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Enter “The Royal We,” a new novel by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, aka She and Morgan took a research trip specifically for the book. Yes, We Are Writing a Sequel to The Royal We! Posted at The Royal We Will Be a Movie! Hope I get to go see you at a book signing. The Royal We. Heather Cocks. download This Book. A fictional spin on the courtship of Kate Middleton and Prince William, The Royal We doesn't shy.

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Start by marking “The Royal We” as Want to Read: (Royal We #1) The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan is supposed to be a Kate Middleton fan fiction. That's what elevates The Royal We from just a good beach book to a beach book with a message--while remaining entertaining enough to keep your butt in your. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Smart, funny [Cocks and Morgan] write like the pros they've That's what elevates The Royal We from just a good beach book to a beach book with a message--while remaining entertaining enough to keep your .

The glitz and glamour and all the pomp is just too much for me to resist. After the wedding was over I was desperate for something to read that would be similar to the real life fairy tale. It sounded like the book I had been looking for….. I rushed to my library to pick up a copy and immediately busted into it when I got home. American Rebecca Porter was never one for fairy tales.

She came off as this whiney, immature, malicious, lime light stealing, opportunistic, jealous, bratty twin sister. Bex kept talking about the twin bond which ok yes twin bonding is a real thing but in this case the way Lacey treated Bex and Nick and everyone else for that matter was disgusting.

Bex was way too forgiving and understanding of Lacey across the board in everything. I especially hated her by the end even more than the actual villain in my opinion. The plot was interesting but not quite what I was expecting.

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The way the authors utilized the press really illustrated the pressures that celebrities and other public figures often face. It really gave me pause and made me think about how much the media twists and turns things to suit their purpose.

The Royal We Summary & Study Guide

Its a terribly ugly thing and yet a very real thing for people like Kate Middleton and Megan Markel. I liked how the press fit into the story and helped shape and move the characters through the plot.

However, I was frustrated that the plot was kind of depressing. I was hoping for way more romance and Cinderella-ness about it but instead I got a s after school special with loads of alcohol where the characters just happen to be royalty.

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There were many times in this book that I giggled but more times that I spent being sad and worried for so many of the characters but not in the good kind of way. I was jealous, sad, upset at Nick and then at Bex, and Lacey throughout the story and by the end I was just like for the love of go please let it be over! I felt a little cheated with all the build up and hype.

When Bex returns to England, Nick is at her apartment waiting for her, and they immediately reconcile. Nick takes Bex to meet Emma, and after the meeting he proposes to her.

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In Part Four, Bex and Nick are gearing up to make their engagement announcement official. The preparations have created strained relationships among Bex's friends.

When Nick goes back to the Navy, Bex is alone and feels highly isolated. Meanwhile, Bex is being groomed by Marj to fit the role of a Duchess. The Queen asks Bex to sign away her American citizenship. Freddie then confesses his long-repressed feeling for Bex, and they kiss again.

Review: The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan – The Lit Bitch

Bex denies him and they reconcile. Nick calls from the Navy and says Bex should not sign away her citizenship, but she does so anyway. Part Five picks up where the prologue left off: present day, just as Bex and Nick are to be wed.

Lacey and Bex fight because Clive has roped them into a blackmail situation. He has Lacey on tape talking about Bex and Freddie kissing, among other things.

'The Royal We' Imagines Life After Will And Kate's Happily Ever After

At the wedding rehearsal, Bex can tell that Nick already knows the details of the situation and he is furious. Like Loading K Sajorina March 5, at Maggie padawansguide March 6, at 8: Rebecca March 6, at And the most important question is.

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