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Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior. Richard Marcinko. 1. Richard Marcinko is a 30 year naval veteran who served from Cambodia to several special ops. “Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior: A Commando's Guide to This article is about the father of the SEAL team Six — Richard Marcinko. Rogue Warrior is an autobiography by career US naval officer Richard "Dick" Marcinko, who Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko - A brilliant virtuoso of violence, Richard Marcinko rose through Navy ranks to create and command one of this country's. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. One of the most controversial veterans of the U.S. Rogue Warrior: Red Cell - Kindle edition by Richard Marcinko. Rogue Warrior has 32 entries in the series. Richard Marcinko Narrator (). cover image of Seal Force Alpha (). cover image of The Rogue Warrior.

While commanding Red Cell, he was directed to use them to test the Navy's anti-terrorist capabilities and to expose the security weaknesses of U. During the tests, Red Cell was often able to infiltrate supposedly impenetrable, highly secured bases, nuclear submarines, ships and other "secure areas", including the Presidential plane Air Force One. In doing so, he claims to have embarrassed several superior officers, whom he accuses of involvement in his subsequent conviction for misappropriation of funds and resources under his command. Marcinko also delights in recalling the gross behavior of the SEALs, such as eating the brains of a live monkey to impress some of his Cambodian allies. Based on the success of the book, Marcinko went on to author a series of novels placing himself as the protagonist and entitling the series: Rogue Warrior. The book also spawned a video game which features Marcinko as the protagonist.

Task Force Blue - A few months after the events of Green Team, Marcinko's group rescues the Secretary of the Navy from a violent militia group but runs afoul of cowardly politicians. With covert backing from the current JCS Chairman, the team probes the militia's connections into a subsequent theft of weapons from National Guard armories.

They discover that the weapons are meant to arm militias across the country for an American Revolution -style war whose kickoff is timed with the anniversary of the Waco siege.

Designation Gold - When Marcinko discovers that one of his close friends whose son Marcinko agreed to be a godfather for is killed in Russia, he goes off on a mission to find out who did it. Further digging uncovers clues to a plan to arm Syria with weapons of mass destruction and use it on Israel. The plot, led by a corrupt U. With the help of a friend leading Germany's elite KSK special forces group, Marcinko's men attack a castle in the Black Forest where some stolen nuclear weapons are being stored.

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Echo Platoon - Marcinko is contracted to train Azerbaijan's security forces after a successful rescue operation on an oil complex in the Caspian Sea. When further evidence points to an Iranian-Russian plan to corner the Caspian's oil deposits, it is up to the Rogue Warrior's team to turn the tide. Now running a joint US-UK group of special operations soldiers with support from the FBI and NSA, Marcinko scrambles to stop the Green Defenders before they carry out another international terrorist attack - with the only problem being a lack of details on when and where the attack will take place and who's the target.

Violence of Action - Marcinko takes some time off for self-reflection. When a nuclear shipment is hijacked, Marcinko springs into action with his team of security experts to stop a former Army colonel threatening nuclear annihilation of Portland, Oregon.

Rogue Warrior Summary & Study Guide

Vengeance - Marcinko's private security team is contracted to run anti-terrorist security exercises at various US facilities to test their vulnerability to the consternation of the Department of Homeland Security. However, someone is sending Marcinko certain messages of revenge directed at him - and he discovers that a loved one of someone he once killed is out for his head.

Marcinko was the first commanding officer of this new unit. He personally selected the unit's members from across the U.

This team tested the security of naval bases, nuclear submarines , ships, civilian airports, and an American embassy. Under Marcinko's leadership, the team could infiltrate seemingly impenetrable highly secured bases, nuclear submarines, ships, and other purported "secure areas" such as Air Force One , and disappear without incident. These demonstrations showed that a vulnerable military resulted from the replacement of Marine and Naval Military Police by contracted private security agencies often staffed by retired military personnel.

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Marcinko has claimed, among other things, that Red Cell successfully captured nuclear devices from United States Navy facilities, and proved the viability of plans to:. Former members of Red Cell maintain that these exercises were a cover to move special warfare operators around the world for covert missions against real-world terrorists.

Marcinko retired from the Navy on February 1, with thirty years, three months and 17 days of enlisted and commissioned active duty service. Byers, another former SEAL. Marcinko was convicted of conspiracy to defraud the government on January 24, Marcinko detailed his arrest and confinement in the last chapters of his autobiography. Rogue Warrior: Red Cell eBook: Richard Marcinko: Kindle Store

His experiences led him to write his autobiography, The New York Times best-selling Rogue Warrior , and subsequent fictional sequels, most of which are co-written with ghostwriter John Weisman. He had a politically conservative talk radio show America on Watch with Dick Marcinko which was broadcast live. He briefly collaborated with Strider Knives on a series of knife designs referred to as the "RW" signifying "Rogue Warrior" from to Marcinko's fiction adventure novels depict himself as recounting the events of the story as they happen, in a timeline with his autobiography as the starting point.

Jim deFelice became his writing partner from Vengeance to Blood Lies. Marcinko himself is the protagonist and is voiced by actor Mickey Rourke. In the game, Marcinko is sent on a classified mission into North Korea to disrupt an anti-ballistic missile program. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Rogue Warrior

Rogue Warrior. New York: Pocket Books. Boulder, Colorado: Paladin Press.

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Terry Riebling; Michael E. Thornton SEAL Warrior: Osceola, Wisconsin: Zenith Press.

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