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Secrets of Yantra Mantra and Tantra by L R Chawdhri - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Hidden. Secrets Of Yantra Mantra And Tantra By L R Chawdhri Tantra By L R Chawdhri [PDF] [EPUB] Soham or Sohum (?????? so 'ham or so.

Yantras in Practice 14 3. Practical Yantras for Daily Life 40 4. How to Worship Mantras? Rosary, Beej Mantra and Samput 82 7. Division of Mantras and their use 89 8. Specific Mantras 9. The Tantra and its Division

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Chawdhri books to read online. Chawdhri in mail id. From reader reviews: Frances Carlton: Micheal Moore: Annie Smith: Chawdhri EPub. Posted by liviopalerma at Venkateswaran V 15 September at Karate Om". It is composed of 21 sub-triangles enclosed by a big triangle. Mangai Mantra The Mangal Yantra is in the shape. In the case of severe diseases. After installing the yantra in the place where puja is conducted in the house.. It also offers protection from accidents.

In each triangle. This yantra is assigned to Lord Hanuman and the Mars planet. The procedure for making a yantra is as follows: Red sa. Yantras i 21 i Mars is significator of husband in the case.

The yantra should be placed before Gra.. The next day. When the position of Mars is weak in the birth chart or positioned in the 6th. The pen may he of peacock feather. After purification. The yantra should be written at an auspicious time when the planet is in Shukal Paksha bright phase. On the day of yantra puja. Nava Graz Yararas Whenever a particular planet.

The author has found that in such Aso the yantra can be prepared and puja is performed by the girt starting from Tuesday for 41 days. Any person who is wearing this yantra on his or her body or in the place of puja.

The wearer should have a green coconut and should offer 4ArghyaTto the sun thrice before wearing the yantra. Given below is a table in which the planet. Shukrae Namaba. Copper Oang Shung Ketuaya Namaha 1. Chanderye Namaha. PIA The yantra should be inscribed on gold. Budhae Namaha. This metal is used in making the yantra either by engraving or embossing. Every planet is associated with a particular metal. Manira u. Rhaniac Namaha. Mantra and Tantta near a to I.

Mars 4. Rahuac Namaha. The yantra can be embossed or engraved on copper. Namha 2. Moan 3. Ketuae Namaha. The yantsa should be carved on gold.

The yantra is composed of a circle. After performing yantra puja. The sadhaka. Is a unique mark as it indicates courage for the individual against any odds and ensures his success in all activities. The figures shown on the ya. It may be engraved or embossed on copper place. It signifies success in politics favours from superiors and the fulfiIment of desires.

Family progress at all limes. In one segment there k a snake which has number 38 on it. Vashi Karam Yantras The yantra shown in Fig.

The sum total of all the numbers is The yantra should be worn around the neck or kept on one's body. Bestows knowlege. These yantra. Milk gruel is given as offering during worship Mantra eadkriti a 0. Offer protection from all troubles and stand for health. Guitar carries number 91 on it.

Each segment contains a figure and a number. The mantra given below must be recited for 55 days. The yantra must be worshipped by the sa. Replace the word "Sham" given in the yantra with the name of the lady or man who has to be brought within one's contra Yantra puja is to be performed by collecting the dust from under the feet of the concerned person and an idol of dust must be made. The objective of securing the.

The yantra should be tied aroud the arm of either husband or wife. Success is assured in gaining the affections of the concerned man or woman. Refer Fig. The yantra should then be kept in a secret place near the idol.. There should be either 11 or 21 pills made from flour. Whenever the yantra moves due to the breeze.. This is a tried and tested yantra. Prior to writing the yantra. Bhooj pato. Gorochan should be mixed with water and the yantra he written on. This is a. While writing the yantra.

The words "WP7Tail ftrErdIrt" Eicautakshee Priyatam"should be recited and enclosed in the three metal talisman to be worn on' the right arm. Write the name of the concerned lady instead of the word "Devi" as used in the yantra.

