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Although most works of literature do not exist to teach a moral lesson, they . The growth of Philippine literature in English began with the Occupation of Manila. Background of Philippine - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. HISTORY OF PHILIPPINE LITERATURE - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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PHILIPPINE LITERATURE (INTRODUCTION) LITERATURE - An art; from a latin word 'litera' meaning letter - Body of written works of a particular time, country. Philippine literature is the body of works, both oral and written, that Filipinos, whether native, naturalized, or foreign born, have created about the experience of. Why We Need to Study Philippine Literature. We can enumerate many reasons for studying literature. Here are but a few: We study literature so.

Literature is a conforming mirror of reality 2. Literature serves as an expression of ideas and feelings 3. In discovering the history of a race, the feelings, aspirations, customs and traditions of a people are sure to be included. History can also be written and this too, is literature. Events that can be written down are part of true literature. Literature, therefore, is part of history.

Abadilla and Ponciano E. He prepared this book for teaching in reading and appreciation of poems, dramas, short stories and novels.

In this book, Abueg proved that it is possible to have a national integration of ethnic culture in our country. Many books about Rizal came out during this period.

The law ordering the additional study of the life of Rizal helped a lot in activating our writers to write books about Rizal. Because of the ills of society, the youth moved to seek reforms. Some continued to believe that the democratic government is stable and that it is only the people running the government who are at fault.

Some believed that socialism or communism should replace democracy.

Literature pdf philippine

Some armed groups were formed to bring down the democratic form of government. In the expression of this desire for change, keen were the writings of some youth who were fired with nationalism in order to emphasize the importance of their petitions.

As early as this period of history we can say that many of those writers who were imprisoned were true nationalists and heroes of their time. We just leave to scholars and researchers the giving of credit where credit is due.

We can, however, say that the seeds were earlier sown from the times of Lapu-lapu, Lakandula, and Rizal. The revolution against the powerful forces in the Philippines can be said to be the monopoly of the youth in whose veins flow the fire in their blood. What Rizal said of the youth being the hope of the Fatherland — is still valid even today.

It may explode like a volcano if overstrained. What avails like if one is a coward who does not take a stand for himself and for the succeeding generations? This was proven not only in the bloody demonstrations and in the sidewalk expressions but also in literature. Campus newspapers showed rebellious emotions. The once aristocratic writers developed awareness for society.

They attacked the ills of society and politics. Any establishment became the symbol of the ills that had to be changed. The frustrations of youth could be felt in churches and school.

Even the priests, teachers and parents, as authorities who should be respected became targets of the radical youth and were though of as hindrances to the changes they sought. The literature of the activists reached a point where they stated boldly what should be done to effect these changes.

It was also during this period that Bomba films that discredit our ways as Filipinos started to come out. Martell Third Prize — The judges recommend that in as much as the three third prize winners especially deserve, the prize of P 1, Tinio 2.

Dacanay 3. Describing this period, he writes: The signs of change were on the horizon. A powerful storm was sweeping the land, a storm whose inexorable advance no earthly force could stop, and the name of the storm was history.

Politicians endorsed bills for those who interfered with student demonstrators. Mayor Antonio Villegas himself, on Feb. Among the writers in this group were: Nick Joaquin, S. Lopez, Gregorio Brillantes, F. People in the other media participated in this quest for freedom. Journalists Jose Burgos Jr.

They came up with resolutions that pleaded for causes other than their own — like the general amnesty for political prisoners, and other secret decrees restricting free expression. They requested editors and publishers to publish the real names of writers in their columns. It called on media to disseminate information on national interest without partisan leanings and resolved to be united with all causes decrying oppression and repression.

The Carlos Palanca Awards continued to give annual awards. Almost all themes in most writings dealt with the development or progress of the country — like the Green Revolution, family planning, proper nutrition, environment, drug addiction and pollution. The New Society tried to stop pornography or those writings giving bad influences on the morals of the people. All school newspapers were temporarily stopped and so with school organizations.

The military government established a new office called the Ministry of Public Affairs that supervised the newspapers, books and other publications. The government took part in reviving old plays like the Cenaculo, the Zarzuela and the Embayoka of the Muslims. The Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Folk Arts Theater and even the old Metropolitan Theater were rebuilt in order to have a place for these plays.

