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Will is determined to rescue Alyss - even if it means laying siege to an enemy castle! In this desolate northern fief, where can Will find the. Book 6: The Siege of Macindaw. CHAPTER ONE. Gundar Hardstriker, captain and helmsman of the Skandian ship Wolfcloud, chewed disconsolately on a. FREE~DOWNLOAD The Siege of Macindaw: Book Six (Ranger's Apprentice 6) ( PDF) Read Online For download this book click button below.

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Flanagan, John (John Anthony) The siege of Macindaw / John Flanagan. — 1st American ed. p. cm. Le siege de MacIndaw · Read more · The Siege of Macindaw: Book Six (Ranger's Apprentice). Read more · The siege of Krishnapur · Read more · Siege Of The. Will is determined to rescue Alyss - even if it means laying siege to an enemy castle! In this desolate northern fief, where can Will find the fighting men he needs.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Will is determined to rescue Alyss - even if it means laying siege to an enemy castle! In this desolate northern fief, where can Will find the fighting men he needs to overcome the traitorous Sir Keren and his band of criminals? Across the border, the fierce Scotti tribesmen are waiting for the signal that Castle Macindaw is in friendly hands, and the way is clear to mount a full-scale attack.

First off how the heck can you make fog, second using pipes in a medieval setting which I doubt they would have had pipes in is so darn stupid and third, It's just stupid! Ok so those are just some of the major things I found lame and boring and stupid and so darn annoying with this book. I'm sure if I put my mind to it I could find several more but alas I don't have the time as I need to start a hopefully better book: View 1 comment.

I've found these books to be sort of, "uneven". I liked the early books, but the sequence concerning Will's captivity lost me some what as I found my interest waning. A lot of this will of course be somewhat personal and subjective and apply to me, some will I suppose find it to be true for them others less so. I found my interest in this YA series picking back up somewhat in the last couple of books aside from my annoyance at the blatant cliffhanger with which the book before this ended.

Let m I've found these books to be sort of, "uneven". Let my say something here, and please bear with me I had a couple of complaints with this book and at least one may be explained by the fact that I have read so many books. There were times when I was going "okay, we all know what's coming next Often I saw plot devices I recognized going in and knew the next events almost as if I'd already read them. I think each reader may need to think about this individually The second problem I had?

In at least 3 places I "felt" as if certain events and confrontations drug out far too long. It was as if the author had planned out something and wanted to use every bit of work and every idea he'd had about it.

I was so ready at times for this confrontation or that combat to be over. I've settled on 4 stars as I find this, on the whole an enjoyable read and a well written book. I like it Jul 14, Johanna rated it really liked it Shelves: It starts immediately after the ending of book five.

This is the culmination of everything that was started in the last book. The character threats and plot lines are all wrapped up more or less nicely. No cliffhanger this time! Some random comments. Did Horace just actually lie? Halt really must have rubbed off on him!

Good for you! Anyway, this is still a quick and fun series and I have the next four books waiting for me at home yay for libraries! Jan 19, rissabean rated it it was amazing. They just keep getting better and better!!!!

Jun 07, Cordelianne rated it really liked it Shelves: The story was very well built up and I loved how Will and Horace managed to get back the castle by keeping a cool head and a very creative strategy!

Apr 06, Eva Luna rated it it was amazing. But just not as exciting as the previous books. I was glad to have Horace back - his and Will's relationship and banter! I liked seeing them work together without Halt or Crowley or any of the other mentors.

And getting some Skandians back on the scene was fantastic. They always supply some comic relief and epic fight sequences. Overall, a great sequel. I look forward to getting some answers in Erak's Ransom.

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Pdf the macindaw siege of

Oct 12, C. Cook rated it really liked it. Sadly lacking in Halt Jan 10, Tricia Mingerink rated it really liked it. Also not my favorite of the series. Once again, Halt is only in it very briefly, and Tug is barely mentioned. May 28, Edgar Arias rated it it was amazing. This book is an adventure,action,type of story.

This story takes place mainly in Macindaw the castle and also Grimsdell wood where it is in the woods.

Read Aloud The Siege of Macindaw (Ranger s Apprentice) - John Flanag…

So when we left of Will made a promise to Alyss that he would save her and get her back. Will in needing of an army and does which he finds the skandians and offers them gold and revenge for john buttle who killed skandians while escaping and with extra luck he finds Horace who is ready to fight. But things don't go so steadily there outnumbered and don't have the plan to over throw the castle while back in the castle alyss is there waiting for Will to message her but gets something better and gets a stone that makes her resist the blue stone that Keren the traitor and when keren makes her talk she resisted and hears something that a army is coming and tells Will by secret message and then Will and Horace make a plan to capture the leader to make him tell them answers and they barely do but get information but not enough.

They plan now to attack the castle and succeed while attacking Will goes to save Alyss but while there keren already had her and puts her into a transfer and the stone is no use and gets controlled and keren says kill him.

But Will says he loves her and somehow she gets back to normal with the power of love. While back in the battle field Trobar one of Malcolm's best servants sees John buttle who hurt one of Will's dogs shadow and gets revenge but fails but luckily Horace was there and stops John buttle and kills him. Alyss who gets back to normal throws Keren acid that Will gave her to escape and melts him and dies.

