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Downloads PDF Joe Weider's Ultimate Bodybuilding, PDF Downloads of the Weider System of Bodybuilding, which have been followed by. The Weider system of bodybuilding, Joe Weider, Bill Reynolds, :// Set System Training (B, I, & A) - Simply doing more than one set for each exercise . This is the These are only ten of the Weider principles.

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saw the need for bodybuilders to have a common train- out for optimal growth. For beginners, the Weider System ing language, and since then he has. Frank Zane (far left), Dave Draper, Betty Weider (both holding surfboard) and Arnold (far right) in , at the dawn of bodybuilding's explosion in popularity. Joe Weider's Bodybuilding System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. You are embarking upon the best system of muscle-building.

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Pre-Exhaustion Training A - Prefatiguing a larger muscle with an isolation, single-joint movement so it can be even more exhausted by the compound movements to follow. When you do an exercise like the bench press that works not only the chest, but also smaller muscles, one of the smaller muscles might fail before your chest is fully exhausted.

By doing a chest isolation exercise beforehand, you can fatigue your chest so you can do bench presses to chest failure, which is what you want. If you have a weak body-part you want to improve, train it first in your workout, before you begin to fatigue. This allows you to gradually warm up a muscle group, preparing it for the resistance to come in the next set.

When you train one muscle group, the other is recovering sometimes even being stretched as you complete the set. With two muscles or muscle groups being worked, more blood is pumped into the area.

Tri-Sets A - Doing three sets in a row for the same body-part with as little rest as possible in between sets. Three exercises in a row more thoroughly exhaust the muscle.

This training technique is so demanding that it should only be done on occasion, and is more often used by bodybuilders in their pre-contest training. It is not optimal for muscle building. This is the opposite of high-intensity training, which involves performing one set per exercise.

Often, the first couple of sets aren't enough to fatigue your muscle. Giant Sets A - Doing exercises for the same body-part with as little rest between sets. Giant sets are used to create overwhelming stimulation to a body-part and totally exhaust the muscles involved. This technique should only be used occasionally as your body needs time to recover from this level of effort. This type of training is used more for muscular endurance and calorie burning then for putting on muscle size.

Instinctive Training A - This involves experimenting with your workouts and paying attention to how your body reacts to certain types of training. The fundamentals of bodybuilding training are the same for everyone, but we are all unique. The further along you get in your training, the more you have to fine tune your workouts to suit your needs. It takes time to develop this "feel" and have this type of knowledge.

Whatever you are used to is going to feel best for you, but you have to figure out what really produces the best results for you and make adjustments accordingly. Each same-bodypart exercise fatigues the muscle involved in slightly different ways, so doing two exercises in a row with little rest inbetween achieves a deeper level of stimulation and muscle pump. Only then will you above your head and lowered.

Only then will you understand how to train to illustrations and perform each exercise correctly. If you tein. Then exhale when home gym offers privacy and the chance to train at your rising back to the starting position.

A squat. After one or two weeks in building the body you always wanted. I have taken all you everything you need to know about sleep.

Make sure that you start your first workout with a firm understanding of what you're understand each detail before you start to exercise. It's a good idea to keep a notebook handy to jot down the reps and poundages you use. I will give Some beginners are weak in certain bodyparts. Study the trying to accomplish. After a few workouts it will disappear altogether.

Soon the habit of correct breathing will become fixed. Some of the greatest bodybuilding Saturdays. You must train regularly three days per week for the champions were once much weaker than the average man or first three months. This merely means that the exercises are reaching How to get the best training results: In overhead exercises. Breathe in while squatting. This will Wednesdays and Fridays. Generally speaking. Keep in mind that. All you need is a multi-bench.

My system of creating a great body can be followed in a bodybuilding gym or in your own home. Specialized was the only time Boyer could find to fit his training into his busy training before a foundation is laid can result in uneven scholastic and business schedule.

Getting regular workouts is a necessity for becoming adjustable barbell and dumbbell set. A good share of the top men train in the morning. Most importantly. Later you can add leg machines.

The Weider Principles!

Boyer Coe. When your energy level is at its highest. It develop a sound base of strength and fitness. A good example is Lou Ferrigno.

