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JavaScript: The Good Parts is mentioned a lot here. I actually found this to be much more useful when I already had experience with Javascript to better. Ecosia uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. By searching with Ecosia, you're not only reforesting our planet, . Compre o livro JavaScript: The Good Parts na confira as ofertas lendo Professional JavaScript for Web Developers e achei muito melhor.

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May 2, detailed look at all the genuinely elegant parts of JavaScript, .. Essa é uma versão traduzida do ebook: JavaScript Awesome Tips vc se tornar um desenvolvedor melhor aprendendo alguns truques do core JavaScript. Most programming languages contain good and bad parts, but JavaScript has more than its share of the bad, having been developed and released in a hurry.

Now you can get everything with O'Reilly Online Learning. To download books, visit site or your favorite retailer. This authoritative book scrapes away these bad features to reveal a subset of JavaScript that's more reliable, readable, and maintainable than the language as a whole—a subset you can use to create truly extensible and efficient code. Considered the JavaScript expert by many people in the development community, author Douglas Crockford identifies the abundance of good ideas that make JavaScript an outstanding object-oriented programming language-ideas such as functions, loose typing, dynamic objects, and an expressive object literal notation. Unfortunately, these good ideas are mixed in with bad and downright awful ideas, like a programming model based on global variables. When Java applets failed, JavaScript became the language of the Web by default, making its popularity almost completely independent of its qualities as a programming language.

Note: Adobe Fonts are not available for Static text type.

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JavaScript file Contains dedicated definitions and code for all interactive elements of the animation. Also defined within the JavaScript file are, code for all types of tweens. These files are copied to the same location as that of the FLA by default. To its end, Animate allows you to migrate content by manually copying or importing individual layers, symbols, and other library items.

HTML5, CSS, PHP & JavaScript

For more information, see this link. However, when working the HTML5 document type in Animate, you can notice that certain Animate features are not supported. This is because, the features within Animate do not have corresponding features within the Canvas API.

This may affect you during content migration, when you attempt to: Copy content layers or library symbols from a traditional Animate document type such as ActionScript 3. In this case, an unsupported content-type is either removed or converted to supported defaults.

For example, copying 3D animation will remove all 3D transformations applied to objects on stage. In this case, the content is either removed or converted to supported defaults.

Animate removes the effect.

Work with multiple document types for example, ActionScript 3. In this case, Animate visually indicates that the feature is not supported. For example, you created a dotted line in an ActionScript 3.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Observe the pointer and the Properties Inspector, they display icons to indicate that dotted line is not supported within HTML5 Canvas. Scripts ActionScript components are removed and the code is commented out.

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For example, if you copied layers that contain buttons, they are removed. Changes applied to content after migrating The following are the types of changes that are applied when you migrate legacy content to an HTML5 Canvas document.

For example: 3D Transformations are removed ActionScript code is commented out Videos are removed Content is modified to a supported default value Content type or feature is supported, but a property of the feature is not.

For example: Overlay Blendmode is not supported; is modified to Normal. Since PDF files are used in so many different situations for so many different kinds of purposes, you may need to shop around to find the open source alternative to Adobe Acrobat that meets your exact needs. Here are some tools I enjoy. Both Firefox and Chromium , the open source version of Google's Chrome browser, come bundled with in-browser PDF readers, so an external plugin is no longer necessary for most users.

Scribus , Inkscape , and GIMP all support native PDF export, too, so no matter what kind of document you need to make -- a complex layout, formatted text, vector or raster image, or some combination -- there's an open source application that meets your needs. Editing PDFs Ah, this is where things start to get tricky.

Or at least where they used to. The world has changed a bit and it turns out that recent versions of LibreOffice Draw do a fantastic job of editing PDF files, and not just adding and deleting pages as you might expect, but for editing text and images as well so long as your PDF was created directly from a source document and not from a scan.

JavaScript: The Good Parts - O'Reilly Media

It's not perfect, and I've had it choke up on a few more complex documents, but I'm still impressed with what a good job it does on many of the documents I've had to work with.

Inkscape , too, does a good job with opening documents created elsewhere, and may be a more intuitive choice if your document is heavy on graphics. We know these aren't the only choices in town.

Do you work with a lot of PDFs? Have a favorite application to help you along the way? Let us know in the comments below what you use and why it works for you. Are you interested in reading more articles like this? Sign up for our weekly email newsletter. Linux desktop enthusiast.