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Edit on GitHub started When you click on a hyperlink or submit an HTML form in a Struts 2 web The resource is generally a server page , but it can also be a PDF file, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Java applet window. struts2 documentation: Getting started with struts2. Download eBook (PDF) the file; related dependencies; example applications; a copy of. InfoQ Homepage Guides Starting Struts 2 Struts2 is the latest manifestation of the popular Struts Java web application Download PDF.

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Uploaded by: GERTRUDIS effort of all the developers of WebWork, XWork and Struts2. stream PDF, Microsoft Word, images, or other data. Struts 2: the modern web application framework 3. 2 □. Saying hello to Struts 2 .. ted to my editor that I had started work on Struts 2. Needless to say, the soon. Struts 2 Tutorial in PDF - Learn Struts 2 in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Basic MVC Architecture.

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Starting Struts 2

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Struts 2 Interceptors Struts 2 Interceptor Tutorial with Custom Interceptor Example Struts2 interceptors are the backbone of the framework and defined in struts-default package. Struts2 interceptors are great example of Chain of Responsibility pattern implementation.

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This article explains about the working of interceptors and how easily we can create our own interceptor and configure it for action. The article shows how we can achieve authentication across the application with the use of custom interceptors and make our code loosely coupled and achieve flexibility with code reuse. Struts2 token interceptor We can use Struts2 token and tokenSession interceptors to handle multiple form submission problem at server side in the web application.

This article explains about these interceptors in detail with a working example. Struts2 execAndWait interceptor We can use Struts2 execAndWait interceptor to return an intermediate response page to client incase of long running action classes.

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Once the action class execution is finished, the final response is returned to the client. This article explains about execAndWait interceptor and how can we use this for long running action classes.

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The article provide details about the usage of OGNL expressions and how we can create our own type converter classes. Struts2 Data Tags Struts2 comes with rich tags that can be categorized into data, control and UI tags. This article provide details about majorly used Struts2 data tags with example project.

With struts2 pdf starting

First one, name, specifies the value which our Action class will return; this value is returned from the execute method of Action class. This is the default method name which will be executed.

The second part, location, tells which is the file to be referred to after the execute method has returned a value. The same configuration can be achieved by providing XML configuration file:. This is the content of result.

This web app can be run in any web container, for example in Apache Tomcat. These are the required steps for accomplishing it:. In this tutorial, we walked through a step by step guide, how to create our first Struts2 web application.

We covered different MVC related aspects in the Struts2 domain and showed how to put them together for development. As always, this tutorial can be found over on Github as a Maven project.