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The second adventure in the Bartimaeus trilogy finds Nathaniel working his way up the ranks of the government, when crisis hits. A seemingly invulnerable clay. When a seemingly invulnerable clay golem begins making random attacks on London, Nathaniel and Bartimaeus must travel to Prague to discover the source of. Editorial Reviews. Review. Due to the success of his first campaign involving the Amulet of Samarkand, Nathaniel, now fourteen, has been.

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This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is. Jonathan Stroud The Golem's Eye The Bartimaeus Trilogy, book 2 For Philippa 1 The Main Characters THE MAGICIANS Mr. Rupert Devereaux Prime Minister of. Get this from a library! The golem's eye. [Jonathan Stroud] -- In their continuing adventures, magician's apprentice Nathaniel, now fourteen years old, and the.

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If one cares to, one can draw many parallels to our own world, just switch the magicians with modern politicians. The magic could be used as a metaphor for power and money. In other ways, exactly like democracies in Europe and USA.

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As far as I can recall, nobody asked us, the European public, would we like to stop trading with Russia? There was no referendum on that subject in any EU country. Nobody asks the public anything. If it seems to you that this scenario where one small group dominates another larger group seems unlikely, think again. I swear this real world we live in sometimes sounds more ridiculous than a third-rate fantasy novel.

No wonder I feel the need to escape it by reading first class fantasy novels. What is the explanation for general public being so passive and believing everything it is told in our world? I completely forgot about Kitty, a girl that shows up shortly in the Bartimaeus narrative and makes a fool out of him.

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Well, she turns out to be an important character in this novel and there is a good reason for her introduction for it makes sense not just in terms of the plot but in adding a human dimension to this novel. You see another thing I wondered about was what the relationship between the boy and the djinn would be like in the sequel. I took it for granted that there will be a relationship between the two of them. I assumed that the boy will, despite promising otherwise, summon the djinn to serve him once again.

I was not mistaken, for Nathaniel indeed summons Bartimaeus when he finds himself in trouble. I guess we can give him some credit for at least attempting to avoiding his promise.

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What make the dynamics of their relationship so interesting in the first one is the fact that Nathaniel is vulnerable to Bartimaeus because the spirit knows his name. He is only a few years older, but he is very much changed. Bartimaeus still can negotiate with him, because he knows his secret, but the relationship between them is different.

Nathaniel does show some sheds of decency that his superiors lack. Nevertheless, everything is different now. Hence, comes Kitty! This works very well with the premise of the novel that states that magicians are inheritably bad.

As I said, I quite liked how the magicians need for power is showed to be pathological in essence. Everyone who says anything against magicians is, a priori, considered an enemy of the state in much the same way as described in So, my initial question of whether this sequel would elaborate on politics, revealing more about the power structures and dynamics of this would, could be answered with yes. There is a lot of serious issues tacked through Bartimaeus sarcasm, from slavery to colonialism.

He is notorious for his funny remarks on humans, but this time we also get to see another side of him, the one hidden behind his sarcasm. What makes this possible is Kitty.

The author digresses into past to give us her background. This was also necessary because her story is connected with the plot in many ways.

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The reasons why Kitty hates magicians so much are quite relevant for the context of her story. In addition, the injustice Kitty suffered from the hands of magicians allows us to understand her actions. Her character development is handled with care.

We understand why she is so driven to take revenge. Being the moral character she is, makes her invoke admiration in Bartimaeus, invoking him to share his knowledge of history and human societies with her. His discussions and dialogues with Kitty were really interesting and well developed. For me, Bartimaeus was always the star of the story and I was quite happy with his role in this novel.

They break in, steal some documents and magical items, and Fred and Stanley set fire to the shop with an Inferno stick. Kitty is worried about being caught and harming commoners, but Stanley and Fred disagree, ignoring her protests against the fire. They return to the theatre in time for the rest of the play.

Afterwards, several major shops in London are broken into by a mysterious enemy; everyone sent to investigate or on duty there is killed. From the foliot Simpkin's point of view, he sees the attacker as a cloud of darkness.

