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other free photo editing apps for iOS, albeit faster and a bit prettier. The Songwriting Genius Within You for Mac downloaded quickly and its. This little book is entitled Songwriting For Geniuses and is comprised of various “ tips” that will hopefully help you write better, more satisfying songs. Please. An ezine for and about songwriters - Issue (June ). The Songwriting Genius Within You by Geoffrey Williams is an analysis of the . jam-packed with 12 hours of downloadable audio mp3s and PDF Action Guides.

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The Song Writing Genius Within You - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. You know how to easily manipulate a powerful creative process within yourself. . This book is called The Songwriting Genius Within You: What Every Musician . Nominated for a Grammy in , and from the musical hotbed of Austin, TX, sprang Don. McCalister, Jr., a singer/songwriter with a revolving group of friends .

Marathon Method or Slow and Steady? First of all I want to mention that this book has been written like a complete reference guide to songwriting. It's not meant to be read once and then cast away. You will refer to this book over and over again. The information you're about to learn has taken years of research, testing, and trialing to compile. Some of the advice I'm going to share with you has been extremely hard earned.

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These sessions are one hour in length and can cover any topic you'd like to address. From writing, to critique, to ideas and games. Or just to share your thoughts and get feedback. Hooktheory currently consists of three main areas: 1.

These messages were more important than any Greek class could teach. They were messages being generated by his unconscious, and because he had accidentally short-circuited his language center the part of the brain that is mostly involved in conscious thought he was able to receive these important images and messages created by his richer resources. You, me we have these resources too.

The power that lies in the unconscious is more than any super-powered computer could compete with. Much, much more.

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To illustrate this, answer this question What is the most complex thing in the universe? Im sure the answer will interest you, as you actually own one yourself. The answer is: The human brain.

At the very least, we all have potential for creative genius. The question is: how can we unleash this genius? Many answers and hints lie in the following chapters. The main idea to grasp hold of is that to access this creative genius, we need to short-circuit the "squelcher", and use our unconscious resources to generate our musical ideas.

You will find that the techniques described in this manual are anything but traditional. There is a reason for that. I didnt want to delve into the traditional methods of songwriting for a few very specific reasons: Firstly, its already been done to death.

There is a wealth of traditional songwriting methods already available for you to learn from. Secondly and more importantly I dont feel that learning traditional songwriting methods is as empowering as learning how to increase your creativity. Once you are in touch with your creative side, and you know how to channel this creativity into material form, songwriting will be easy for you. It will become easy to write song after song because the ideas are always flowing and the inspiration is always there.

Heres another interesting point that clarifies the difference between traditional songwriting and creative songwriting. What exactly is learning traditional songwriting techniques all about?

Well, basically its becoming familiar with a set of rules that will allow you to write a song. These rules are to do with the following things: The structure of a song What notes and scales the song should be based on The way the song is produced How the melody should be structured And so on Heres the thing though Just think for a minute?

Where did these rules originate? For that matter, where do any rules originate? Well, heres the answer. Traditional songwriting methods were developed by simply observing what a musician was doing, and then creating and defining rules that govern the process. To help you to get a deeper understanding of this, heres an example that is not related to music.

Take gravity for instance. The law of gravity is a physical rule that applies to everything that exists on this planet. The thing is: gravity existed before the rules of gravity were discovered.

Gravity is something that somebody observed, and then decided to explain how it works. The rules are simply an explanation that describes what the affect of gravity is. The key thing is and I am repeating this because it is important : Gravity existed before any rules were created to explain it. It does not exist because of the rules.

In the same way, great songwriting existed before there were rules to govern it. The rules are simply there because someone has listened to it and thought, This is great songwriting, I wonder how it works?

So traditional methods of songwriting are really just a way of explaining how great music works. It outlines common elements of great music, and how they are strung together and molded into a great song.

Why Isnt This That Important? Surely it could be helpful to have this knowledge of how great songwriting occurs? Well, to a certain extent it can. And I will discuss the helpful aspects of this later in this book. But heres the reason why following traditional songwriting methods doesnt always benefit your songwriting in the way that you wish.

