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[KINDLE] Surrender: 1 (Bound Hearts) by Lora Leigh. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Surrender: 1. SURRENDER BOUND HEARTS 1 LORA LEIGH - Surrender Bound type pdf mendelian genetics by c kohn answers interview questions and. (c) >>> page 1 of 7 PDF File: e11a2c Submission Bound Hearts 1 & 2 By Lora Leigh KINDLE PDF EBOOK. EPUB.

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I did enjoy it though and would recommend it to anyone who likes Lora Leigh. Jul 07, Tony rated it liked it Shelves: I really liked how the interaction between Cole and Tess was described, which was mostly sexual in nature. View all 11 comments. This was a very quick read! I think that the author could have drawn this story out to a full length novel and would have been better! The reason I say this is because the characters are very likable and have great chemistry!

It would be nice to know the background between Cole and Tess. There could have been more of how they flirted over the years and how they secretly loved each other from afar! Instead all I got was really good sex scenes without all the sexual tension to make them great sex This was a very quick read!

Instead all I got was really good sex scenes without all the sexual tension to make them great sex scenes!!! Very hot, very sexy, nicely naughty quickie. The BDSM elements were suitably sexy and I liked that Cole expected Tess to do what came naturally to her, even if that meant fighting him about what she wanted.

I don't know if I'd be very forgiving to a guy who disappeared right after a huge emotional showdown with my mom but it seemed like Tess got over it, so Hot right from the beginning, sex, sex, and more sex. It didn't slow down either, it's like one long orgasm…. The whole Tess's father knowing Coles kinks and giving permission for him to take his daughter…… Not my kind of kink at all… I don't think fathers should know about their kids sex lives and damn sure shouldn't get involved or even let on to knowing about it, but hay that's just my POV.

Short quick read. I would give more stars except there wasn't much character development just a hell Hot right from the beginning, sex, sex, and more sex. I would give more stars except there wasn't much character development just a hell of a lot of sex, not that's anything wrong with that.

Ella was lame. I liked it for what it was, I suppose. Cole was hot. I actually bought into the story. The author did a good job of making me fall in step with the story. The progression of the characters made sense and none of it really seemed awkward. The one thing that I did not really like was how involved Tess' parents were. Her dad was too supportive and her mom was too big of a weirdo prude.

Cole has been lusting for Tess for years, and apart from one hot interlude against a wall she has pushed him away afraid of her desire for him, afraid of his domination. This book is great if you are looking for a hot read, the sex starts early and keeps on rolling. There isn't much more to this story, it pretty much is shagging and lots of it with some BDSM and a threesome thrown in for fun.

It an okay read, I wish there was more actual romance but it was fun.

It was OK--there was very little plot and it's typical Laura Leigh with a run-all-over-you alpha male lots of sex. I'll continue with the series in hopes that it will get better like the Breeds series I didn't care too much for the first book in that series either.

I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. I am a big fan of Lora Leigh but this book just was blah. I had read another later book in the bound hearts series and loved it so I wanted to start the series from the beginning.. Very short, quick read. I felt it was rushed and just missing something Read it in two hours.

I was disturbed that her father set her up to be basically raped. She might have enjoyed it but when a woman says "No" it's a No. I read a lot of erotic books but this one was just too disturbing at the beginning. Not much of a story line outside of bedroom. Rated it 3 stars because it had great details that was very steamy.

This is definitely not a book for erotica virgins. Lora Leigh writes it hot and kinky. And you have to be alright with the C-word, for sure. The ending was weird I would have preferred a heavy sigh of satifaction and the closing curtain. Now, where can I find a Cole of my own? As much as i enjoyed this book, some parts annoyed me.

I knew this book would have sex and lots of it in it. That did not surprise me. Clearly Cole to begin with didn't understand what the word no meant. How on earth did Tess sleep through Cole tying her to the bed? I know Tess was fighting her feelings for Cole, i think that was down to her mum's opinions to sex. Overall a quick read.

I guess an erotic plot cant get better in only pages. The hot stuff was well written, but you don't really connect with the characters, but I cant say i expected more. Sure, it was a fun quick read which is why I recommend it, and sure, it was hot, but not something ill remember tomorrow. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Readers Also Enjoyed. About Lora Leigh. Lora Leigh. Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting. She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared.

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Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. Other books in the series. Bound Hearts 1 - 10 of 14 books.

Books by Lora Leigh. Trivia About Surrender Bound Book 5 of the Bound Hearts series Kimberly has ru… More. Shelve Sacrifice. Book 6. Embraced by Lora Leigh. Marey has run from herself and from Sax for over… More.

Shelve Embraced. Book 7. Shameless by Lora Leigh. Shelve Shameless. Book 8. Forbidden Pleasure by Lora Leigh. People have heard fleeting rumors about The Club. Shelve Forbidden Pleasure. Book 9.

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Wicked Pleasure by Lora Leigh. Shelve Wicked Pleasure. Book Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh. Since Chase Falladay came to her rescue two years… More. Shelve Only Pleasure. Guilty Pleasure by Lora Leigh. The sizzling new erotic tale from New York Times… More. Shelve Guilty Pleasure. At least there, even in the dark, frightening abyss of desires too dark to name, she had a purpose, rather than her fears. She stared down at the large stuffed gorilla she clutched to her chest in her sleep.

A present from her father when she left with her mother. Something to keep the bad dreams away, he had said sadly, even though she had been an adult. Tess often had bad dreams.


She was just entering college at the time, and could have made her own choice. But her mother had needed her. Or Tess had thought she did.

Tess had installed her own phone line straight out of college and moved her bedroom to the upper floor where her mother rarely ventured.

She needed her privacy, and her mother was prone to butt in wherever she could. She was entitled to sleep in.

Bound Hearts 01 - Surrender

Resigned, Tess got of bed and headed for the shower. He owned a national electronics corporation and lived the lifestyle he chose. He gave dinners, attended charities and threw yearly parties.

She had done her best to raise her daughter the same way. Tess did hate parties. She always had and she knew she always would. She invariably ended up going alone. Always ended up leaving alone.

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Parties jinxed her. Men jinxed her, they had for years. But she was committed to this party. She had promised.

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What could she do but get ready to go? She grimaced, confused as she pondered her lack of a love life. Or perhaps sex life.