It should be wrapped in a golden talisman and worn on the right arm by men and around the neck 1y women. The puja should lx performed for seven days and after that lunch should be served to Brahmin ladies. It is a very powerful yantra which has been used to win over ladie. The yantra is written on Bhooj patra with gorochana. The yantra should be written on Bhooj patra with camphor.

Tantra mantra secrets yantra pdf and of

When performing yantra. Yarrows in Practice 25 attracting the love of a person of the opposite sex. Replace the name of the person concerned with that of the word 'sham' given in the yantra. On the fourth day. Refer to Fig.

For Heart Attacks and Heim Problems Any of the yantras should be written on Bhooj Patra with Saffron and worn around the neck with a talisman made of copper or silver.

When a. The following yantra must be written with Ashat Oauad on Bhooj Paira and worn around the neck or kept on one's person. The yantra should be written with kesar on a Sunday. These are also known as 'Pacification Yantras'. This ensures a quick recovery. The yantras can be worn either embossed or engraved on copper or stainless ACC! The name of the patient should replace the world "Sham" in the yantra.

The mantra should be recited times before wearing the yantra. Cure From Gout This is a yantra of Mahamritanje mantra carved on eopper plate and tied like a bangle around the wrist of the right hand on Thursday merging. The patient is cured by the constant use of the yantra. The constant use of t h is yantra will cure. Mantras include the cures of diseases and warding off the evil influences of planets. Puja of the yantra should be performed by offering white flowers.

In order to prevent the enemy. Offer lunch to a Brahmin and recite the word 45bl-I hiv" 41 limes. To remove the Fear of Souls i This yantra Fig.

Write this yantra with the name of the enemy on a Gold plate as shown in Fig. Copyrighted material.. They can be stopped from doing evil and bringing harm through the following yantras. Write this yantra on the wall of your house with the name of the enemy with "Khatia Mitti". It should be carved on copper or stainless steel plate.

The water should be taken by the person concerned. The name of the enemy should be written below the yantra. The enemy will stop causing trouble. Puja should be done and Jaggery and gruel offered for the Puja. Either of the yantras should be written on a new earthen pot and buried in Fire. The author has used this yantra.

Of tantra mantra secrets yantra pdf and

The persons who oppose may he a woman or a man. One will be cured. This is a Tested yantra from Saun. Yang in Practice 27 Another use of this powerful yantra is for the child who weeps too much.

When a child weeps too much during the day or night or during sleep. For A Missing When a person is missing or has left the house without intimation and their whereabouts are not known. To create videshan between persons write the yantra ire Fig 2.

Mount it on a spinning wheel. Wear this ring. After writing the yantra. As and when you will approach any officer or anybody else. This is used when persons are harming you and do not come around in spite of all efforts. Vi des ha n Yantra Videshan means creating differences between two or more persons. If you hear weeping. As and when you will approach the enemy. Write this yantra with Kesar or Saffron on a piece. A virgin girl should revolve the spinning wheel seven times and after that the spinning wheel should be placed erect facing the sky.

Mantra and Marra Engrave or emboss this yantra shown in Fig 2. The person will favour you. Our shastras allow us to create differences between husband and wife. Keep it under your tongue and approach the enemy.

He will work as per your wish and desire. Through yantras. After 21 days Puja of the yantra. This yantra is best suited for Uchattan of a person.. The relations will break between persons whose names are written.. Ref Fig 2. Light a fire in a broken piece of earthen pot and put the yantra over it. Show the yantra t a the persons or throw it in their house.

The yantra should be kept with you. Uchcha Min Etiony Lichattan Yantra: As and when. Invite Brahmin for lunch after Puja. Pooja be performed during Krishna Faksha night with red flowers and Red scented articles. They will fight between l he m.

Perform pooja. The most important point for this yantra is to perform Ganesh Puja before writing the yantra and doing pooja of Yantra. The Sadhaka should paint his body with red colour.

Make a talisman of it. The person whoseUchat t an is required must be asked some way or the other to wear it on his neck or on his arm.