Pdf the weider system of bodybuilding

And Franco Columbu. I feel that you should pay attention to your body's energy gym. In contrast. And even though working out. Two factors must be considered when deciding what to wear when you must pay dues on a monthly or yearly basis. You can work out any hour of the day or night. You can build your own professional-quality home gym from the The most important factor in your bodybuilding success is ground up using Weider equipment.

You must not do this. It's important to develop correct habits right from the start. Most commonly. By learning to control the heavy overhead presses. Lower reps your muscles so you can grow larger and stronger primarily develop strength and power. Shoes are weight while doing an exercse. If you have been active physically.

Never neglect your legs or sacrificing proper form and may injure yourself any other bodypart. If you train only choose the appropriate column and determine what wrong. Warmup Another facet of training tempo is how fast you raise and lower the pants and jackets should be worn in colder weather. I have deter mined workout so you wont risk injury and so you keep valuable blood in that certain rep ranges yield specific training results.

It's important that you try to form a mind-to-muscle maximum Later on. Sometimes they experiment with faster workouts However. I would like you to rest only seconds between sets This fast Together with my coterie of bodybuilding champions through out training pace will keep your body warned up throughout your the world and at the Weider Research Group.

Week 2 Set 1: Let's assume that you're to do reps of the military press. To progressively increase the intensity of your workouts. I want You should also be cautious about adding weight to any exercise you to begin by doing the lower guide number of reps Then each before you start your fourth week of training Adding sets or weight workout. If If you look at my workouts later on.

There are four and train in a nonstop crcut fashion without any rest between sets basic ways you can progressively increase the intensity of your you can develop heart and lung endurance I recommend workouts Remember. Bodybuilders in good initial physical conditon can training.

Corinna Everson. In Week 1 Set 1: You should also Each time you change to a new routine. Olympia winner. As an ex- ample. MENTAL FACTORS And finally a training partner waiting for you can provide the incentive to do a workout you might otherwise miss and even Before you start your workouts I would like to make you aware of a provide energy through positive vibrations that can make you work number of simple rules that can help you get the most out of your harder and push you on to new.

My visualization technique can be used to improve yourself in Remember. Ms Olympia and There are good arguments for both approaches. Shut out all external for a designated number of sets and repetitions. A lot of my recall from earlier chapters. Make sure you also train this concessions. Use this technique often to my Instinctive Training Principle. This is the best influences that might bother you. If you energy. So understand your body it before.

As you'll imagine this. Berth Fox. Imagine you are a moviemaker putting it on film. To do this.

The Weider Principles!

I was very careful to explain that champions find this helpful When you master complete beginners should to allow certain exercises in a certain order and concentration you will grow even faster. Sometimes he even uses pounds!

It all depends on how bodybuilder. On the other hand. When you perform an exercise. Only by working with yourself can you continually improve and maximize your results. He or she can also provide you with a degree of moral support. To program your rudiments of the Weider Instinctive Training Principle.

You will notice that there are days convince your body and mind that you will work unbelievably hard when you seem to have more energy and strength than on other to get big and strong is a time of day when you can completely days. If you cant to incorporate all of my most recent training findings. You should make current women's superstar. On those days when you seem to be dragging. Imagine being lazy' Don't give in to sloth If you are having an emotional every peak every fiber and vein resell explode with muscular concern such as worryng about a test at school.

World champion Tom Plate. Frank Zane is a good example of the first type of days. Training bench press one day and only pounds on another. Spend about 15 minutes your training intensity so that you avoid over training and possible before training or during lunch break or before bedtime visualizing injury. Imagine that they are exploding right through your skin as you fully I have taken every precaution to update my training system so as extend and contract them through the range of motion.

Doing an exercse from starting point to they have been implicated in liver cancer and heart disease. Losing body fat to bring out muscular detail. I will explain all my principles muscle. Getting your muscles to flex so well and hard that you there are a few basic bodybuilding terms that you should be actually can influence the height of the contraction. Someone to watch you in squats and bench presses 7 Contractions. The complete program you do for the day Includes Should be used to make a set harder.

Transmitting energy from your mind to your muscles. It's not harmful and merely means the nerves reps in this manner. Muscle enlargement from training Synonymous mass are If your lower body is in proporfion to your upper body with muscle growth. Every drug has a side effect. These are synthetic drugs used to 21 Proportion.

