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Noble Drew Ali: The Exhuming of a Nation (Paperback). Noble Drew Ali: The Exhuming of a Nation Cover Image. By Sheik Elihu N. Pleasant-. Noble Drew Ali: The Exhuming of a Nation: Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available. not contain. Get this from a library! Noble Drew Ali, the last prophet: the exhuming of a nation. [Elihu N Pleasant-Bey].

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Early life[ edit ] Several details of Drew Ali's early life are uncertain, as true information became mixed with that of legend by his devout followers. In one version of Drew Ali's biography, the leader saw him as a reincarnation of the founder. It is also known as the "Circle Seven Koran" because of its cover, which features a red "7" surrounded by a blue circle. Chapters 20 through 45 are borrowed from the Rosicrucian work, Unto Thee I Grant, with minor changes in style and wording. They are instructions on how to live, and the education and duties of adherents. In these he wrote: The fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatic Nation of North America need to learn to love instead of hate; and to know of their higher self and lower self. This is the uniting of the Holy Koran of Mecca for teaching and instructing all Moorish Americans, etc.

There he instructed followers not to be confrontational but to build up their people to be respected. In this way, they might take their place in the United States of America by developing a cultural identity that was congruent with Drew Ali's beliefs on personhood. The leader of a particular temple was known as a Grand Sheik , or Governor. Noble Drew Ali was known to have had several wives.

The Chicago Defender stated that his trip included "interviews with many distinguished citizens from Chicago, who greeted him on every hand. Internal split and murder[ edit ] In early , following a conflict over funds, Claude Green-Bey , the business manager of Chicago Temple No.

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He declared himself Grand Sheik and took a number of members with him. No indictment was sworn for Drew Ali at that time. Death[ edit ] Shortly after his release by the police, Drew Ali died at age 43 at his home in Chicago on July 20, One Moor told The Chicago Defender that "The Prophet was not ill; his work was done and he laid his head upon the lap of one of his followers and passed out. Perkins cites "Standard Certificate of Deatch No.

The certificate was filed by Dr. Clarence Payne-El, who was reportedly at Drew Ali's bedside when he died. See also Scopino. Brothers dont mark your fez, it shows you are free. Be the plain Truth like me, your Prophet. The fez is the infinite Headdress of the African God-Man. He nor it can be limited, enslaved or bound. Marking the fez makes it finite, territorial and binding.

Sisters wrap your turbans in the colors of the rainbow. Turbans can be any color found in the Moors look your best. Sisters should not wear black turbans because she is a Giver of life.

Moabite Queen ruled from. Her name was Queen Netha, and she waged war against five Pharaohs. At that spot, the Holy Prophet dug down into the ground, and dug up a metal bar with foreign writing on it.

If you have a dream and you forget what you dreamed, to remember it, place your forehead face If you dream of me, it is like seeing me for true, because the devil cannot steal my appearance. At a meeting where the Holy Prophet was present, He saw 10 Arabians, 5 Turks, 2 Chinese and 1 down on your pillow, and you will remember it. Japanese join the Moorish Science Temple of America. The Moors were the first people, and all other people that use our name were adopted into our tribe.

The MST of A do not have the power to issue nationality or change man from the descendant nature of his Forefathers but here everyone must proclaim their free national name as we are teaching our people their nationality.

I got here just in time. The Prophet said the Europeans were looking for Him with airplanes and with dread-naughts. The printer was amazed. Take a good look at me, so that you will know me when you see me. When you see me, dont Some dirty Moors paid hit men to kill the Holy Prophet.

When the hit men went to the temple, where speak to me unless I speak to you first. The hit men went back to the people that hired them and told them, Dont you pay us to do anything to any of those Moorish Americans. During the life of the Holy Prophet, there were many members of the National Guard, both officers and enlisted men that were members of the Moorish Science Temple of America in Chicago, Illinois.

The Holy Prophet gave a party for the Moors. The Prophet had everything fixed up nicely. He even had pool tables for their enjoyment. But some unconscious Asiatics tried to break up the party. When they tried, some of the Moors, who were members of the National Guard, went to the Armory, and came back to the party with army tanks, trucks and guns.

When the Asiatics saw this, they took off with such fright that some of them ran into buildings, and knocked themselves out. The Holy Prophet told the Moors before the bank crash in 1929, If you have money in the bank, get it out.

Put your money in the post office. Those that obeyed the Holy Prophet saved their money. Those that did not lost their money.