As long as this yantra remains in the house. It should be buried or thrown al the place of residence. Relations will become strained. Write this yantra on Bhooj Patra with blood of Anamika Jupiter finger.

Write this yantra. Pooja of the Yantra should be performed by wearing red clothes and rosary of red flowers. Yantras in Practice 29 the yantra in the house of the person. Write the names of the persons below the yantra. Fig i Write i his yantra on a copper plate.

This being a nefarious action has not becri detailed here in this book. The enemy will face U. Noire These yantras are supplied by the. Mantra and Taunt crows. A— f vsi -i citi e Fig Li rj I. Write the name of the child.

The yantra should be tied on the right arm before going to gamble in order to ensure victory. The yaritra should be put around the neck of the child in order to be protected from the evil eye and other ailments. Perform puja.

The Yanira should be wrapped in the root of Aapamarg. For the Protection lira Child A child who suffers from fever. Puja of the yan. The yantra is shown in Fig. It will yield success. After conception. If a barren woman or a lady whose conception has been delayed recites this yantra ten thousand times she will become pregnant. Yantras shown in Fig. Practical Yallifas far Daily Life 3.

After the birt h of the son. The yantra can be writ tenon stainless steel or Copper sheets also. The yarn ra should be written with Mush.

Secrets of Yantra Mantra and Tantra by L R Chawdhri

When a man is involved in law suits or quarrels or enmity with anybody or in those cases in which the promotion of a person is held up. Cauri Shankar l'untra This is the most powerful yarnra.!. The yantra should be kept on the person or put around the neck.

If a man recites this ya. Saver or Stainless steel pate. If she ties this yantra around her waist and performs intercourse. It is shown in Fig. After puja the yani ra must be tied around the waist of the woman for 40 days.. The tendency to have miscarraigcs will stop.

To Remtive Stammering When a person stammers or a child does not speak on time. Sweet Pongal should be offered for puja. This yantra must be. Mantra wk.

Tantra pdf secrets of yantra mantra and

If somebody keeps this yantra with him be is blessed with wealth and comfort. Stammering will stop and the child will also start speaking.. After puja the yaritra should be fixed at the place of business or on the shop etc. The Yantra can be embossed or engraved on copper or stainless gee plate and the yantra tied around the waist of a lady after pregnancy.

The yantra should be washed in water 60 times and the water taken by the person. The following mantra must be recited for 45 days WOO times daily in order to boost sales. This yantra should be carved on copper or stainless steel plate or on a paper with black ink. Math fra aim Tontra fulfilled. In case a man writes this yam ra with the bkx. Write this yantra on a piece of paper with saffron or engrave it on stainless steel or copper plate. Put this yantra. The yantra should be written on Bhooji Patra with Ashat gaud or with musk on plain paper.

IET trg troznwr: To Prevent Abortions W hen a lady faces continuous abortions and desires the birth of a child. Baglamukhi Yantra 3. After all Nayases. The ialisman should be worn around! This yantra is also useful to eradicate poverty. Practical Ywitras for Daily Life 43 Bhairon Yantra 5.

The Yantra be wealth and happiness. Write the yantra on white cloth. Put the talisman around his neck. He will leave the habit of drinking. Kali or Maha Kali Yantra d. Bhuvaneshwari Yantra This yantra is made as shown in the Figure 3. The sadhaka wins over worries. Refer to. Tara Yantra To Stop the Drinking Habit When a man is in the. The Japa Mantra of Yantra is as: Daily after iapa. In Homa use red flowers and ghee.

It blesses the sa.. After obeisance to the Guru a worshipper is to perform one Iakh 'Jape' after which Homa is to be. Iva Marrira thr 4nr If gr q7. The yantra can he made on Rhooj Patra. In Vishwas Ratan and Rudrayamal its upasana has been given in detail.. J apa is to be performed by taking build rice with ghee and by subduing pas.