These are just a few basic terms used by bodybuilders. By 13 Extensions. In bodybuilding lingo this refers to the muscle in case you can't complete a rep and need assistance. How well perfused your muscles are. You need low bodyfat and 12 Flush. A mild discomfort in the muscle after it has been another maximum repetition. Rest for seconds and then perform 3 Burns. Percentage of your one training supersets compound sets flushing and gorging bomb and rep maximum. Learning to isolate and control the muscles you're training.

At the end of this course. Weider training technique Perform one your body. How full your veins and capillaries are of blood. The time of relaxation in between sets of products and that the muscle is shading to demand more oxygen. Refers to the development of your body in planes.

Continue until you've done one set of pushed to its limit. Progressively working your muscles harder and harder Usually accomplished by gradually adding more weight to the bar. The combination of mass and definition. A series of reps is a set. When you do a curl. The hardness. Doing a set of reps until it is impossible the body toward the center of the body or moving the insertion of to finish one complete rep.

A term for the percentage or amount of exhaustion. All your muscle groups are evenly developed. Enlisting the aid of muscles rather than the ones 26 Ripped. The size of your muscles. Having muscles that are highly visible and devoid 28 Set. Do finishing point full extension to full contraction one time is one rep not allow yourself to be persuaded to use any drugs whatsoever.

This will include progressive overload. The opposite of flexion Action moves the distant understanding them now. The best path that a bar or dumbbell takes during an nice symmetry. A series or grouping of a number of reps.

The same as cut up Very defined. Pumping blood into a muscle through high repetition lots of carbs in your system to look vascular. Getting the muscles full of blood so they look bigger the case of steroids. Before I go into the actual description of bodybuilding exercises. Flexion of your 33 Vascularity.

Joe Weider Bodybuilding System

How hard you're working. In physique terms meaning good overall proportion in 24 Rest Pause. You should avoid these drugs at all costs. A word that usually means bringing a distant pan of 32 Training to Failure. The place in an exercise movement where contract. How well shaped your bone structure and muscle 9 Hypertrophy.

How well developed one muscle is in comparison enhance protein retention in the muscles but more importantly to to another. Know everything about them. This is called my Isolation Principle explained later.

This will be a strong factor towards developing faster the body you always wanted.

Bodybuilding of pdf system weider the

I have illustrated for you all the major muscles in your body. By understanding and visualizing the way your body works when lifting a weight.

In these muscle charts. On the next five pages. Pull yourself gently down to a position of full stretch in your hamstrings and lower back muscles.

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Be patient! Here are a few stretches specially following ways: This will loosen your chest and shoulder 2 Warming up raises the temperature of your blood. In this and the following chapter. With your knees unlocked. They warm up by doing their first set of each exercise 2 Do not bounce while performing a movement.

Hold this position for 10 seconds. Stretching helps to prevent muscle pulls and Before beginning your workouts. I'll explain their importance. Repeat three times. Reverse your arms and repeat the bend to the other side.

Cooling down is also valuable to a bodybuilder for these reasons: With your right hand by your side and your left ing muscle soreness and promoting flexibility. Rest and repeat two more times. Stand in front of a doorframe. I want you to play 4 Don't stretch so hard that it causes pain. When you stretch here's the way to do outlining exercises and techniques you should use before and it: Hold this position for 10 metabolism time to return to normal.

This is critical for complete development. Spread your feet about three feet 1 Moderate exercise after strenuous weight training gives the apart. Hold the bottom temperature to normalize before resuming regular activities. Do both movements three times each. This leads to faster growth. Repeat three from pooling. Allow weeks before expecting to see increases in your A set of stretches and limbering exercises will benefit you in the movement ranges.

Lie on your back and lift 3 When blood is pumped into your muscles. Carefully move your legs back more forcefully and efficiently. Lower yourself slowly to close to the floor and repeat. Lie on your stomach. If your muscles seem unusually tired or sore. This is a coordinated movement. Bend to the left side. As you are spreading your feet. Keep your body tight and straight. Push yourself up with your arms and chest muscles.

Do not bounce or jerk. The first of these is jogging in place or Here are some cool-down exercises for after your workouts: Always keep your elbows directed outwards as you do the movement. Let your left arm slide down your left leg for support. As your hands come back to the sides your feet should simultaneously come back together. You can also do push-ups. Place your left hand on your left hip and raise your right hand over your head. With a slight break at the knee. Side Bend: Stand erect with your feet a little wider than shoulder width.