Wake up you sleepy headed Moors. I am going to take you up above the sun, moon and stars, around the throne of the Mighty Allah. The Holy Prophet took the Moors up above the blue ethers, around the throne of Allah. An elder brother stated, Moors, your Prophet is truly a Prophet. I have fixed everything; I have stopped up every rat hole. Members in the temple sat and watched as a dirty Moor, full of rage, went after the Holy Prophet a knife. The Moors just looked and would not protect their Leader.

After avoiding the assailants aggressions The Holy Prophet turned, faced him suddenly and as quick as a thought, He cast out the spirit of anger from the Moor. The would-be assassin became meek as a lamb and apologized for his wrong doing.

The Prophet said I know you did not know and I forgive you son. After the event, the Holy Prophet told the Moors, I have got a good mind to leave you. Then the Moors got down on their knees, and begged the Holy Prophet not to leave them. About that time a man suddenly appeared between the members and The Holy prophet. He was dressed in Turkish Garb and by the mysterious way he came he had to be an Angel. He never looked at Drew Ali but told the Moors, If you harm a hair of His head, we will come and destroy you all.

I took the cover off all the secret organizations. At first, it is going to look like they are against me. Then they are going to lead me to where I am going. Children, if you want to come up to see me, you can. There Man, Spirit Man, can visit the Prophets of all times and climes. The Holy Prophet In U. Chicago is doomed and Detroit must go down for what they have done to I, your Prophet. One day, grass is going to grow up in Detroit.

One day the famous industries will leave Detroit and The Holy Prophet asked the Moors in Detroit, Michigan, How would you like to have your own grass would reclaim those sites.

Mayor and Chief of Police? The Moors said, Yes. There is going to be an earthquake that will split the United States in two. If my Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice are carried out, the United States When the Moors ruled Spain, we had street lights in Seville, Spain 400 years before they had While I am talking to you Moors, my spirit is over in India with them, and those old sisters are Money will be burnt in the streets, and we wont be able to buy much; and when I put my spirit All nations will turn against the United States one day.

One day, the United States will not be able to do any business, unless they do it through the Moors that were in the Temple during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali said that when will be the richest and most prosperous country on the earth.

If not, the worst is yet to come. Chicago is going to be your new Mecca. The Holy Prophet and Bro. Kirkman-Bey had gone to school together. The Holy Prophet asked C. Kirkman-Bey, Can you speak high German?

Kirkman-Bey replied, Yes, but I am a little rusty. The Holy Prophet reached into a trunk, pulled out a book, and dusted it off with a feather duster, and handed it to Bro.

Kirkman-Bey, and he read from it. Kirkman-Bey told the Prophet that he had a wife and children. The Holy Prophet let him know that they would be provided for. The Holy Prophet took Bro. In 1928 The Holy Prophet and Bro. There was an Indian Chief representing the American Indians. Kirkman-Bey, who spoke 92 different languages, was the interpreter for the Holy Prophet at this conference. Kirkman-Beys ship was tied up at the dock, the Cuban army was standing on the dock, and Bro.

Kirkman-Bey announced the presence of El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali and said something to them in Spanish which caused the army to stand at attention. It was then he and the Holy Prophet came down the ramp of the ship.

Noble Drew Ali: The Exhuming of a Nation

Kirkman-Bey speak, he said, Thats a dangerous man. The United States had lost its Sovereign Power in 1871 and subsequent 50-year Mandate for this land had expired in 1921. At this conference, the mandate for this land was returned to the Moorish, original indigenous owners of the land, through Prophet Noble Drew Ali. The Prophet reportedly showed the mandate to His officials in the Adept Chamber.

I remember when I was Noah. Noah was a carpenter and he built the Ark. When the flood came, men swam out to the Ark, and knocked on the door, and said, Noah, Noah, let us in, and I told them, The door is locked, and an angel came, and took the key away. People left the Garden of Eden, and died by the thousands, but it was the Moors that were able to Those that were with me 2,000 years ago are with me today, and those that were against me 2,000 traverse the desert, and go into other parts of the world to inhabit.

Children, your hair is not kinky. It is wooly like your Brother Jesus. When the wild beast roamed the earth in large numbers, and you could hear the large birds flapping their wings at a long distance, it was the Moors that took the sword and went out and splayed the beast so that civilization could come in.

Before one jot or title of my word fails to come to pass, heaven and earth will pass away. One of Drew Alis Divine Ministers told of a time when he had set up a meeting of Christian preachers to council with the Holy Prophet to see whether these preachers would follow the Holy Prophet. The Preachers and Pastors were assembled and the Divine Minister was addressing them before the Holy Prophet came to the meeting. The Holy Prophet was not present in the room when this statement was made, and the meeting place was on the third floor of the building that they were in.

