding of how the body regions connect and work in synergy. Anatomy Trains is an essential guide for understanding key myofascial lines which when in tensegrity facilitate optimal movement and postural patterns.

Keep the train rolling, Tom. All aboard everyone! It opens a new horizon in understanding the basics of movement patterns and posture; it gives a unique chance to gain awareness of formation of skolioses and movement stereotypes.

It will allow you to make quality changes in you medical and sports practices to achieve amazing results very rapidly. I am recommending this book to friends and colleagues and keep using the concepts of Anatomy Trains in my everyday practice with great success.

Im also very satisfied with their excellent customer service. I received a damage package and Anatomy Trains made it a priority to send a new one just make sure you have proof of the damage package. Thank you for the excellent poster and service! Rated 5 out of 5 Randall Behm verified owner — Made the perfect gift for family Chiropractor. Rated 5 out of 5 Gloria verified owner — October 31, These are great for reference material …they are very good quality….

I also had them laminated so they are very easy to pass around in a workshop or for use with private clients….. Rated 5 out of 5 Cindy verified owner — November 21, I love my charts!

Great for clients to review and relate to what you are working on! I have a set at work and at home!