As your arms reach their height and your hands almost touch. After completing the five stretching movements you can also do Remember. Repeat to both sides for the required repetitions. Standing erect with your arms hanging loose at your sides. Without pause bring your arms back down and return your feet to their starting position. Then do the same movement on the right side. Alternate Toe Touch: Stand erect with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms hanging loose at your sides.

The first four workouts do not count as a part of your actual Your first workouts will acquaint you with the various exercises in training career. Then themselves. I will tell you how to do this now. You are to use a different one of the three exercise all the exercises. In each exercise. Courses 1. From this point on.

The next week do the same. Thus my system will not only so that the exercise action will be firmly fixed in your mind. Go through the exercises and be sure If the amount of weight you are using in an exercise feels about you're thoroughly familiar with each one before you start your first right for the correct number of repetitions.

This is develop strength and size but muscle shape too. Concentrate on the correct performance of each use Chart No. Start with Chart No. You will use all or most of these exercises the entire time that you train with weights. You can. The most important goals of In studying Charts 1. To familiarize yourself with the exercise actions in these first three courses. In this way. If you find that you can easily perform more than the number indicated as being correct.

Review Now that you have learned how to perform the exercises correctly. You must idea of what weight you can use in the various types of exercises. Just perform reps of each movement. Refer to the exercise guide in the for each exercise. Do not charts each workout. For the first month you perform one set of each exercise.

System of bodybuilding pdf weider the

Keep a diary of the exercises and the amount of weight you can safely start out with. Once you have accomplished exercises exactly right the first time you try them. Most of these can use for the correct number of repetitions in each exercise and movements ball use muscles that you have never exercised going through exercises at a comfortable speed and in the before.

The same procedure is to be followed in your third workout. Since the entire purpose of this first workout is to teach you the exercise movements.

Learn to Rafael Santorja in Spain gave similar reports. One group. Pierre Scatalini reports: The other group. To sum up your training for your first month.

I was spurred on by this. This difference Perform the exercises on the chart being used that particular is most amazing. They must focus on the task at hand. One of the most important revisions made is to first or second exercise of your workout day. Franco Fassi in Italy and the correct number of reps even with the added weight.

Research Gyms throughout the world. If the weights feel advise you to perform more than one set of each exercise after exceptionally light and you have an abundance of energy. All 50 authorized judge your workout strength. I started two groups of pupils at the same time. But once you conclusively proves that when the right programs are followed.

It is important to let two sets of each exercise. At the end of three months. Do not add or delete made fine gains too. I did not advise you to go into the You should develop this personal judgment as soon as possible. You must perform the exact number of reps. And only those methods that have been.

Abe perform one set of each exercise only! You must always try to use Goldberg in New York City. Things will come much easier and faster workout strength. I felt that more than one set of each the weights feel exceptionally heavy the first exercise or so. Weight training is a means to an end. Hassan Bafageeh in Saudi Arabia. In the former good idea to go lighter in all the exercises. This style of training is called the Set add a few pounds to each of the exercises.

It's something you must develop. They must not worship muscular record of the progress of pupils at my request. I than you started with. Use a two sets of each exercise after one month showed an average different exercise chart for each workout day of the week. As I have pointed out. Only the most modern principles are important that you learn to judge your training energy with your contained here. You must In my early years. No one and in the many Weider-Authorized Gyms throughout the world.

Pupils who go into the set series usual. Allan Stephan in Minneapolis. He can't stand the set series without it! I asked these gym back to it: After same gyms.

You are on your way! The aim of most beginners in bodybuilding is to gain as much "Rugged workouts cause unusual chemical changes.

Higher will not be held back if you make an all-out effort to gradually work reps build different parts of the muscle. All I condition and supports this diet with the proper food supplements. This is called following: You also gain more endurance This set series of training literally forces muscles to grow.

Joe Weider Bodybuilding System Pdf

Since the set series of training has been tested and proven as hard muscular delineation and clean-cut separation. And you will try You are to continue performing two sets of each exercise. Add reps will find the lighter weight used in the higher repetitions easy to progressively until you reach the correct number.

You are tired of being your muscles grow. Continue in this manner for all of the second rut. They must have finely chiseled proportions.

This take about four seconds. I hope that you appreciate this. Then take this same weight and perform quickly than the first five. Your muscles will grow better when you ridiculed because of your weak.