She has fat body. Secrets of Van Ira. The Yantra has been shown in Fig. Due to old age she has a bend in her spinal chord. The puja be. The place for worship is a cemetery where. Dhumavati Yantra The u.

Homa must be performed with Honey and Kinshuka. Chhinmasta or Parchand Chandika Yantra This yantra is very powerful and effective.

The Yantra is used for all round success and spiritual uplift and should be written on Bhooj Para with Ashat Gand or on gold.

Further details arc available in MaharnabTantra and Meru Tantra. This yantra as shown in Fig 3. All desires are fulfilled by uttering the Mantra of this goddess.

After its installation. Kavach path of Devi should be recited and then puja of the yantra performed for one lakh times. Horne be performed with ghee.

For poioja use this Mantra. Ten thousand mantras are to be performed for Homa. Shreeng 40 is known as Lakshmi Mantra.

Mahalakshami or Karnali' Yantra This yantra is very powerful and effective as the. Wear wet clothes and a turban.. Laksharni Foga Mansr: The one letter Bij.. Praeacal Yantrias for Daily Life 45 A sadhaka is to perform one lakh japa on the 4th day of Krishna Paksha Dark Night in solitude or in a cremation ground or in the forest by observing fast and remaining silent the whole day and night.

Matangi Yantra Shri Mata. The mantra is as follows: Bilwa fruit. According toSarada. Ten thousand Tarpana should be offered with cool and pure water. The yantra cart be carved or embossed on copper or silver plate.

Secrets of Yantra Mantra and Tantra by L R Chawdhri

ThiR is recommended to the sadhaka. Palasa tree. Ten lakh "Japas" of the mantra are to be made with one lakh mantra and "homa". According to Prapanehasara. Mantra Lend Tanira A. Samclha of Banyan tree. This mantra is given in part L For the convenience of the sadhaka we again provide the mantra.

The Yantra dispels all sorts of fears. Homa should be performed with ten thou. Mantra with samput. After doing all " Nyas ". The Yantra mum. Purify the Yantra with mantras This mantra can then be worn as directed for Shri Yantra.

Do the puja while in a comfortable asana. This yantra particularly relieves one from all dreadful diseases. One lakhjap and ten thousand Homa Sacrificial Fire with Bilwa fruit and honey should be.. The person who has to perform pooja keeps good health and is free from ailm.

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Raha palimatavyarn mudita-rnala-mayen manasa ma hakiah P asyan to dcdhati Pare manda laharim. Mantra It should b. This can be kept by. Practical Yantra. The Yaritra is specially powerful for ail chronic. It should be written with a special black ink.

For the siddhi of the yantra. Winning Over Enemies This yantra has also been tested by the author. The mantra should be worshipped for days. The food for offering is milk gruel and Pansupari. Traffir err: Some Muhammadan leanly-as These live yantras have been passed on to the author by a practising.

Saffron or turmeric. The Vanua should be inscribed. The effects of the evil eye and souls will be removed and one remains protected from such effects.. For lnraltuations This yantra is for infatuation of women. Mantra and Tooara The yantra should then be buried in a cemetery or at "Eshamshanshat. For Separation This yantra has to be used in three ways. Devas and demons..

The mantra duals with the power bestowed by meditation on the Devi presiding over the kamaraja kuta in the form of lccha Sakti. Write the name of parson al bottom. He claims that these are very etIcetiw.

Pdf yantra and of secrets mantra tantra

Write this yantra on paper and exorcise it 41 times T Write the names of persons to be separated at the bottom of tilt yantra. The mantra must be recited for 45 days. Afairlirey The ii intro is pronounced thus: Write the name at bottom of yantra.

He will vacate the place. Ref Fig. Burn it in tire. C Mix salt in water in new earthen pot. Both will face troubles and separate as the salt will mix in water. To Get the Howie Vacated When a tenant or anybody else does not vac-ale a house or premises. Both will face trouble and will be separated. Put the yantra inside also.