To come up with rules for songwriting, great music was analyzed. It was literally pulled apart, examined, and rules were derived that followed the pattern of great songwriting. The thing is: When this music was created it was not from an analytical point of view. These great pieces of music were written from a creative point of view. The analysis was only brought into play when interested parties wanted to discover the rules that seemed to govern the songwriting process. Your creative mind and your analytical mind use two completely different styles of thinking.

Learning traditional songwriting methods and trying to apply them to your music is an analytical task. This means you are not using the creative parts of you to create the music. If you want to really burst through your songwriting limitations and write music that is completely earth shattering, you need to approach music the way that the artists did whose music defined the rules.

They wrote this amazing music using their creativity, and this is what you need to do as well. You need to discover the creative side of you.

And I promise you that once you do, not only will your life seem much more creative and meaningful, but you will write music that you couldnt possibly dream of writing using your analytical mind.

What Is Creative Songwriting? Creative songwriting, and being creative in general, is about learning to trust the parts of your brain that are unconscious. This is an example of you receiving an idea from your unconscious mind. One of the main purposes of this course is to get you to be aware when you are getting an idea from your unconscious mind. The other big one is to develop the mindset that will get you to continually come up with new groundbreaking musical ideas.

We will do this by first working on your mindset. You will first learn how a great and creative musician thinks and acts. You see, great musicians believe certain things; use specific thought processes, and are very much in touch with whats called their musical thinking modalities. And we'll discuss what musical modalities are later.

When you adopt this method of thinking, you will be in the perfect position to create your own masterpieces. This mindset you will develop is very www.

Once you have adopted the mindset of a great songwriter, you will learn to develop the parts of your brain that you use to write music. This element is the thing that most traditional methods are missing.

This will separate and elevate you from the rest. When you have completed this part of the training you will be able to hear the most inspirational music in your mind so clearly that it will be a snap to document it and create a piece of music with it. This brain development part of your training is the key to being highly creative in your songwriting, because in this training you are actually developing and strengthening your musical brain.

No traditional methods even touch on this. Lets continue www. A musical genius thinks and acts in a very specific way. Just think about that for a second. Just pretend for a moment that youre sitting in a room with a master songwriter, who is, before your very eyes, creating a musical masterpiece. As you watch this person, they are thinking and acting.

There is something that is going on inside this musicians mind thinking that is allowing them to create this music, by either playing it or recording it in some other manner the acting part.

The exciting thing is, if you know whats going on inside of this musicians mind, AND you can adopt this way of thinking, then you can create similar breathtaking music. Now the way a great musician thinks and acts isnt simple. Its not completely straightforward, and it does take practice to adopt this new way of thinking and acting. Fortunately, I've already done most of the work for you, and by following the exercises I will give you, this new way of seeing the creation process will become completely natural for you.

Music Software Inside your brain you have what I call music software that allows you to create music. This software is programmed to control the way that you approach your songwriting. It controls things such as: How you generate musical ideas How you decode the ideas inside your head Your ability to play these ideas on your chosen instrument What you believe music should sound like What you believe about your own musical abilities The way that you critique your own music And a few other things A musical genius also has music software running inside their head.

So whats the difference between your software and the genius software? Well, its the way he uses his musical software. The differences is in the programming. Even better, if you can re-program your software to match the musical genius software, you will begin to get similar results in your songwriting! Heres an example to help make this clearer. A musical genius has the ability to hear a note and immediately know what this note is.

This skill is known as perfect pitch.

12 Ridiculous Songwriting Tips That Actually Work

The reason this person can hear a note and immediately know what it is isnt because he has some kind of magical ear. Its because he has for some reason or another developed this skill naturally. Hes stumbled upon a way of thinking that allows him to pick pitches easily. Now, perfect pitch is an element in your music software. If you cant hear and pick different notes easily at present, you can still be taught a way of thinking that will allow you to develop perfect pitch.

This is just one example of how a musical genius has naturally developed music software that allows him to create a never-ending flow of wonderful music. Another element of his musical software is the way he generates ideas.

This idea generation has a lot to do with engaging the creativity process.

The Song Writing Genius Within You

One of the biggest differences between a genius and the average musician, is the genius has stumbled upon a way to engage the creativity process and draw deep from their creative resources.

