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All Michel stamp catalogues listed with the publishing date and the content of the Online Stamp Catalogues of countries all over the world. The best starting point for finding your stamp catalog most of the times for free online. World Stamp Catalogue. A catalogue of postage stamps from around the world. Dünyanın poçt markalarının kataloqu • Catalogue des Timbres du Monde • Welt.

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Uploaded by: ELOIS is the largest, most complete and updated online stamp catalogue in the world with features to download and sell stamps and collections. Postage stamps have existed since All countries issue stamps and many of them use stamps as a way to publicise their culture or special occasions. The use of the MICHEL numbering system in catalogues, albums and other systematic listings of Hugo Michel's first stamp catalogue was published in. Apolda.

Stamp collectors use Scott numbers to identify specific stamps when downloading, selling or trading stamps, and for easy organizing their collections. Each stamp issued by a country has a unique number. What is the idea behind this unique Scott numbering system? It is very simple. First of all, each stamp is assigned with a special number. Secondly, special-purpose items are marked with the corresponding capital letter such as B for semi-postal stamps or C for airmail.

At this point the Michel Germany catalogue is in German only.


Rumours say that the next edition will be in English aswell. Here is an expanation of the terms used in German Michel catalogues translated in English: They have also published catalogs for other parts of the world in English.

Online Stamp Catalogues - World Stamp Catalogues

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Catalogue pdf stamp

Magazine Catalogue Webshop. Freestampmagazine — Stamp Collecting Blog. Privacy notice. Michel stamp catalogues 0 Flares Filament. Our Free World Stamp Catalogue.

Trodat Catalogue 2017/2018

Shows almost all stamps released between the s and present. FSC is a simplified catalogue, which displays just sets and souvenir sheets. No booklet, minisheets, errors or special items. It is possible to search on country or topic.

Also a combination with or without a period selection is possible. The catalogue is powered and updated by PostBeeld.

In exchange PostBeeld prices are shown for stamps that are in stock. A button leads to the particular article on the PostBeeld. Proofs Any impression of an officially approved design die, plate or stone, regardless of the color or paper used.

Catalogue pdf stamp

Proofs were not to be sold to the public. Under this heading are included the imperforate stamps, which had been sold perforated in the Post Offices and which had been stored in the GPW. A large part of the remainders in the GPW came to the collectors inofficially due to irregular war times.

Scott's standard postage stamp catalogue

Cancellations Cancellations are considered as genuine either they have been used on postal items or have been cancelled to order within the term of validity.

The obliterations can have been applied with genuine cancellers by Postal Authorities or with their permission after the expiration of validity.

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They are considered as cancellations by favour. Forged cancellations are either total forgeries or applications by unauthorized persons using genuine cancellers. The prices are considerably higher today.

The prices apply for items in average condition.