Put it in a bottle and bury in the ground. Practical Yantras [or Daily Life 49 B Recite this yantra over a piece of salt for one lakh limes in three days and then pin it on the lire. Separation will take place between the two or else there will be a constant bickering between them. The name of the occupant should be written at the bottom or the yantra.

The water should be taken by both persons. Write the yantra on paper. After that. Note All yantras duty purified ar supplies for the benefits of mankind. J 6 C opy rig hied m ateri al. Zo 10 cz.. P9 et-. The be is widespread even today. These are to be used in copper. Gold or written on Bhooj Paira etc. Om This is a lucky sign for prosperity. The signA hould be worn after they are purified by a compoent Tantrik. As far back as we know. The sign can be of Gold. The results obtained are marvellous.

CimitmsThe right charm has been studied by a great many people and such items are available with Indian Gypsies and others. Everywhere people carry a lucky sign. The author has supplied to many to use these lucky signs according to their requirements on a specific metal. Swastika Ti is the most auspicious and tested replica. An auspicious sign for prosperity.

Not only does it save the wearer from opposition and mernies but is also used for spiritual advancement. Minim and Tun bra 2. Sword it is a sacred symbol among Sikhs. Hand The figure of the hand is a symbol of the good qualities of hospitality. The sanskr it meaning of the word is " purveyor of good fortune. It can be used around the neck. Tulsi and coral. It ensures prosperity.

The bast beads are of Rudraksh. Cross This sign is attributed to Jesus Christ. This is a symbol of good luck and is worn. Beads Beads are worn for prosperity.

It bestows luck and prosperity on the wearer. Coral bead are used by children to protect them from the evil eye or from disease. Angle A right angle. Bees In Jewellery. Axe An Axe head. Bamboo And Serpent This is an ancient and complicated symbol. Crystal Gazing and Mystic Eye 57 9. It is usually worn around the neck.

It is especially good for children. Also many believe that it will cause a lover to return and repent for leaving his beloved. The Bamboo stick has seven knots to represent. It consists of a circle around which numerous triangles are inscribed. This charm is supposed to bring skill in learning and is worn by students. Arrow Head An Arrow Head offers protection against evil. The triangle having three sides.

Across the circle lies a Bamboo slick of seven sections cro. The circle represents eternity. Badger Tooth Since. Due to its great fertility. Its influence on these arts is said to be great. This when worn. Many people wear little carvings of fish as a means of ensuring wealth and good luck. It stands tested many times by the author with remarkably good results.

The wearer will be energetic. Fish The ancient Hebrews along with other people.. One will be powerful. Horse Shoe Universally accepted as a charm of good luck. The replica is worn for success in music. To wear the replica of a Bull. It is used everywhere and is always used in ways to keep the kick from spilling over. Clover The four leaf clover has long been considered a source of much luck. According to tradition. Bull This is a symbol of strength.

Manira and Tantra are made and embedded with precious stones. Lovers give each other a symbol or small replica of a Heart as a pledge. Dolphin This is a fish-like creature. The Central sword belongs to Guru Hargobind Sahib.

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ElkOnknr This is a universal replica for brotherhood and advancement of spiritual upliftment being used by Sikhs throughout the world. The wearer is blessed with both these qualities. This emblem indicates courage. The two swords on the side are attributed to the 10th Guru. If this is carried oa. It brings peace of mind and is worn around the neck and made of gold.

The Penny which h lucky powers is one bearing the date of a leap year. The wedding ring as also the gift of a ring to a loved one carries the same idea. This replica is on the lines of 11 indus wearing an Om and Swastika.

Crystal Gazing and Myslic Eyif 59 Gobind Singh and the central circle used to protect and destroy the enemies. In this charm. Sikhs use this emblem as a lucky Charm made of Cold. The above charms and lucky signs have heen shown in Figures 4.

If an object seems to be. Often an heirloom. Many people make and carry their own charms. The main points are as below: The wearer will be blessed with fortune.

Tau it L: Mantra and Tantra All religions have advised the use of this Bead. The author has used a serpent ring in healing diseases after proper ['loofa of the ring wirh a large measure of success.