Singing both Filipino and English songs received fresh incentives. Those sent abroad promoted many Filipino songs. Literature serves as an expression of ideas and feelings 3. In discovering the history of a race, the feelings, aspirations, customs and traditions of a people are sure to be included.

History can also be written and this too, is literature. Events that can be written down are part of true literature. Literature, therefore, is part of history. Literature and history, however, also have differences. Literature may be figments of the imagination or events devoid of truth that have been written down, while history is made up of events that really happened.

Non-fiction - Form of any narrative, account or other communicative work based on facts. Escape — written for entertainment and its object is pleasure 2. Interpretative — written to broaden and sharpen our awareness of life and its object is pleasure and understanding. PROSE a. A long narrative divided into chapters and events are taken from true-to-life stories. Short story. This is a narrative involving one or more characters, one plot and one single impression.

This is presented on a stage, is divided into acts and each act has many scenes. Guerrero d. These are fictitious narratives, usually about origins. These are also fictitious and they deal with animals and inanimate things who speak and act like people and their purpose is to enlighten the minds of children to events that can mold their ways and attitudes. This expresses the viewpoint or opinion of the writer about a particular problem or event. The best example of this is the Editorial page of a newspaper.

This deals with the life of a person which may be about himself, his autobiography or that of others. Albert i. The common his works were the values of educ also wrote about how the Filip oppressed by the foreigners an problems of his countrymen. A writings were: Contains legends, and f his native town.

A play shown at th Malolos, Bulacan. The following were a few of his wrtin 1. The first social novel in by a Filipino.

Pdf philippine literature

S importance of a mother especiall home. He was also having photographic mind. He was of a number of movements for th Some of his writings were: Period of Active Revolution Historical Background The Filipinos did not get th demanded by the propagandist government turned deaf ears petitions; oppression continued and and the government became e oppressive to the Filipinos.

These are their contributio country. Andres Bonifacio came from a poor it is said that what he learned he g school of experience. He established the K which triggered the spirit of especially when Rizal was ban Dapitan, Mindanao.

Philippine Literature

Bonifacio is better known as t Revolutionary rather than a write also wrote things which paved the the revolution and which also becam our literature. Among his works we Pdf downloaded from http: A poem with a title that of Marcelo H. He is called the Bra Katipunan. He edited Kalayaan Fr Katipunan newspaper. Her of his writings: Because he was bor family he had to work in order to became known to his professors and at Letran and the UST because of memory and the simple clothes he u throughout his schooling.

He became the right-hand of Emilio when the latter founded his Republic His contributions to literature were government society, philosophy an Here are some of his works: T masterpiece and his aim here was to the spirit of nationalism.

He joined the revolution against the together with Gregorio del Pilar, th Filipino general who died during the Aside from the National Anthem, h other works: A of his poems. They were: P decrees of the Revolutiary Governm and works in Tagalog that aroused na 2.

Established by Pedro Edited by Zulueta. How does the filipino spirit reawak years of passivity under spanis Give 2 objectives of Pro Movement to seek reforms and cha 4. Marcelo H.

This became the official voice Associacion Hispano de Filipinas Pdf downloaded from http: He is the Brains of the Katipunan 9. The Sublime Paralytic and the Bra Revolution Our flag was hoisted on Jun as a symbol of our independence. Miguel Malvar in The peace movements started as ear Many Filipinos started writing aga nationalism of the people remained u Pdf downloaded from http: Established by Pascual There were also plays written then bu first and second presentations, the put a stop to this because of the theme of nationalism.

Included her following: Characteristics of Literature dur Period Three groups of writers contributed Philippine Literature during this per Pdf downloaded from http: While groups were one in their ideas and differed in their methods of repor writers in Spanish were wont to nationalism like honoring Rizal heroes. The writers i imitated the themes and method Americans. These tw contained the best qualities of a n written, in English or in Filipino. T were inspired to write in praise of Cecilio Apostol, Fernando Ma.

Jesus Balmori, Manuel Bernabe and Recto. Guer with Apostol the reign in the bal Spanish during their time. He and Manue participated in a debate on th Remembrance and Forgetfulness. Other Writers in Spanish 1.