The average musician, however, tends to create ideas in a more analytical method, using their conscious mind to try and mold ideas. A large part of this book is dedicated to teaching you how to short circuit this analytical part of you and allow your deeper creative resources to take over the idea generation process.

Adapting the Software of a Genius In this course you will learn about each element in your music software. After this you will learn how you can use each element of this software more like our musical genius friend.

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As you master each part of your music software your results will become more and more like those of a musical genius. Its very interesting that there is a growing mass of evidence suggesting that the geniuses of the world get their rare results only because theyve stumbled upon a much more effective way to use their resources. In this chapter we will go through the different elements of the music software that runs in your brain.

Each element of the software will be briefly introduced in this chapter, and then we will go into detail on each topic later in the book. Now, before we begin, its important to note that while we are going through these elements separately, in reality all these elements work together as a complete system.

As we go through each separate element, begin asking yourself, How do I use this element to create music? The idea is that if you are not using one or more elements to their full potential, you can make changes that will make your music software run better and give you much better results. Lets begin looking at the first element. Thinking Modalities How you represent music to yourself Your thinking modalities are what you use to think.

This part of your music software determines the way you represent music to yourself. Do you hear sounds in your head? Are the sounds accompanied by pictures or smells? There are a few different ways of thinking that can be used to represent music to yourself. You will learn the best ways to represent music to yourself, and also learn exercises that will sharpen your musical senses and allow you to perceive much more musical informationeffectively widening your awareness as to whats going on inside your head.

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This is one of the keys to accessing your greater creative resources and the ideas that they create for you. Instrument Skill This part of your music software relates to the skill youve developed on your chosen instrument, and more importantly, your ability to take the musical ideas in your head, and play them on your instrument.

Your Musical Ear This part of your music software relates to your ability to hear a note, and pick the pitch of the note. This is a skill that will greatly improve your ability to hear musical ideas in your head, and play them on your chosen instrument.

Your internal filters help form what I call your musical mindset. Its this mindset that will give you confidence to break through the barriers and create truly mesmerizing music. Some of your filters include what you believe about your musical abilities; what you value about your musical abilities; your emotional state; and a few other things that affect your confidence and the way you approach your songwriting.

Once youve developed the right musical mindset you will be in a perfect, receptive state to receive ideas from your deepest creative resources. Internal Criteria This part of your music software refers to the criteria you have gathered about music and what good music is all about.

This is the part of your software that decides whether music is great, terrible, or anything in between. Your internal criteria include things like: Whats important to you about music What you believe music should sound like Your personal music taste Its your internal criteria that can define you as a completely unique songwriter.

In this course you will learn how to trust your internal criteria, which will lead you to creating some completely unique and inspiring music. Your Creativity Process Perhaps the most important element of your musical software although tweaking all the other elements can have a large affect on your songwriting abilities! This is the part of your music software that defines how you create new musical ideas, or struggle to create anything at all.

One of the main focuses of this book is to teach you how the creativity process works, and teach you to pull your ideas from your richest creative resources. Learning how to do this will open the gates to an unstoppable flow of magical musical ideas. Once you master this process, you are in for a lifetime of amazing musical exploration! As you will learn though, its very damaging to the creativity process to consult your internal critic too early.

Your Complete Music Software These are all the basic elements of your musical software. As you move through this book you will learn much more detailed information about each element.

And you will also learn procedures that will allow you to use each element to its full potential. Even just tweaking a few of these elements will cause dramatic improvements in your songwriting abilities. For instance, learning how to engage the creative process deliberately in yourself will produce a massive onslaught of ideas for you to pursue. Just this one shift will dramatically change your musical life for the better!

Lets continue by taking a look at the 5 main steps you need to take to transform your musical software to that of a gifted songwriter. The first step you will take is to sharpen your internal senses so you can observe and recognize the creative process that runs within you.

Inside your head there are many different types of thinking that goes on. You probably notice that you can hear sounds in your head. You can see pictures. You can also talk to yourself. All these things are methods you use to think. In the first step of this development process you will become intimate with the musical "thinking" that you do. In other words, you will learn exactly how music is represented inside your mind. You will also learn how to sharpen your attention so you notice these internal processes clearly.