It enables one to excell in either the arts of learning or those of healing. It should be Worn as small image of a serpent around the neck. This is perfectly permissible. Planetary Signs When a planet is malefic and is not giving favourable results. People wear this symbol to ward oft diseases of skin. It has miraculous effects on our body. The fever which starts after three days is cured by its usc. THREE faced rudraksha bestows good luck. It is also used to avoid abortions and for Vashi Ka rats.

Onegets Bhakti. Safaccd rudraksha is used on the right arm or around the neck. This is the most auspicious and sacred Rudraksha. Pregnant ladies should wear it round their waist or on the arm for the successful birth of a child. FOUR faced rudraksha is auspicious for health. Students should use it. Her husband will be blessed with prosperity and longevity.

TEN faced rudraksha gives protection from the malefic effects of planets and evil effects of souls. One is blessed with all comforts of life and success in work and in business etc.

Mulch and peace of mind. FIVE faced rudraksha is commonly used by people as it is easily available. SEVEN faced rudraksha blemes the wearer with respect. It blesses the wearer with power. She will have sons and all comforts. It blesses the wearer with fulfilment of all his desires and helps in the recovery of diseases. It is also useful for hysteria. The Crystal Ball itself is the product of Skilful craftmanship and obviously was not available to primitive seers. Genuine rock crystal is a freak of nature.

It has been found among the civilizations of Assyria. Crystal vision has been induced by vessels containing liquid poured into the palm of the hand. It bestows all comforts of life on the wearer.

The ball should be. In some cases. However it continued to flourish and Crystal Gazing lingered on until it received new impetus and reached its highest development in the hands of Dr. For more derails. Zulus and Maoris. Ancient and modern Greece. This was looked upon as heresy and was treated accordingly. It is also practiced by the Incas.

North American Indians. The an of crystal gazing. The houseware industry uses the term "Rock Crystal. Aboriginals Polynesians. Glass made by nature through volcanic actions are rare and the few existing specimens are museum pieces..

To what extent this power exists in the would be experimenter can be told by a first class Phrenologist. Crystal vision occurs to greater or less extent with many persons of saintly nature.

Giving appears to be absolutely harmless and the author knows of no kind of injury resulting from it. Purity of blood is important to the purity of power. Crystal Gazing is an ancient Hindu art. Tie persons endowed with natural ability to concentrate are aided in their use of the sphere.

A famous Hindu Crystal-Gazer in old times has said that there are streams from the human eyes and a flow of Magnetism. Though crystal Gazing has been used with remarkable success in piecing the facts of the past. It also indicates the future and gives replies to one's questions.

Sound physical organs are not absolutely essential. The ancients also taught the importance of strict purity in relation to the amatory nature.

Crystal Gazing and Mystic Eye 63 have produced perfect.. Through its use. Chan P is. It should not be neglected. Method or Crystal Gazing 1.

The images of ideas unconsciously acquired from others. Ability to concentrate is the key to success. The person for whom you are going to give a reading may hold it in their hands for a few minutes prior to its us. There should be no noise in the room otherwise it will distract and reduce concentration. Light incense. Some memory or Imaginative effect. Pictures bringing information as to som Lhing past. Clairvoyance depends as much on air. The Crystal Ball must be clean.

Mantra and Tantra to enjoy a healthy brain. Revivals of memory. For successful gazing. The cloudiness may persist for some lime. Be honest in revealing what you have seen. The pictures seen in the ball will sometimes be clearly defined in the ball and will be limited to it.

The place you see may have a meaning for him but none for you. You will no succeed initially but constant practice will make. The face you see may be that of somebody he knows closely. Do not usc the crystal ball as entertainment. It requires constant practice. Channst Oyscal Gazing and Mystic Eye 65 Gaze steadily at the Crystal without batting an cyc or moving the muscles of the body. The cloudiness obscures any extraneous reflected image and out of the cloudiness is formed the clear images of the crystal vision.

This gives it strength and power. Asa general rule.