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Document Title: PacketCable™ MTA Device Provisioning Specification An MTA is required to implement the PacketCable specified MIBs. PacketCable Implementation Computer Architecture and Implementation · Read more IPv6 Advanced Protocols Implementation. Read more. Download PacketCable Implementation by Jeff Riddel PDF. By Jeff Riddel. This can be quite an outstanding ebook for men who want to know information about.

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PacketCable Implementation Design, provision, configure, manage, and secure tomorrow's high-value PacketCable networks Jeff Riddel, CCIE® No. The PacketCable specifications define a comprehensive approach to cable telephony. Overview of Cisco's Implementation of the PacketCable Architecture . This guide describes the PacketCable and PacketCable Multimedia DOCSIS networks use service flows to implement different QoS.

Shared Presence Service PacketCable 2. NCS is a centralized signaling protocol to control nonintelligent legacy telephony end devices. With NCS, CMS monitors the end device status and issues the corresponding signaling to establish or terminate a session. The end device has no intelligence to provide the required call control signaling. In contrast, SIP proposes distributed signaling architecture with intelligent end devices.

Header Protocol control information located at the beginning of a protocol data unit. Key A mathematical value input into the selected cryptographic algorithm. Key Exchange The swapping of public keys between entities to be used to encrypt communication between the entities.

Network Layer Layer 3 in the Open System Interconnection OSI architecture that provides network information that is independent from the lower layers. Network Management The functions related to the management of data across the network.


Privacy A way to ensure that information is not disclosed to any one other then the intended parties. Information is usually encrypted to provide confidentiality. Also known as confidentiality.

Public Key Certificate A binding between an entity's public key and one or more attributes relating to its identity, also known as a digital certificate. Public Key Cryptography A procedure that uses a pair of keys, a public key and a private key, for encryption and decryption, also known as an asymmetric algorithm.

A user's public key is publicly available for others to use to send a message to the owner of the key. A user's private key is kept secret and is the only key that can decrypt messages sent encrypted by the user's public key. Systems Management Functions in the application layer related to the management of various Open Systems Interconnection OSI resources and their status across all layers of the OSI architecture.

Pdf packetcable implementation

Upstream The direction from the subscriber location toward the headend. CA -- 1. Certification Authority.

A trusted organization that accepts certificate applications from entities, authenticates applications, issues certificates and maintains status information about certificates. Call Agent. The part of the CMS that maintains the communication state, and controls the line side of the communication. Controls the audio connections.

This is one example of an Application Server.

Packetcable implementation pdf

Assigned on the fly for each communication depending on the QoS requested. A single node that contains both an MTA and a cable modem. An HFC system is a broadband bi- directional shared media transmission system using fiber trunks between the head-end and the fiber nodes, and coaxial distribution from the fiber nodes to the customer locations.

See www. A body responsible, among other things, for developing standards used on the Internet. An Internet network-layer protocol. A cable company that operates many head-end locations in several cities.

How IMS Enables Converged Services for Cable and 3G Technologies: A Survey

Contains the interface to a physical voice device, a network interface, CODECs, and all signaling and encapsulation functions required for VoIP transport, class features signaling, and QoS signaling. The back-office software used for configuration, performance, fault, accounting, and security management.

QoS Quality of Service.

Pdf packetcable implementation

Guarantees network bandwidth and availability for applications. RFC Request for Comments. The device, which collects and correlates the various Event Messages. In an exemplary embodiment, PacketCable security applies to the interface. TLS is a protocol that ensures privacy between communicating applications and their users on the Internet.

When a server and client communicate, TLS ensures that no third party may eavesdrop or tamper with any message. Event Manager supports the production of call-related events on Cable Gateway into a PacketCable 1. In an exemplary embodiment, the events can be used for billing or monitoring purposes. Mw SIP interface. PacketCable security applies to the Pkt-em3 Radius interface.

Implementation pdf packetcable

Parameters that cross this interface preferably include IP addresses, port numbers, and selection of Codec and packetization characteristics. The Pkt-q4 interface is utilized between CMTS and Cable Gateway and is the interface for controlling quality of service gates for media stream sessions. The Pkt-q6 interface preferably includes methods to ensure QoS resources are available on both ends of a connection before a call is allowed to complete. PacketCable security applies to the Pkt-c2 interface.

The present invention utilizes a cable gateway to provide consumer features in a VoIP application. The advantage of this approach over a cable-specific definition for the Next Generation Network NGN is the freedom it offers the network operator to add different broadband access networks to their portfolio, without modifying the elements of the core NGN network.

If a cable-specific definition is taken, then blending cable access with, for example, DSL or wireless broadband, will require two infrastructures.

draft-channabasappa-pktc-ipcdn-mib-framework - Packetcable/IPCablecom MIB Framework

While this invention has been described in terms of certain examples thereof, it is not intended that it be limited to the above description, but rather only to the extent set forth in the claims that follow. Claims Ghasem 11We Claim: 1.

Pdf packetcable implementation

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