Everything is back to normal and everyone gets back to what there doing but before leaving Will leaves his only dog to trobar who fell in love with the dog and trobar promised if she has puppy's he wants one and Will after saving Alyss returns home to his cabin and feels alone but hes not done yet and goes after Alyss again and feels happy. This story is a person vs person because keren holds alyss hostage and Will must get her back in his arms.

I was moved when Will said" Alyss i love you" which to me was like really but still pretty cool that he confessed his feelings to her. I was angry when he left Will's dog shadow to trobar " ill leave her to you and take care of her but if she has any puppy"s can i have one" which it was OK when he said if she has dogs can i have one.

I thought the ending og this book was amazing how he wanted to leave his post just to see alyss and how he felt happy for once in a long time. If you love adventure and action you must and i mean you must read this book. There's more to this story and there's more to come. Jul 27, Alexa rated it it was amazing. I really loved this book! It's so cool to see Will on his own now, though I do miss Halt a lot: I kinda wish there had been more of him in the book, but I guess Will would never grow up then.

Jan 09, Tara Flynn rated it really liked it. My favourite in the series. Probably the funniest. Jan 22, Darien Rodgers rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book, it was filled with action, adventure, suspense and has a good sense of humor. Upper elementary and middle school readers; fans of fantasy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This review contains spoilers! I think the author is really good at character development. He keeps Will, Horace, and Alyss interesting while also introducing all sorts of new and different characters.

He even had me feeling sorry for Keren at one point! The book was probably on track for a 5-star rating, but then I reined it in because I felt like there were some major holes in the action. When Will and Horace are hiding for hours under the upside-down cart, it just made no sense to me that the castle defenders wouldn't just walk out and physically inspect the cart after it's abandoned. Why wouldn't Keren order some men to investigate the cart, to see if there might be any hint of what kind of siege they might be planning?

And when he orders the cart burned, the flaming arrows fail, so they just give up!? How lazy can you be! Why not walk down to investigate why the cart isn't burning, and then break it apart for firewood or something!?

Then there was the climactic scene when Alyss was on the verge of killing Will. Of course Will wouldn't harm Alyss, but surely Alyss isn't so skilled with a sword that Will wouldn't be able to evade or restrain Alyss, right? He's one of the best-trained Ranger's after all, and managed to avoid being killed by the Scotti general in hand-to-hand combat!

I think the implication is that Keren could easily have picked up the sword and finished the job, or held Will down while Alyss struck the fatal blow. But in a book where nothing goes unsaid, and battle scenes are described in great detail, it seemed like the logistics of this scene could have been fleshed out some more.

Anyway, I loved the ending, and left the book with lots of positive feelings. As usual, a few mild swears "damn" and "hell" thrown around. My third-grader who is reading the series is always especially entertained when he comes across a swear word! Sep 09, Phleghm rated it liked it.

I will make this 'review' for this and the previous book, as they cannot be separated in any way. Story wise, ofcourse. Page wise, they obviously have been. There are a few major complaints I have about this 5 year time skip. I generally love time skips. It moves a story forward, characters can develop in more drastic ways, a lot of things can change, and the need to adapt to the new setting is generally very enjoyable.

But, this one annoyed me. Will, as such, didn't change. One tiny bit. His skil I will make this 'review' for this and the previous book, as they cannot be separated in any way. His skills themselves, as far as we are introduced of and told about, are the same.

The Siege of Macindaw

Awesome, but.. At least in a book of fiction? Then, there are the few new elements to the story. What I find unacceptable with them, is the fact that they exist so very conveniently.

Macindaw the siege pdf of

Ofcourse, that is how stories are usually told, but what bugs me is that things have only been introduced in the beginning of this book, and then depended on in a few chapters. That is weak.

I expect more ingenuity.

Also, the general convenience of it all.. So single minded and simple, like there is no other possibility or way or option. It annoys me. Characters behave on a predetermined pattern. Not always,but often. It is annoying! That tower climb for instance.

The reason for it was a gamble. All of it.

Pdf macindaw siege the of

So many undetermined factors for it to be necessary, but there is no doubt whatsoever in its process! And I could give plenty more examples. I do hope John has learned from these two books and did better in the next, or I might rethink if I want to read more or not, although I find myself enjoying the read most of the time. Skandians still make me happy! Hooray for them! Jul 19, Marjolein rated it liked it Shelves: Read all my reviews on http: The Siege of Macindaw is the sixth instalment of the series and forms one story together with the fifth book.

The Siege of Macindaw

The main thing happening in this book is the actual siege. I was a little bit disappointed tha Read all my reviews on http: I was a little bit disappointed that it turned out to be almost solely about the siege.

It's a page read and it reads very fast, but focussing so much on this one event made it really feel like a middle book. In the end, not that much happens at all. Also I didn't remember just how much these books are focussed on younger readers. The main villain was mostly mean. I hope I'll like the next book in the series better. Hi-Res Cover. Ranger's Apprentice 6: Will is determined to rescue Alyss - even if it means laying siege to an enemy castle!

John Flanagan. Online retailers. Online retailers Or. Also by John Flanagan. Brotherband 8. Love Ranger's Apprentice 6: The Siege Of Macindaw? Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books.

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