Eye the ebook golems

Nathaniel switches to investigating the incident, discovering that six policemen and eight spirits including Simpkin were also killed by the creature. Most of the government suspects the Resistance of being behind the attack but Nathaniel thinks otherwise, citing the enormous scale of the attack.

Nathaniel and his master, Ms. Whitwell, are called to meet with the prime minister, Rupert Devereaux. He orders Nathaniel to find the Resistance and put a stop to their activities. Nathaniel returns home, searches for a competent demon for surveillance, and finally decides to summon Bartimaeus again, remembering various woefully unsuccessful demons he previously experimented with. He instructs Bartimaeus to find the unknown attacker, identify it, and destroy it if he can.

In the meantime, Bartimaeus meets an old friend named Queezle, and the two hunt for the mystery attacker, commanding a force composed of multiple djinn and foliots. Eventually, as Bartimaeus and Queezle split up to patrol, the attacker runs across Queezle and promptly kills her. Hearing her scream, Bartimaeus returns to assist her.

He arrives too late, but is able to track the attacker to the British Museum. He destroys the perceived black mist which conceals the attacker, and discovers that it is a golem, unharmable by djinn and other spirits. However, the golem attacks him as he flees, crushing him under an entire section of the Museum. Bartimaeus is rescued the following morning, and reveals the marauder's identity to Whitwell, Duvall, Nathaniel, and Tallow. Whitwell then orders Nathaniel to travel to Prague, the origin of golem magic, and find out who controls the golem.

Nathaniel travels to Prague to collaborate with a spy named Harlequin to discover who the magician that created the golem spell is. During the second meeting, the Czech police engage him and Bartimaeus, and kill Harlequin, after he gives Nathaniel the magician's name: Kavka.

Bartimaeus easily evades the police with Nathaniel, and they arrive at the magician Kavka's house. After 'breaking in', they convince Kavka not to create a second golem. The dreaded Mercenary from the previous book suddenly appears, and casually threatens the three of them. Kavka then destroys the golem manuscript, and a combat scene follows, ending with Bartimaeus blasting Verroq, the Mercenary, through a window with a hurricane, hurling him hundreds of feet away, but not killing him.

Kitty, while this occurs, meets with her friends in the Resistance, including their informant, Mr. Hopkins, and they are told that they will raid Gladstone's tomb in Westminster Abbey for artifacts of great power.

Kitty meets with a magician, whose identity remains unknown and is referred to as 'the benefactor', and who gives them the materials to enter the tomb.

That night, they enter Gladstone's tomb. As they loot his coffin, Stanley is killed by a powerful afrit named Honorius, caged in Gladstone's bones. The afrit then engages Fred in a blade fight, which delays it long enough for the rest of the living Resistance members to flee the tomb. As Kitty urges her aged leader, Mr. Pennyfeather, up the steps, Fred is killed by the afrit's antique sword, and the afrit quickly drags Mr.

Pennyfeather off. At this point, as Kitty flees, the afrit calls her back, imitating Mr.

Eye ebook golems the

Kitty hesitates, and Honorius attempts to kill her; she is saved by her pendant of silver due to all demons' antipathy to the metal, and Honorius' distraction at his rediscovering of the stars. She escapes, with only the staff of Gladstone, a magical talisman that casts lightning bolts upon saying the proper incantation, in exchange for her friends' deaths.

Nathaniel then returns to London, whereupon he is immediately whisked away with Whitwell to an emergency meeting with the prime minister. Nathaniel learns of the Resistance's raiding of Gladstone's tomb, and learns that Honorius is terrorizing all of London.

Nathaniel sends Bartimaeus to take care of Honorius, and Bartimaeus attempts to drown Honorius in the Thames, which should have killed him. Bartimaeus returns to Nathaniel, without much praise. Nathaniel then hatches a plan to lure Kitty Jones, who possesses Gladstone's Staff, into his clutches, by kidnapping her childhood friend Jakob Hyrnek.

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When Kitty goes to rescue her friend, she is attacked by the Night Police. Nathaniel, angry at the Night Police's intervention, sends Bartimaeus to escape with Kitty. He does so and takes her to the abandoned building where Nathaniel and Bartimaeus hid after the death of the Underwoods.