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Though sugar production in the next season might be lower compared with the current one, the focus of the industry and the government will largely be on reducing the inventory. The estimated sugar production this year October to September is The government had targetted five million tonnes for export. Sugar exports will have to continue next year too and the government should facilitate higher exports, say industry sources. With deficit rains, sugar production may drop next season in Maharashtra and north Karnataka. Even if there is a decline next year, the association expects the total production to be higher than the consumption. The season will commence with an opening stock of

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Corporate Finance: In March this year, the cane arrears pending for farmers was expected to be almost Rs. This should be lesser now. Industry sources point out that the production cost works out to Rs.

Apart from revising the minimum selling price upward to Rs. If India should export sugar, it should be competitive.

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In Tamil Nadu, the industry points out that the support schemes of the Central Government are all oriented to surplus production States. The mills cannot export sugar as the production 8. Tamil Nadu was the third or fourth largest producer of sugar in the country five years ago, with an annual production of 23 lakh tonnes. Now, it is just one-third of that.

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It is a platform also for alignments on issues such as energy security, connectivity and trade. Beyond the summit, the two countries are committed to engaging at several other levels, including the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure. SCO countries committed to strengthening economic cooperation and supporting the World Trade Organisation structure, while building more people-to-people ties, tourism and cultural bonds within the grouping. On the sidelines, Mr.

This month, Mr. Modi will meet U. President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G summit in Osaka.


While the current India-U. In his first major interview since the elections, Dr. How has the transition from being a full-time surgeon to Prime Minister been?

I have no experience in governance, so I have no pre-formed ideas. Any organisation or interest groups, people who want to work on youth action plans, etc, are welcome to come and meet me in the morning. Normally these are not ideas the government would have access to. Jaishankar was in Thimphu last week.

Where do you see ties at present and where are the avenues for growth? I think our ties are at their highest possible point but the hidden height of the mountain always remains. Jaishankar, we will do whatever it takes to strengthen ties further. No, I want to correct you, there is no delay, as no timeline was set.

I am very happy Mr. Modi accepted my invitation to visit when I was in Delhi, but I also told him that there was no need to rush. He has so many engagements laid out in his new tenure, and we look forward to his visit here when that is possible.

As far as Mangdechhu project is concerned, high-level visits are not connected to inaugurations or media events. Mangdechhu is in the final stages of completion now, and we have other bilateral projects that are being worked on: for example the South Asia Satellite programme.

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We have requested another government-to-government mega-hydropower project on the Sankosh river, which may see some progress as well. On hydropower, which is often seen as the cornerstone of the India-Bhutan relationship, there has been some criticism due to the environmental impact of mega dams, delays in big construction, and cost increases. Do you remain in favour of these mega- projects?

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The answer is yes, but the shift if probably to slow down the pace of [starting new projects]. During my tenure, I am targeting one mega-project, the Sankosh project, which will be a reservoir project, and if other current projects are completed, we might think of new ones.

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