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Operation Trojan Horse is a book published in by John Keel. The book was reprinted in Operation Trojan Horse (PDF). ISBN Archived. as 'Operation Trojan Horse': an alleged plot by 'Islamist 1 Chris Allen, Operation Trojan Horse: examining . the-Educational-Needs-of-Muslim-Pupils. pdf. 6 / Operation Trojan Horse up in the military and the government. The age of selfishness turned into an era of disgrace. We are still trying to recover from it.

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tion date of Operation Trojan Horse (OTH) to coincide with the great stock market books expanding upon the things discussed in Operation Trojan Horse. TEFL courses in person and tutored those taking distance your lesson plan so that they can talk to you Putting Your Le The General Knowledge Quiz. Downloads·New! Genius Foods Max Lugavere. Operation Trojan Horse I by John A. Keel p. cm. Originally Opera.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The Ross operation: European Heart Journal, Jos Bekkers. Johanna Takkenberg. European Heart Journal 28, — doi:

Discrete data are presented as pro- interviewed over telephone. Cumulative survival and freedom from reoperation or reinter- In case of suspected complications the attending physician was vention were analysed using the Kaplan—Meier method. The log-rank test was used to heart failure. She died 6 months after operation. Causes of the non-valve-related deaths included septic The Cox proportional hazards regression analysis was used to shock Candida albicans in one infant 51 days after auto- evaluate the following variables as predictors for autograft reopera- graft operation, heart failure resulting in cardiogenic tion over time: First, all variables were years after autograft operation.

The latter patient died 2 entered into a univariable analysis. For regression analysis enter method. The proportional hazards patients younger than 16 years, the year survival was assumption was assessed for each variable through graphical inspec- There was no indication of violation of the assumptions. All testing was performed two- Reoperation sided.

John Keel - Operation Trojan Horse

For all data analysis, SPSS Of these 24 patients, 16 patients required isolated pulmonary autograft replacement, six Results patients required simultaneous replacement of both the pul- monary autograft and allograft, and two patients required Hospital mortality and late survival isolated pulmonary allograft replacement.

Two patients, Progressive dilatation of the neo-aortic root was the main both female, died perioperatively. One year-old patient cause for autograft reoperation. Table 3 shows details of died due to low output failure and the other patient, 4 each operation. Causes for allograft replacement were months old, died of heart failure and severe arrhythmias.

One patient had a recurrent episode of monary emboli shortly after the operation. Finally, one rheumatic fever involving the autograft, thus requiring a year-old female patient with Turner syndrome and reoperation.

Two patients underwent a reoperation extreme LV hypertrophy died due to mediastinitis and without valve replacement. One patient underwent enlarge- sepsis 13 days after surgery. There were one pulmonary stenosis and the other patient required reopera- valve-related and three non-valve-related deaths. The tion for constrictive pericarditis.

One patient underwent valve-related death was a year-old girl with severe juven- balloon valvuloplasty of the RVOT to relieve supravalvular ile rheumatic disease and severe aortic valve regurgitation pulmonary stenosis. Figure 1 Observed cumulative survival after the Ross operation and survival of the age- and gender-matched general Dutch population.

Downloaded from http: Freedom from reoperation for autograft failure at 5 years structural failure did not differ for patients younger than was Freedom from allograft reoperation for Table 4. The Ross operation Downloaded from http: Figure 3 Freedom from pulmonary allograft reoperation for all patients. In one patient allograft endocarditis occurred and was treated with antibiotics.

One patient developed pulmo- nary emboli 0.

Trojan pdf operation horse

Bleeding events, valve thrombosis, or non-structural failure were not observed. In our prospective cohort study, the survival of patients Sievers et al. They show good and is even comparable with the general age- and gender- functional results with only 2.

The question remains if this can be a reoperation thus far. However, their follow-up period ascribed solely to the autograft procedure. Patient selection does not extend beyond 10 years, and longer-term follow-up bias is not unlikely since our Ross patients are mainly those may prove differently. Also the subcoronary implantation who undergo elective surgery, present with no or mild symp- technique is technically much more challenging.

Nevertheless, we observed a worrisome increase in auto- Another factor that is supposed to play a role in autograft graft reoperations in the second decade after the Ross oper- dilatation is bicuspid valve disease. The main cause for reoperation after the Ross bicuspid aortic valve is associated with aortic wall abnorm- operation is dilatation of the neo-aortic root.