Only a test will tell you exactly minute or two to rest and proceed to Exercise No. In every exercise for the first set you use as heavy a Start your workout with the first exercise that appears on the weight as you can handle for five reps for one set.

This is another Weider exclusive training grow fast. You will still train three times a week. To keep the muscles growing at a fast pace. If you Champion bodybuilders need more than just normal bodyweight do you. After you have done this. In other instances. You will still change must be made in the training followed during your third follow one exercise chart at a time. The reason is.

Every exercise on the chart being This low and high repetition principle helps you to achieve the used for this workout is done in this same manner. Your progress handle. Blood and improved energy along with greater power and faster growth is pumped into the muscles and they become flushed.

You will still perform the exact month. As always. This second set will probably feel more difficult than will have to use in the first set and how much you will have to the first. In some exercises. If a from this method of training. Now you disregard the repetitions will now perform two. Do these final nine reps with a real repetitions.

Oddly enough. This is shown as under the heading of "reps" for the third month. If you have faithfully followed my advice. You will realize then that your confidence in me has been well placed. You will know that the Weider System and its techniques have built almost every champion bodybuilder in the world.

The first column of this guide lists the exercises by number. You will no ionger be a beginner. The next column gives you the name of each exercise. Following this is the number of sets and reps each exercise is to be performed the first.

You are also to try to work up a real training drive. During this third month of training. The last chapter explained this thoroughly. You will see many remarkable changes taking place in your strength and appearance during this month.

It applies only to your first three months of training and should be used with Charts 1. You will know that as a Weider pupil you are indeed following the best in bodybuilding.

This is shown as 88 under the heading of "reps. I have repeated this often in this course. You will note that the first month you are to perform all exercises one set.

The second month. After you have followed Charts 1. In standing exercises. Training Tip. This exercise works the outside or lateral head of your deltoid muscles. Lower slowly and repeat. Your arms should be straight and the barbell you will stress different muscles. This takes stress off the muscles being worked and can be dangerous.

System pdf bodybuilding weider of the

Narrower grips place a lot of stress on your triceps muscles. Lower the dumbbells horizontally. Raise the dumbbells simultaneously away from the sides of your body until they are level with the top of your head. Push back up to the starting position and repeat the movement for the suggested number of repetitions. Starting Position.

This movement works the big muscles of the upper torso. If you change the width of your grip periodically. Your upper arms should go considerably below the line of your body. Start with the bar behind your head.

Return slowly to B. The Movement. Bench presses stress the pectorals. Very wide grips work your supported directly above your chest. Lie on your back on a flat bench.

Making sure that your upper arms travel directly out to the sides. If you always keep your elbows and wrists slightly bent. Keeping a wider than shoulder-width grip. Be sure to take a very deep breath when lowering the dumbbells and exhale as you raise them back through the same arc to the top position. Most champion bodybuilders consider the bench press C.

If you straighten your arms all the way. As you raise the dumbbells. Stand erect. Be sure not to arch your back or hold your breath. Lying on your back on a flat exercise bench. This movement builds pectorals and deltoids. The barbell should Tip. Once your thighs have gone past parallel. You will be building up all your neck muscles.

Stand erect with a barbell behind yourneck. Always try to keep your feet flat. Fix your eyes on a point in front of you slightly head all the way to the right. You can make your balance after exercise. The squat works the thigh muscles. You will also condition movement. Now bend your head to your right shoulder slightly outward. Sitting on a high bench with your lower legs muscles. Move back on the bench so beginning of the movement. Both before and after neck exercising.

This movement develops the quadriceps of the thigh. Bend your head back as far as A. Bring your lower fingers should be about six inches apart on the bar in the middle leg all the way up so that it's straight.

Using movement. Repeat for the required repetitions. Alternate legs for the required number of reps. You have now exercised your neck in above eye level and keep them there throughout the movement. Place your heels about inches apart.

Standing with your body anchored. The abdominal muscles. Repeat for the required B. Sitting in an upright position with your hands. Stand erect with a shoulder-width grip on a barbell. When the bar is at your neck level. On upright rows you can receive as much benefit from C. Upright rows stress the deltoids and trapezius B. Stand erect with a narrow grip your index your lower legs. Your upper arms A. Secondary emphasis is placed on the biceps and hanging.

Extend your head back Be sure to keep your torso upright. Be sure to lower the barbell slowly on each leg curl. Now bend your head all the way forward Then slowly bend your knees and lower your body into a full squat. Using your hands to supply resistance against body. Training of a barbell and your palms toward your body.

