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From: lostnbronx Date: Mon, 30 Apr I Think a certain day could easily be put aside as a day for topical or timely episodes. It might be best, though, not to announce it as being such to the general listenership, so that if there's a dearth of news-type shows one week, another type of ep can be dropped in without any need for a special announcement.

From: Kevin O'Brien Date: Tue, 01 May I'm going to try this again since I hit the wrong button last time and sent it Ken personally instead of to the list.

Just for the sake of discussion it occurs to me that while DeepGeek is on a hiatus for the moment, he had a weekly news spot every Friday.

I don't know if there is any understanding that he will come back and resume his spot, but if so, would this mean 2 days a week reserved for newscasts? That might be a bit much. Regards, -- Kevin B. O'Brien zwilnik zwilnik. From: Cobra2 Date: Tue, 01 May I honestly don't think news should be broadcast over HPR as it dilutes the technology how to with mindless dribble that can be found almost anywhere else.

Where else can so many people share their ideas. The strength of HPR is anything and everything is acceptable content as long as it is of interest to hobbyists. But as I look back over the history of HPR, most attempts to add structure or a rigorous schedule just haven't worked.

The one exception is the current policy of syndicated Thursdays. I have to agree with cobra2.

Revue epub strelecka

If people want to do news shows, that's great. But IMHO, unless it is really important event announcements it should take it's place in the queue with everybody else. There awesome because the guests are hilarious.

Images of America: Signal Mountain by Priscilla N. Shartle and Mary Scott Norris (2008, Paperback)

The stories just give them something to talk about. Even when their news is weeks old, they are still fun to listen to. So, there's my two cents. For what it's worth from a long time listener who has never contributed a show. One of the things I like about hpr is I don't know what to expect. The more I know what to expect I think the less I'll like it. I look forward to many of the scheduled shows, and the ones that may not appeal to me probably appeal to lots of other folks.

But I would favor not adding to them because part of the charm of HPR is not knowing what to expect. About one time out of every shows I will hit the "Next" button on my MP3 player, which is not bad, really.

But I would rather the occasional show that does not appeal to me than missing out on the gems. Unless it is going to be used to syndicate some sort of news show.

News is not content it's just a filler if there is nothing else left to talk about. I know the rules state of interest to hobbyists. Shows that have a fairly long shelf life not something that can be outdated if a week or two passes by.

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Also, as someone who is very new here, I am concerned that, if many slots are filled up with scheduled shows, aspiring contributers miight be dismayed to find that a show uploaded, say today, might not be posted until late June or July.

This can be a demotivator. As an aside, I can count on both sets of fingers the number of shows I've hit "Next" on. The variety of HPR is one of its main attractions for me. Usually, when I do hit "Next," it's because the topic is so technical say, a programming language that I can't follow it. Once or twice--no more than that--it has been because the premise of the show was nonsensical--nevertheless, thanks to HPR, I got to hear and evaluate the premise, which, without the HPR's variety, I would not have had the opportunity to do.

Dev Random The following show will be dropped from Syndicated Thursday. Sunday Morning Linux Review. Is this correct? The news shows I submit to HPR are actually "one half" of my regular show. Therefore, in theory, a news-lover would be able to go to my website and subscribe via RSS and get my shows rather quickly, if they so desired.

However, I also need to point out two more things. First, I agree with another poster that a distinction needs to be made between a show that is about the guests, with current events thrown in as something for them to comment upon; as opposed to my show which is purely about the stories I do rarely make editorial comments, but I try to keep my personal opinions to a minimum.

Second, I disagree with yet another poster that what I offer should be "filler" and qualifies as something "that can be found almost anywhere. In regards to this opinion, I ask you to consider whether or not it is widely held amongst the general listnership, which to I understand is not entirely present on this list.

Thanks for considering, DeepGeek From: Fifty OneFifty Date: Sat, 5 May I our discussion of whether we want to keep syndicated shows, we should not lose sight of the fact that last year Ken was really scrambling to find content to keep HPR broadcasting on a daily basis.

While I think most of the shows in syndication would understand, I hate to put Ken in the position of saying, "Thanks, but we don't need you any more".

As for variety, maybe we consider offering syndicated shows a limited run, 2 or 3 shows, not in consecutive weeks, as an introduction to our listener base. Afterwards it would be incumbent on our listeners to add those shows to their queue if they like what they hear.

Rotate the order which show airs first. My idea is that as soon as the emergency queue gets a month's worth of shows they could be put out periodically into the regular queue. They could be tagged with a tech rating and the more techie ones used first.

How about having 2 parallel tracks? All good and fine - I have 3 shows that need editing to help contribute to the problem.

Thanks to all the HPR community members and admins. I love the show. I think these thoughts have a lot of merit. Also, I must say I have heard some syndicated shows that I do enjoy, but not enough to actually subscribe to, so I find the idea of maintaining variety appealing..

My concern is that, if there are too many dedicated days, the dedicated days could turn into a regular line-up. Just my two cents.

Strelecka Revue Pdf download

I want to thank each and every person subscribed for keeping the conversation respectful, and on topic. Most mailing lists that I've seen could not have accomplished that. As to the scheduling multi-lemma, I have a few thoughts that I would thank you all in advance for considering: We have the kind of crisis that we've always wanted, namely: we have too many shows.

This is an opportunity that I don't think we should squander. At the same time we're trying to establish a scheduling policy that an unmanned system can obey. The goal, as I see it, is to create rules that can deal with an abundance of shows without wasting them. Right now what we have is a scheduling policy that worked very well with a lack of shows, and in fact it helped to replenish them.

So I believe that we need either: one set of rules that can cope with either situation, or two sets of rules and a way for a deterministic system to identify and transition between them. Please chime in on this if you are good with policy. As I see it, at least part of what we're dealing with is a resource management problem.

People create content for us, and sometimes they assume that it has an expiration timeframe. Some content simply must be used before it's creator feels that it has expired, or we can expect that that creator will seek other venues in which to publish their content.

We need a way of distinguishing "perishable" content from "non-perishable" content. We also need a way of putting a date on the perishable content.

If you have experience with user feedback systems, we could really use your help especially with this part. Since identifying potential problems without offering solutions is just bitching, I have a couple of suggestions.

Syndicated Thursdays and "timely content" I for one, am grateful to the shows who have allowed us to fill holes in our que with their content.

While the syndicated Thursday slot was originally implemented out of necessity, I feel that it is an overall plus to continue the practice. We have developed friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with other podcasts that I would be hesitant to put it mildly to sever, and there are other great podcasts that we don't even know about yet.

I agree with Frank Bell in that I think the syndicated Thursday feed is a great discovery tool, and I'd hate to loose it as such, but I also see these shows as friends, and I want to make sure that we treat them like it.

I don't think it's in anyone's best interest for us to abandon that kind of relationship, or the content that has so generously been offered to us. And there is no limitation to the place where the book comes from. But for a better understanding and a convenient reading, I divide them into several kinds depend on your different reading devices.

Images of America: Signal Mountain by Priscilla N. Shartle and Mary Scott Norris (2008, Paperback)

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