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Playboy Magazine ~ June (Playmate of the Year Ellen Stratton) by . Playboy Magazine ~ November (Pamela Rawlings) by Playboy, Nov PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Playboy USA - November De aici se poate descarca gratuit, in totalitate rvista PlayBoy din luna. For the curious: 'lena' or 'lenna' is a digitized Playboy centerfold, from November (Lenna is the spelling in Playboy, Lena is the Swedish spelling of the.

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Index of /public/Books/PlayBoy/Playboy / 11 - November pdfOct- M. Bookmark 12 - December pdfOct M. legend – that a colleague walked in with the. November issue of Playboy. Seeing the predicament that the researches were in, he tore a. Centerfold is Lenna Sjooblom from. Sweden. Download Playboy Magazine, November pdf. Read Online Playboy Magazine, November pdf.

Blue Marble image of the Earth taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on Dec. Anyone who has read a selection of image processing books or journals will probably recognise the Lena picture as a standard test image. They wanted a glossy image to get a good output dynamic range and during the search someone walked in with the November issue of Playboy. As they only needed a x image, they scanned the top 5. From this beginning Lena, often called Lenna as this was the forename used in Playboy, has gone to be one of the most commonly used standard test images. There are a number of theories of why this is the case, including: The image has a good variety of different textual elements, such as light and dark, fuzzy and sharp, detailed and flat. The grayscale version contains all the middle grays.

I had hopped on site and found that there was no shortage of Lenna Playboys to be had. They sold over 7 million copies. I subsequently found the above image after the fact.

I had already started work on my 3D render when the magazine arrived. In the magazine, half of the mirror on the right is missing as well as the mannequin on the left.

November 1972 pdf playboy

The digital version must be a scan from the original negative. Playboy probably has all this stuff archived on their site and someone got a hold of it. In any case, now with the magazine in hand, I hoped that there would be a few more shots from the same photo shoot.

Pdf playboy november 1972

Some of the props on the floor are a little hard to make out. Pretty tame stuff, but I guess back in the day, this was as good as it got. The above pages are pretty much it as far as nudity.

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The baby doll in the bassinet, the purple stockings, and the pink feathers all indicate that this is the same scene, but things have been moved around between shots. The picture frames to the left are not in the centerfold at all. Even as recently as three years ago a group of scientists from Singapore shrunk the Lena image down to the width of a human hair as a demonstration of nanotechnology printing.

1972 playboy pdf november

The wide use of Lena eventually came to the notice of Playboy, after the magazine Optical Engineering put her on their front cover in The Playboy organisation then tried to assert their copyright, however the genie was out of that bottle given the sheer number of people using it. The following year Optical Engineering reached an agreement with Playboy to continue using the image for scientific research and education.

Playboy did help in the search for Lena in which enabled her to make a public appearance at the 50th Annual Conference of the Society for Imaging Science in Technology. An article written by Jamie Hutchinson giving a more detailed version of the Lena story can be found here.

Contrast this with the famous Blue Marble image of the Earth taken around the same time by astronauts aboard Apollo The Blue Marble is probably the most iconic picture of the Earth, and unlike Lena has inspired numerous later images.

Pdf playboy november 1972

For example, NASA used the Terra satellite to produce a detailed true-colour image of the Earth in and then three years later surpassed it with a new image that had twice as much detail as the original. Anyone got any ideas?