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PDF | Mirizzi syndrome, known as extrinsic bile compression syndrome, is a rare complication of cholecystitis and chronic cholelithiasis, secondary to the. Opinion statement. Mirizzi syndrome is an important complication of gallstone disease. If not recog- nized preoperatively, it can result in significant morbidity and. Mirizzi syndrome is a condition difficult to diagnose and treat, representing a particular “challenge” for the biliary surgeon. The disease can.

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Mirizzi Syndrome is a rare and challenging clinical entity to manage. However, recent advances in technology have provided surgeons with. Mirizzi syndrome. Methods We have conducted a literature search in Medline and Embase data bases using Ovid search engine using the. Mirizzi syndrome is a rare cause of obstructive jaundice. The syndrome refers to obstruction of the common hepatic duct by extrinsic compression usually from a gallstone impacted in Hartmann's pouch or the cystic duct. In , A rgentinean surgeon Pablo Luis Mirizzi, first.

Pre-operative identification of this entity is difficult and surgical management constitutes a formidable challenge to the operating surgeon. Aim: To analyse the clinical presentation, pre-operative diagnostic strategies, operative management and outcome of patients operated for MS in a tertiary care centre. Materials and Methods: This retrospective study identified patients operated for MS between January and August and recorded and analysed their pre-operative demographics, pre-operative diagnostic strategies, operative management, and outcome. Results: A total of 20 patients was identified out of cholecystectomies performed during the study period giving an incidence of 1. There were 11 males and 9 females with a mean age of Abdomen pain and jaundice were predominant symptoms and alteration of liver function test was seen in 14 patients.

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Mirizzi syndrome

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Case report

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Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

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