Adelina Guerrea was the first wo in the Philippines who was good in She obtained the Zobel prize in he Nido.

Pdf philippine literature

The Nest. Epifanio de los Santos know PAnyong. He was a good leader and during the whole period of Spanish l 5. Pedro Aunario wrote the De Proteccionismo. Hernande Carabana, and Mar Antonio. Poets of Life Makata ng Buhay. Regalado, Faustino Aguilar Here are the autobiographies of som writers mentioned: Santos, a novelist, poet a and grammarian covered three Tagalog literature — American, Japan contemporary period. If Manuel L. Santos is called the Fat National Language Grammar. He was also call of Love in his time.

Hernandez was dubbed M mga Manggagawa Poet of the Lab our literature because he picture poem the intense love for the poor laborer. To him, a poem is bittersweet memories, and a m flowing water. The pen is pow according to him, even a king can b the pen. Santos he r summit of his novel-writing. Regalado was a son of writer during the Spanish time k Odalger. He also became story-teller, novelist and newspaper The Tagalog Drama During the advent of the America Severino Reyes and Hermogene started the movement against t moro a play on the Spanish against the Muslims and struggled the people the values one can get zarzuela and the simple plays.

Diaspora as Historical/Political Trope in Philippine Literature

Severino Reyes. Aurelio Tolentino. The dramatis the Kapampangans take pride. Hermogenes Ilagan. Patricio Mariano. Julian Cruz Balmaceda. This much honor and fame. The first was written by Abadilla and Clodualdo del Mu contained the 25 best stories acc them. Tagalog Poetry Almost all Tagalog writers du American Period were able to beautiful poems which made it di select the best.

Even if poetry wri old as history, poetry still surfaces sweetness, beauty, and melody. Pedro Bukaneg.

Father Literature. From his name was d word Bukanegan, which means Ba poetic contest in Ilocano. Claro Caluya. Prince of Iloc Known as poet and novelist. Leon Pichay. Known as Bukanegero from Bukaneg. Als novelist, short story writer, dram essayist. Juan Crisostomo Soto. F Kapampangan Literature. Eriberto Gumban. He wrote a zarzuela, and a play in Visayan.

Magdalena Jalandoni. She d talent to the novel. Philippine Literature in English In a way, we can say that we can beginnings of Philippine literature i with the coming of the Americans. The Period of Imitation: The Period of Self-Discovery: American forces were recruited teachers of English. By , the primary and intermed were using English. It was also abou when UP, the forerunner in the use in higher education, was founded.

Th adjusting the idea of democracy, to phraseology of the English languag the standards of the English liter Writers had to learn direct expr conditioned by direct thinking. Th learn that sentence constructions and speech in English were not the in the vernacular.

Pdf philippine literature

They had to sentimentality and floridity of lan the more direct and precise language. The first attempts were in two periodicals of this time: McCullough D Theo Rogers. They were the in short story writing. Salazar, Jose M. Vicente del Fierro, Pdf downloaded from http: Africa and V Yamzon. Romulo, Jorge C. Bocobo, Mauro and Vicente Hilario. Their essays were truly characterized by sobriety, substa structure. They excelled in th essay, especially the editorial type.

They spiced their work wi wit and satire. Period of Self-Discovery and By this time, Filipino writers had the mastery of English writing.

T confidently and competently wrote of subjects although the old-time fa love and youth persisted. They wen forms of writing like the novel drama. They wrote in free odes and sonnets and in other type was original, spontaneous, competen and later, incorporated social conscio 2. Characteristics of the short stori these times: There were still remnants of Spanish in the use of expressions that w sentimental, exaggerated and bomba influence of the Western culture already evident.

Essayists like Romulo became even more eminent writers. The notable writers of essays du period were: Political, social reflective essays their newspaper columns the became very popular: Federico M Salvador P. Lopez, Pura S. Critical essays were espoused by P. Lopez, I. Rotor, and Le Yabes. Personal or Familiar essays we by F. Salvador P. August 16, Carlos P. Fernandez, Leo Yabes, Isidro L. Ritizos, Pura Santill Pdf downloaded from http: Amando G. Lopez, Vicen Pacis, Jose A.