This movement is one of the best exercises you can you can. Now move your head all the way to B. Since the weighted boot puts a traction force on your knee. Lean at such an angle that you can bend your knee and do a full D.

Place the right hand up to the side of your head and balancing it across your shoulders by grasping the bar knurls near bend all the way over to the right against the resistance of your the plates. This will warm you up before exercise and relax you balance yourself while squatting. This exercise builds the hamstring muscles. Go backward through the full range of motion and repeat calves and shoulders are stimulated too.

Keeping your upper leg stable. As you become more advanced in neck work. Leaning against the wall with the boot on. At the start of the movement. This movement stresses the biceps and places secondary stress on the forearms. If you lack ankle flexibility.

Some of my champions have found that they respond better to higher repetitions in this movement. Slowly pull the barbell upward along a line close to your body. Keep the bar close to your body and concentrate on second. Your should be bent down with your back flat. Stabilizing your body and keeping your lower down after having curled it to the top of the movement. Keeping your back flat and using a C.

To get an even better contraction while you are doing your D. These work your upper-arm muscles. Moving just your forearms. Lower slowly back to the starting point and repeat.

The lower you can get the heels. Perform a back flat on the floor. Each foot position stresses the calves somewhat position palms down with thumbs in to a fully supinated position differently.

A great allround exercise. You might find it difficult to balance yourself. Slowly curl your shoulders toward your knees shoulderwidth grip. Be sure to keep your upper body motionless as abdomen and the upper hip-thigh flexor muscles. Lie supine with your legs up on a bench. Hold for a movement.

If you move your hands from a fully pronated angles. Large gyms C. Keeping your body against the bench. Lie flat on your back on the floor with your get the barbell up will rob the movement of much of its lower back firmly against the floor effectiveness. Your legs and back do all the work!

On your third set. Think of your arms as mere hooks transmitting crunch. Stand with your toes and the lying on a decline bench. Training accelerating the speed with which you pull the bar at all times. Your feet should be about inches apart.

Moving your torso and bending your back to B. To intensify this exercise use an incline bench as shown in between your index fingers in the middle of the barbell. Return the barbell along the same arc to the starting A. Keeping your legs straight. Place a barbell behind your neck. This movement works the muscles of the upper. The bar should be in front of your shins.

This movement works the muscles of the lower D. You can also do this while holding a dumbbell in your hand. This exercise works your upper abdominals. This movement stresses the gastrocnemius and position and repeat for the required number of repetitions. Keeping your upper arms motionless. You B. This movement places stress on the triceps. This movement can also be done while standing B.

Take the same starting position as for the lower back and loses its effectiveness as a lower abdominal bench press. To keep tension on the lower abs. Lying on the bench on your back holding two D. If you relax and arch A. Be sure to lower the bar fully arms hanging straight C. This exercise works the upper-back muscles. Return and repeat. Repeat for the required C. The barbell should D.

You can use a lot of weight with bent-arm muscles throughout the movement. Be sure to lower the barbell slowly on each repeat. Stand erect with a narrow grip your index out the forearm and kick the dumbbell back and slightly upwards. Slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position and repeat the movement for the required number of repetitions.

Lower slowly. Never hold your breath! Always wear a weightlifting belt 8 Triceps Kickbacks too. Be careful not to bend backward as you press the Hold and squeeze the contraction as hard as possible for a full weight upward. Lie on your back on a bench with your head C.

On upright rows you can receive as much benefit from D. Keep the mind-muscle link focused on the exercised D. This movement builds the triceps muscles almost 5 Upright Rows exclusively. As in the lateral raise. This exercise stresses the deltoids and triceps. Secondary emphasis is placed on the biceps and dumbbell. Raise the dumbbells together out laterally to hanging off the end.

When the bar is at your stabilized on a bench. This movement works your upper arms. This movement develops the posterior deltoids and 3 Bent-Arm Barbell Pullovers upperback muscles. Pull the dumbbell up to your shoulder or higher.

Upright rows stress the deltoids and trapezius body on the end of a bench and the other hand holding a muscles. Reach back and grasp the bar with a slightly D. Feel the movement throughout the entire range. Push the barbell directly up past your face until D. Lean over until your body is bent at a 90degree angle.