There is a lot going on inside your mind that youre likely not aware of at this stage. By becoming much more aware of the musical "thinking" you can do, you will be able to notice the many musical ideas your brain generates. Once you sharpen your internal senses you will become much more sensitive and aware of hearing sounds in your head, seeing pictures in your minds eye and so forth.

Im positive youll be absolutely delighted as you become more in touch with this outer world that until now has remained outside of your awareness.

As you move through these internal sharpening exercises you will begin to see just how much potential creativity exists within you. The second step is to understand exactly how the creative process works. Once you know this you will be able to leverage the full power of this process. The creative process is a highly complicated topic.

There is much debate on how it occurs and many brilliant minds are focused on discovering just what is going on inside the brain whilst in a creative state. No matter what anybody says there is still much to learn about the human brain and how it works. At this stage we only know a small amount of the picture. These creative processes have not come to light because of a thorough understanding of the human mind. They have come to light through actually observing the procedure that needs to be completed to have a moment of inspiration.

These processes have been derived from some of the sharpest thinkers on the planet and I can tell you you will be astounded at the impact they will have on your level of creativity. Once you have a sound understanding of the creative process, you are ready to move onto the next step.

You must adapt the mindset of a greateven genius songwriter. Great musicians believe certain things. They value certain things. They have certain attitudes towards music. All these things are like their inner programming that allow them to explore their full potential as an artist. Beliefs have tremendous power.

Can you ever remember completing a task that was so large it simply towered above you? Now, if you did complete this task, did you always believe that you were going to complete it?

Its likely that you did believe that you would succeed at this task. Your brain is designed in a way that if you believe something strongly enough, it will notice evidence that supports this belief. Therefore, if you believe you wont complete a task, or you believe that you wont write outstanding music, it wont happen. However, if you have a strong belief that you are a brilliant songwriter, your mind will go on a search and find mission, searching for evidence that confirms this belief.

This will put you in a state very open to creating and responding to new and interesting musical ideas.

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As you can see, simply believing that you are a great musician capable of irresistible music can give you an edge in creating magical music. In fact, without this belief you most likely will never be able to generate many ideas, and when you do you will fail to act on them. In the third step of this transformation process you will discover the way that a wonderful songwriter thinks and acts.

Once you know this you can work at adopting this way of thinking and acting, and your songwriting powers will be magnified because of it! By this stage you understand how the creative process works. You know exactly how to engage this process within yourself and you know what it will look like when you do.

Malinos Fliles: The Songwriting Genius Within You Pdf

You also will have razorsharp internal senses from the exercises in part 1 of this 5 step process. Its at this point when its time to begin the endless flow of musical ideas thats going to enrich you for the rest of your life! In Step 4 you will begin performing procedures that will incorporate all that we have discussed.

These procedures will switch on the creative process in you and the inspirational ideas will begin to flow. This is the exciting part, because you will be discovering ideas unlike anything youve created before. You will touch new musical ground, and continue to again and again. In fact, once youve turned your creativity in this way, it will never stop.

In Step 4 you will amass a great number of new interesting and groundbreaking ideas. Once you have all this new meat to work with though, what comes next? Step 5 involves using your creativity and your "inner critic" to pull all these new ideas and arrange, integrate, and polish them until they are in the form of a complete piece of music. When you begin writing music in the way that you will learn, one problem that can come up is having too many ideas to work with!

Just something silent to stare at. Just listen. Your songwriting will thank you. Besides, you HAVE to talk to lay down that earth-shattering vocal of pure genius. Even an hour of silence is more than enough time to reset your brain.

Whether you know it or not, talking is a huge and complex task for your brain to carry out. Putting it aside for a little while will put you in the right place to write. And during all that silent time all those deep memories and feelings will have a clear path to the top of your mind. So take a break from the chatting and try silence for awhile. Let your brain do the talking and find all the inspiration you need. Set an absurd time limit Guess what?

Diamonds by Rihanna was written by Sia in 14 minutes. She put the beat on and the lyrics just flowed. It has gone platinum 5 times in the US alone. Time is a hard scale to balance. Too much and you end up second guessing everything. Too little and you get nothing done. The solution? Set a time limit. Try it out and make your songs shine bright like a… gold brick? Open your piano roll.