Due to this dila- alities. Reporting a small but persistent increase in root present in the pulmonary artery. One pulmonary autografts. Also, However, Luciani et al. Finally, the length of the autograft root can A possible explanation is that the pulmonary autograft has vary.

Some surgeons keep it as short as possible, whereas the capacity to increase in diameter in the paediatric others leave the complete length of the pulmonary artery patient.

Finally, patients who had previously undergone AVR six In our institution, all reoperations were in patients who subcoronary homografts, three biological prostheses, three underwent the root replacement technique. In this regard, native aorta is supporting the pulmonary autograft and may it might be relevant that after complete removal of the thus prevent it from dilatation. Despite the high autograft reoperation rate in our study population, the pulmonary allograft is well preserved; only eight patients required reoperation, which is comparable Conclusions with other studies.

Vogt et al. Careful viability of cryopreserved allografts and found both total follow-up is necessary in the second decade after the oper- destruction of cellular elements in endothelial cells of allo- ation and greater insight into the mechanism of the pulmon- grafts and immunological rejection in allografts used in the ary autograft dilatation is needed.

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Since the 5th grade, when my interest in the paranormal began, I have always been troubled by the limits of my own tolerance for the supernatural. Why do I accept flying saucers but reject blond Pleiadians? Why do I believe in ghosts but not in werewolves?

What is the precise nature of my hidden criteria for bullshit? What the fuck does that even mean when we tread in such deep waters? That's why it's cool!

Keel for his audacity and the strength of his prose, and I recommend this book to any serious student of the field. Sep 16, Amber rated it it was amazing Shelves: That is my best review of this phenomenal book.

I cannot even begin to digest all the information present in this book. I feel exhausted and elated at the same time! There is simply too much information. And pages. The insight is so brilliant because it is so objective.

The painstaking research and the compassion for contactees is mind-blowing. These people are not insane, however, in several cases, their experiences have driven them quite insane which makes for some confusion. And I'm only scratching the surface here. I have 15 bookmarks on my Kindle from this book, and all the quotes are too lengthy to repeat here.

In fact, just now I have gone back through those bookmarks, and they are so lengthy that I am already frustrated. So instead of a detailed review, I'd like to give a warning in regards to this book. To all religious people who also have the ability to critically think: And I sincerely hope you do. Keel made quite a job in this book. Firstly, he did an amazing amount of research, considering he wrote this much before the computer age. Secondly, he dealt with the issue in a scientific, strict way, with logic and systematic analysis of events.

Thirdly, and most importantly, his thesis that UFOs represent a phenomenon more psychical and "etheric" than materialistic, is well founded and supported.

He does not preclude the possibility a small minority of the phenomenon to be of an extraterrestr Keel made quite a job in this book. He does not preclude the possibility a small minority of the phenomenon to be of an extraterrestrial, materialistic explanation. But he shows that the bulk of the phenomenon is less materialistic, and touching more on the subjects having been studied by metaphysics and occult philosophy, also by modern advanced physics.

Recommended to all interested in this subject. Jul 29, Karl rated it it was amazing. Fantastic analysis of UFO experiences pre Loved Keel's presentation of unseen consistencies or lack thereof in contactee's experiences.

This book throws the doors or windows open on a phenomena that's been with us for some time. Well-cited, extremely deeply researched.

I only faltered at some of his conclusions. While they may be true, I'd like to have seen a bit more depth in the building of his arguments and extrapolations of the data gathered.

Pdf horse operation trojan

Overall, I'd recommend to absolutely anyone. Another study that shows the remarkable depth of genuine interaction of a field of study taken for granted or completely pushed aside by most of the general public. Jun 11, Michael Williams rated it liked it. This is an interesting set of anecdotes contributing to Keel's larger thesis. Keel's ability to walk the line between conversation and reportage is well-used here but sometimes I wanted less of the former and more of the latter.

Excellent fodder for a This is an interesting set of anecdotes contributing to Keel's larger thesis. Excellent fodder for anyone looking for content to remix in fiction or gaming.

Aug 22, Little Miss Esoteric rated it liked it Shelves: My review of 'The Mothman Prophecies' pretty much covers my feelings about this book too: Mar 08, Taylor rated it really liked it. Keel presents many cases of the paranormal, many of which he has studied firsthand.

He begins this tale with his own studies with data and connections to show which are fascinating. He then moves into other ufologists works to find connections, moving from the Synopsis: He also spans the globe with the cases he uses as examples. He speculates possible explanations for all of the cases, settling on beings made of energy waves. Keel then goes on to speak of psychic phenomenon, seances and poltergeist.

None of these accounts are really first hand and he does not provide sources as to their validity. He states much of the communicated information in these cases correspond with UFO contactees. Much of the information is good, some of it is outdated, but overall it is an interesting read. The Best: Keel makes many connections between stories I have not noticed and firsthand stories I had never heard.

His citation free style also leaves parts of the book questionable in truthfulness. And Finally he waits until the last ten pages to tell you off handedly he used to write psychological propaganda for the Army, this would have been nice to know from the start Nov 18, Mathieu Gaudreault rated it it was amazing. If you had to read only one book on the parnormal this should be the book.

Keel shows is four years research all over the USA about various parnormal facts from ghost to poltergeist and finaly ufo's. He ask questions and with data show some syncronicity of the events. The ultraterrestrials explanations make sens when reading this book. With a dry sens of humour Keel proves that the nuts and bolts explantion of UFO dosen,t make sens.

Pdf operation trojan horse

He described the history of the phenomena that always appeard i If you had to read only one book on the parnormal this should be the book. He described the history of the phenomena that always appeard in various disguise.

A must have book Lo valioso: El electromagnetismo como campo de juego, la sospecha continua de que nada es lo que parece. Apuntar preguntas.

Operation Trojan Horse (book) - Wikipedia

Jul 28, Kristin rated it liked it. Keeping in mind that this book was written 47 years ago, I found it very interesting. His hypothesis regarding "ultraterrestrials" is quite fascinating in light of modern speculations and mathematical models of parallel dimension and multiverses. I do agree with his premise that the fairies and angels of the past are the aliens of today--they are part and parcel of the same phenomenon and may or may not be extraterrestrial or ultraterrestrial.

Operation Trojan Horse

Only time will tell. Jan 02, Michael Klein rated it liked it. This book was fun. I particularly like the notions on mystery airplanes, helicopters and birds. Oct 15, Lana rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved this book and was highly intrigued by it. It is about UFOs but this is very different from other materials on the subject.

It is a massive scientific study of UFO phenomena, such as how they appear, where they appear, the times, and other factors involved. The author uncovered some very fascinating patterns about the sightings.

Operation Trojan Horse - Galaksija

A couple of interesting factors are that he thinks they are not all metal flying discs but inter-dimensional, and the metal flying discs seems to be something lik I loved this book and was highly intrigued by it. A couple of interesting factors are that he thinks they are not all metal flying discs but inter-dimensional, and the metal flying discs seems to be something like a front or deception.

There are also many reports of highly unusual UFO sightings that are dismissed by the UFO community because they don't fit the pre-conceived pattern such as tiny UFOs landing in people's rooms and then leaving, seeing fairies and elves, and the visitors making many predictions that turned out to be false and lying and messing with people's lives in deceptive ways.

I thought the book had a bit of an anti-religion angle and trying to make a connection between religious visions and UFOs, which I was not too convinced about. In the end the author concludes there may be a big element of mind control involved in UFO sightings. This is truly a remarkable book, it has so much information that I think it needs to be read more than once to grasp everything in it. This book is a good overview of the strangeness of the UFO phenomenon.

The main focus is North America. I particularly enjoyed this as it does cover the strange stories that arose in the late s yes, you read that correctly and moves through to the s when the book was written. I'm particularly fond of Keel; even as he does get enthusiastic about these reports, he's also willing to step back and say - even if it's not UFOs, something is going on here. Like him, I wonder why more people This book is a good overview of the strangeness of the UFO phenomenon.

Like him, I wonder why more people aren't curious about it. Whatever it is aliens, government, psychosis I will reread this. It has a limited audience due to subject matter. Keel's seminal work on the mysterious phenomenon linking lights in the sky to bizarre contacts with human beings. Totally worth a read from anyone with an interest in the subject.

Assumptions about the extraterrestrial nature of UFOs beware! Feb 20, Will added it Shelves: Don't bother.