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Ten Cate Histologia Oral: Desenvolvimento, Estrutura e Função, 17a Edição, Ten Cate Histologia Oral (Portuguese Edition) by Antonio Nanci Free PDF. 3 ago. PDF Download Ten Cate. Histologia Oral (Em Portuguese do Brasil), by Antonio Nanci. If you ally need such a referred Ten Cate. Histologia. 24 jun. Just what do you do to begin checking out Ten Cate. Histologia Histologia Oral (Em Portuguese do Brasil), by Antonio Nanci PDF Ten Cate.

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For CH to exert its therapeutic effect, the root and K-files Dentsply Maillefer , using filing move- canal must be cleaned and shaped, and any exudate ments up to 1 mm short of the tooth length. The api- removed and completely filled with the paste Felippe cal stop was created through the use of two files et al. Moreover, dentine permeability is essen- larger than the one that bound first at working tial for ionic diffusion. However, change.

Preparation was completed using numbers 1, in these cases, dentine permeability may be reduced 2 and 3 Gates-Glidden burs Dentsply Maillefer , with for two reasons: if the CH paste was used in the initial a step-back of 2 mm at each change.

Cate pdf ten histologia

After root canal preparation, the phosphate, reducing its permeability Pashley et al. Furthermore, the canal pencil to guide the removal of the cementum layer, filling performed in the initial treatment might also which was performed with diamond burs and peri- decrease dentine permeability due to the penetration odontal curettes.

To neutralize residues of sodium hypochlorite tion Ordinola-Zapata et al.

The null hypoth- paper points, and the external surfaces of the roots esis was that there is no difference between ion diffu- were dried with gauze. The access cavities were sealed sion before root canal filling and after the removal of with Citodur Dorident, Vienna, Austria.

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Approxi- the filling material and canal re-instrumentation. The quality of Sixty maxillary and mandibular human anterior teeth the paste filling was monitored by radiographs. After with single, straight or slightly curved canals and coronal restoration with Citodur, the teeth were completely formed roots were used.

After preparation washed in distilled water and returned to their con- of the endodontic access cavity, the length of each tainers with 10 mL of distilled water, and pH mea- tooth was measured by introducing a size 10 K-file surements of distilled water were taken at different Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland in the periods 7, 14, 21 and 28 days — pH1.

Afterwards, the CH paste was removed with the was previously calibrated with pH 7. After 24 h, the canals light microscopy, the success of the removal of the were dried, the access cavities were sealed, and the cementum layer. The means of the pH measurements of distilled water from different groups are shown in Table 1.

The teeth were radiographed, and after 7 days E1 , with a mean of 6.

Cate histologia pdf ten

After 7 days, the pH of distilled water Seven days after the removal of the CH paste, the was again measured filled. The canals were Figure 1a illustrates the means of the pH measure- re-instrumented, with each apical stop re-prepared ments obtained from different groups before root through the use of two files greater than those previ- canal filling. Numbers 4, 5 and 6 Gates-Glidden burs were used in the middle and cervical thirds.

After Effect of procedures performed after the root canal receiving a final irrigation with EDTA and sodium filling on pH measurements hypochlorite, the canals were irrigated with 10 mL of distilled water, dried and sealed as previously described.

To compare the results of all groups, the existence of The teeth were stored in distilled water for 24 h.

After two variables was considered: filling material and that, they were immersed in 10 mL of fresh distilled experimental period. Comparing the pH measure- water pH 5. The pH measurements of the distilled water from pH measurements were recorded using a pH metre each post-filling period were pooled per group. Ion diffusion in retreatment from G3 Sealapex was significantly lower than those When the pH measurements were The Table 2 expresses the means of the pH measure- ments of the different groups obtained before and For 3.

In this study, the smear layer The optical microscope analysis showed that the procedure performed for this 1. Vertical bars indicate statistical equiva- lence.

Obviously, the presence of lateral with water of known pH 5. It was later noted that the pH measure- Before conducting pH measurements at the periods ments approached neutrality.

Histologia Bucal - Ten Cate

Ion diffusion in retreatment of water, as observed by others Deardorf et al. It is possible that greater intratubular penetra- Although the teeth and the canals had been tion of Sealapex, as seen in scanning electron washed with distilled water, the possibility that Kouvas et al.

Future research with scanning electron When compared to the values of E1, the highest microscopy will be carried out with the teeth used pH measurements were obtained after the initial in this study to assess the depth of penetration of placement of the CH paste, confirming the diffusion of each sealer.

In all periods of eral authors Estrela et al. The differences in the pH recorded, suggesting that it was possible to re-estab- means of the various groups show that the dentine of lish dentine permeability after re-instrumentation. This is probably due to the removal of filling material , Felippe Variations in the number, and to the reduction in the thickness of root canal length and diameter of dentinal tubules, and even the walls Tao et al.

Further- root surface. It must be not be totally excluded. In clinical practice, the amount of et al. In root dentine to occur Nerwich et al. Seven addition, an important and not to be ignored aspect days after the removal of CH paste, the mean pH differentiating this methodology and the clinical con- decreased E2 , although no significant difference was dition is the consumption of ions by diffusion observed relative to the previous periods pH1.

This was not evaluated Whereas some endodontic sealers may alter the pH in the present investigation, as the apical third was of dentine Tagger et al. This is why this book Ten Cate.

Histologia Bucal - Ten Cate

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