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The free Urdu book about Telepathy written by Muhammad Saad Quraishi now available in PDF or read online from this ebooks library. Telepathy: This is an application dedicated to Telepathy. The purpose of this application is to teach it's users the secretes of Telepathy. Telepathy Seekhiye book contains collection of lessons to learn telepathy in Urdu language. Click on the below mentioned link to read online and download.

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Plot summary[ edit ] It is a story starting with a teen age boy living in Shahdera town by outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan. The title of the story is given as "Devta" arising from Hindi language which stands for "god" or earthly god by the Hindu religion. He is described as Devta because of his fictional and mind control powers gained through the Telepathy or the mind science. It is the fictional autobiography of Farhad Ali Taimoor, a man with amazing telepathic powers. He fights with the group of Super Master and underworld mafias other criminal mind people and groups in different stages and a battle rages moving from continents and islands and into government circles and private power broker's homes. The story is a multiple of stories where Farhad is faced with opponents at every stage and in various forms.

Every wave of the Seen and the Unseen understands the meanings of the other thought, even if they are located at the opposite poles of the universe.

Book urdu telepathy in

Understanding the significance and meaningfulness of the Seen and the Unseen is the life essence of the universe. We, with a considered contemplation about this life essence, which is our own life essence as well, can explore the conditions and situations of other planets besides that of our own planet.

We can discover the thoughts of men and animals, can acquaint ourselves with activities of angels and jinni, and know the internal stimuli of plants and mineral.

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Continuous concentration transmutes the mind into Cosmic Unconscious and the artificial self—adopted shell of our personality is emancipated from the clutches of Ego and begins to observe it in the conscious. The targeted aim of the lesson of Telepathy that were started in Roohani Digest, Karachi in was that the sagacity pertaining to the significance and meaningfulness of the universe could be revealed upon the unpolluted minds and hearts of the young generation.

It is an occasion for rejoicing and gratefulness that our efforts have seen the light of success. The experiences of the students of Telepathy as reported in the following pages are evident of this thing.

Telepathy; the technique of transference of thought, is that branch of metaphysical science which has widely attracted the attention of the people of the present era.

A large number of books have been published on this subject in the western countries as well as in our own country. Without commenting on their literal values, it is said, that the knowledge presented in the form of this book has no parallel to it, because it is not based upon the occidental source rather the origin of this knowledge is that sublime heritage of our ancestors that has reached us in disciplic succession.

It is the blessings of our elders that the students of telepathy have been endowed with that thinking approach which is called the divine approach and this has helped them to remain on the straight path. Announcement regarding the publication of this book proved to be such an act which widely earned the approval in anticipation.

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Telepathy Book In Urdu

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This is an application dedicated to Telepathy. The purpose of this application is to teach it's users the secretes of Telepathy.

Book urdu telepathy in

Telepathy Definition: Noun Communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception. Popularized by Frederic W.

Telepathy In Urdu PDF Book By M Saad Quraishi Ebook Free Download

One who has such abilities is a 'telepath' which is technically different from 'psychic', who calls on and communicates with spirits rather than the minds of the living. The abilities themselves are described as 'telepathic'.

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Telepathy and the Subliminal Self by R. Osgood Mason

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