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The Providence Trilogy Bundle. Providence (Series). Jamie McGuire Author ( ). cover image of Until Tom, Finding Forever. Jamie McGuire was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She attended Requiem. Providence (Series). Book 2. Jamie McGuire Author (). cover image of Red Hill. “In the old world shadows of Providence, Rhode Island , Nina Grey finds herself the center of a war between Hell and Earth.”.

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Providence Series by Jamie McGuire. Paranormal Romance Jamie McGuire - Providence, #1 (Providence).epub. KB. Jamie McGuire. Eden (Providence #3) by Jamie McGuire In the third and final installment of the Providence series, Nina Grey will marry the wrong man, carry. Report. Providence (Providence #1) by Jamie McGuire Jamie McGuire - . Does anyone has an epub format of this book?.

However it soon becomes clear that he knows more about her than even close friends. When her father's former associates begin following her in the dark, Nina learns that her father was not the man she thought he was, but a thief who stole from demons. In searching for the truth behind her father's death, she stumbles upon something she never expected, and something Hell wants, that only she holds the key for. Jared risks everything to keep the women he was born to save, by sharing the secret he was sworn to protect. Requiem Providence, 2 Dreaming of the dead might mean a restless night for anyone, but for Nina Grey it was a warning.

Jamie McGuire

And Ryan, though I never wanted him with Nina, is such a sweet and loving guy that you can't help but love him. Providence has an exciting story behind the romance, too, and Nina is constantly in danger from the wrath of the demons and the humans that have everything to lose because of her father.

They are relentless in their fight to get what they are searching for, and the Ryels are struggling to find a way out that doesn't put Nina in harms way. Jared will do anything to protect her, but is it enough?

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The struggles they go through to be together will just rip your heart to pieces, my stomach was tied in knots for a good portion of the story! Jared quite simply is every girls dream guy, so entirely and irrevocably in love with and dedicated to Nina that she is literally everything to him and has been for years. When a traumatic event makes Nina question whether or not they should be together to the point she very painfully pushes him away, I wanted to strangle her!!!

I was nearly brought to tears over how much pain Jared had to endure because of Nina's stubbornness, I felt my heart shattering along with his!! Seriously, Jamie truly is the reigning queen of utterly heartbreaking, tortured romances.

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But thankfully, she's also the queen of creating those unforgettable scenes where her characters finally let everything go and just My heart still races thinking about this amazing love story, I absolutely adore these characters!!! Requiem Providence, 2 Dreaming of the dead might mean a restless night for anyone, but for Nina Grey it was a warning.

Still healing from her last run-in with Hell, Nina struggles with not only her life as a Brown University student, but also as an intern at Titan Shipping, her father's company.

Recurring nightmares about her father's violent death have become a nightly event, but being overwhelmed with guilt from Ryan's unexpected departure to the Armed Forces, and heart ache over Claire being across the ocean to protect him, Nina believes her sleepless nights are the least of her problems—but she's wrong.

Worried about Nina's declining health, Jared must steal back Shax's book for answers.


Fighting new enemies, and with the help of new friends, Jared's worst fear comes to fruition. Desperate, he is faced with a choice: Fight Hell alone, or start a war with Heaven.

Eden Providence, 3 She had seen the unspeakable. She would learn the unknowable. But Jared himself is one whiny fella too, with some serious needy clingy issues. Nevertheless, I gave this book a rather high rating because despite listening to the characters scrounging and complaining about being apart for even two days and making out, I found Requiem mildly entertaining.

Providence (Providence, #1) by Jamie McGuire

Some parts were a bit scary too. Like when someone with supersharp senses says, "They're coming!

Get the picture? If you are slightly interested in Requiem but put off by my review, I implore you to reconsider - read Requiem but for the sake of Claire. She is pow-wow awesome!

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Claire brings the definition of bad-ass to a whole new level.