Lansang and Federico M 4. He a Quezon, the Man of Destiny. Written by Aurelio Tolentino depict suppression done by the America their plan to colonize in the Philippi 4. Why Rizal became the inspiration Filipino writers. A book of Fernando Ma. Guerrero means kind of black, wooly caterpilla Pdf downloaded from http: The first woman poet in the P who was good in Spanish 7. The Father Grammar. A son of a popular writer du Spanish time known as Odalager of the National The Father of Kapampangan Litera Pdf downloaded from http: His name derived from the word B In what year did English become a of instructions in the public schoo The first to break away f conventional forms and the Philippine poetry placed the Phili the Literary map with the publi his books in the U.

Philippine li English came to a halt. This had an advantageous effect o Literature, which experienced attention because writers in English writing in Filipino. Juan Laya, who u in English turned to Filipino beca strict prohibitions of the Japanese any writing in English. In other words, Filipino literature a break during this period.

Many wr poems, short stories, etc. Topics an were often about life in the province A. Haiku — a poem of free vers Japanese like.

It was made up of 1 divided into three lines.

Philippine Literature.pdf - ARELLANO UNIVERSITY EXPANDED...

The first syllables, the second, 7 syllables, and five. The Haiku is allegorical in m short and covers a wide scope in mea 2.

Tanaga — like the Haiku, is short measure and rhyme. Karaniwang Anyo Usual Form — mentioned earlier in the beginning this book. The houses were just made to show st Many of the plays were reprod English plays to Tagalog. They also fo organization of Filipino playe Dramatic Philippines. A few of were: Jose Ma. Hernandez — wrote PAND 2. Many wr stories.

Among them were: As a result of this selec following got the first three prizes: First Prize: Writings that came out during this p journalistic in nature. Writers felt but slowly, the spirit of nationalism seep into their consciousness.

W continued to write, the majority w better climate to publish their works. Journalists include Salvador P. Fred R wrote a few poems. Icasino wrote essays in The Review. Litiatco published With Harp and in , Jose P. Laurel published Fo Make a Nation Great. The Commonwealth Literary Awa prizes to meritorious writers.

Th won were: Argui Story Pdf downloaded from http: Almost all newspapers in Eng topped by the Japanese except for 3. It is made up of 17 syllables div 3 lines. The first line had 5 sylla second, 7 syllables and the third , 4. Like Haiku, is short but it had me rhyme 5. The title of President Manuel L. Q autobiography Common themes of most poems the Spanish Occupation.

The chains were broken. T proved that there were more re English than in any ocher vernac Tagalog, Ilocano or Hiligaynon. They more militant attitude in their repo bordered on the libelous. Gr normality was restored, the tones an the writings turned to the les problems of economic survival. Some Filipino writers who had gone had written during the interims ca publish their works.

Not all the books published during reflected the war year; some were c or second editions of what have b before. Ilio Rigor. Some notable works of the period in following: In , Luis V. Teodoro Jr. Most themes in t dealt with Japanese brutalities, of t of life under the Japanese governme brave guerilla exploits.

Tagalog poet not only rhyme but substance an Short stories had better characters based on facts and realities and th more meaningful. Novels became c were still read by the people for recre Pdf downloaded from http: Many books were published during among which were: Mga Piling Katha by Abadilla 2. Mga Piling Sanaysay by Abadilla 5. A Ponciano E. Pineda 6. Parnasong Tagalog co selected poems by Huseng Sisiw an collected by A. Abadilla 7.

Philippine Literature

Mangahas 9. Makata first cooperative publish the poems of 16 poets in Pil Pitong Dula by Dionisio S Mga Piling Akdang by Efren Abueg. In this boo proved that it is possible to have a integration of ethnic culture in our Pdf downloaded from http: Mga Aklat ni Rizal: Many books came out during this period.

The la the additional study of the life of Riz lot in activating our writers to w about Rizal. Until now, the awards are given although the man who foun passed away. The awards were given of short stories, plays and poetry. The first awardees in its first year, the field of the short story were the f Pdf downloaded from http: Kapulong Pdf downloaded from http: In what year did the Philippines its freedom and the Filipino waved alone.

This tells of the grim experienc during the Japanese Occupation written by Stevan Javellana 3. It was written by Jose Garcia Villa 5. Why is it called the rebirth of fre Pdf downloaded from http: