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[gview file=””]. Operation Unit I Nature of Operation Research: History,Nature of OR,Impact of OR. Download free solved previous year question paper for Operation research from to Download question paper (PDF) for Mechanical Engineering Semester 7 - Operations Research exam (Mumbai University) held in May for free.

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I have only Rs to spend for hens. How many of each kind should I download to. give a profit of more than Rs 6 per week, assuming that I cannot. Operation Research Question Paper - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. OR. Download All These Question Papers in PDF Format, Check the Below , 10ME74, VTU BE Operations Research Question Paper of.

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Important Solutions [ 0 ]. Question Bank Solutions [ 0 ]. Video Tutorials [ 0 ]. Time Tables [ 6 ]. Subject Operations Research similar question papers. My Profile. My Profile [view full profile]. Inform you about time table of exam. Inform you about new question papers. New video tutorials information. More Question paper and solutions for Semester 6 Operations Research.

University of Mumbai Semester 6 Operations Research question paper are provided here in PDF format which students may download to boost their preparations for the Board Exam. Divisibility Queuing theory Maximising a nonlinear objective function b. According to which of the basic assumptions of linear programming problem. Optimum strategy c. Linearity b. Solving a system of equalities and inequalities d. Linear inequalities d. Non-linear inequalities Optimising costs c. Selecting alternatives in a decision problem.

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In Linear Programming Problems. Which of the following defines the measure of effectiveness of the system as a mathematical function of its decision variables? Linear equalities b. Deterministic c. One b.

Previous year question paper for OR (BCOM 3rd)

Four Infeasible c. Degenerate d. Three d.

Unbounded or infeasible. In graphical analysis. Multiple optimal solution c. Zero c. An unbounded solution d. Multiple optimal solutions b. When the primal problem is unbounded.

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Binding constraint d. Redundant Constraint Inequality constraint c. Convexity c. Linear Programming constraint b. Which of the following is a characteristic of simplex method?

All constraints are equations b. Boundaries of feasible region are planes d.

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Infeasible problem Objective function can be represented by a line A unique optimal solution b. Branch and bound technique b. Pure integer programming problems b. Mixed integer programming problems. Balanced assignment problem c. Non-integer programming technique d. Linear programming problem b. Simulation In which of the following integer programming problems all decision variables are restricted to integer values? Integer programming technique c.

Transportation problem c. Quadratic programming problem A basic solution to an m-origin. Linear programming techniques Assignment problem b. Unbalanced assignment problem d.

Game theory d. When the customer arrivals are completely random. Server c.

Deterministic model b. Probability b. Dynamic b. Poisson distribution. One integer programming problems Reneging d. Game d. Sequencing Service d. Collusion LIFO c. FIFO b. Zero integer programming problems d. Statistical model c. Jockeying c. Pre-emptive priority Priority service d. Static Balking b. Several servers. Simulation b. Assignment models Last Come. Service facility b. CPM d. Probability concept Which queuing discipline is based on the stack method?

First Come. Service facilities in a series Several queues c. Single server. Mathematical models b. Game models c. First Served b. Prototyping c. In this type of a model. Single queues d. Priority c. Arrival pattern Simulation models d. Random d. First Served Single queue b. Queue length c. Waiting time d. PERT All of the above Projects b.

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Experimentation c. Project scheduling c. Simulation should not be applied in all the cases because it: Requires considerable talent for model building and extensive computer programming efforts. PERT c. Provides at best approximate solution to problem d. Project planning b. Project controlling d. Consumes much computer time c. CPM Two c. Monte Carlo b. For the critical activities.

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Rapid Prototyping d. Zero d. Primary Menu. Search for: Home Operation Research Question Paper. Hungarian method Minimization and Maximization Travelling salesman problem: Replacement of items that deteriorate , Replacement of items that fail group replacement and individual replacement.

Hillier F. Winston Thomson Kambo, N. Sharma Operations Research by P.