When the Prophet arrived at the meeting, He told the preacher, I can do what Moses did, but if I came walking into the meeting with a lion on a chain, you would jump out of the window and kill yourself. Asiatic Preachers and Masons will be the last to come home. They will fight me tooth and claw I was Mohammed. Mohammed defeated the Roman Empire. When I conquered Rome, we went but cannot win.

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You could hear the swords swinging. I cut the head of Rome off; pulled down the flags; sent letters to the other European governments, and asked them was I right. They said, Yes, Mohammed, you are right. Just let us have a place to live. The Holy Prophet said, I went into Rome with 72,000 men. When I ran out of men, I reached down, and picked up a hand full of sand, I threw it up in the air, and when it came down, there were soldiers seated on camels.

I am the fifth and last Prophet, and I am five times more powerful than I was before. We, as a people, were buried five times deeper in sinful ways than any nation enslaved before us. The Holy Prophet was ordained by the great God to be five times greater and more powerful than the Prophets before. Mohammed was the seal of the Prophets to bring the tenants of Islam.

Yet, every major Prophet is the last Prophet to be raised from amongst those of his especial nation to be redeemed. After enduring the worst system of Chattel Slavery ever imposed upon a people and sanctioned by the religions of the Earth.

Having been denationalized and stripped of Divine Creed some think the Moorish to remain the rejected corner stone of the Human family. The Moorish have earned the divine right and is most deserving of a Holy Prophet.

No Messenger would be apt enough to save us. Surely Allah knows what men know not. I can do what Jesus did, but you The Moors are not in the condition that those people were in. If I tell you that I am going to do a thing, I have done it already. Religion Your Forefathers are the Founders of the straight and narrow; the worlds first religious creed Islam is that Old Time Religion.

Drew ali nation ebook noble the download a exhuming of

Before the end of time, every knee will bow to Islam. Dont worry about how you are going to be saved. It will be done in a conflict that cannot be told Allah alone is perfect. Some of my best Moors are still in the church.

Moslems are not made, they are born. A Moslem is made with the Will of Allah who made them. A Anytime a Moslem goes into a church for any reason; it ceases to be church, and it is a temple.

Dont throw away your Bibles, because I am going to use them to condemn the government. Woe upon the man that calls himself a Jew. One day, there is going to be a holy war. You Moors dont recognize Islam because it is yours. Your religion is Islamism, something you live everyday. To this day it is called Islam. Moslem is with or without a garb of flesh. The MST of As membership is going to dwindle down to a handful, but keep the doors open, and I will drive the Asiatics in.

When I drive the Asiatics in, its going to take 10 secretaries, just to write the names down. One day, men are going to be running so fast that their coat-tails will be standing straight out.

You will be able to shoot dice on their coat-tails. They are going to be running to get into the Temple. The last ones to make it into the Temple will be the preachers, and the Europeans are going to be beating them over the head, driving them in.

Woe upon the one that scatters my flock. Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket. They will realize membership and national status, though similar in structure, are worlds apart. If you have money and dont give it to me to uplift our people I am going to get it anyway. Dont let any of those foreign Moslems get up in your rostrum. These Moslems, who once enslaved their African Mothers and Fathers while holding the Great Quran behind their backs, are not strong enough to free the Moorish or lead them to paradise.

An elder Moor said he was walking down the street in Chicago, Illinois, and an Arabian came out of a store, and asked him to come into the store.

He went with him. The elder Moor stated, That is my Prophet. The Holy Prophet said, All right, son. The store was full of Arabians, and the elder Moor said that all of them had Identification Cards for membership in the Moorish Science Temple of America. You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink. I am going to lead some of you At the First Convention in 1928, Prophet Noble Drew Ali said, The garment that I have on Moors all the way up to salvation, and you are going to turn around and go the other way.

I am going to free you, though its hard, because of your mixture, which brings about many different spirits. When you fail to hear my voice, you are lost. It is against the law to stand up in any audience intoxicated. The leader is not to stay out all night, giving earnings away to someone else.

You who are heads of Temples, it is easy for you to destroy the influence of the Temple; now lace up your shoes, and get right. You stop figuring out your way, how your salvation shall come, just follow me. You can say one thing Moors, you have made a start for the kingdom. If you want success, you must follow the Prophet. Husbands take care of your wives, and families. Wives keep your homes and children clean. I have done more than you think. I want you to help me by your good deeds of living at home, and abroad.

It is through your good, not with your lips, trying to be the front seat in everything, always standing in my face.

Noble Drew Ali, the last prophet : the exhuming of a nation (Book, ) []

Moors, be careful of your steps, leaders of Temples must be careful how they walk. They must be an example. I am not asleep; it will take you Moors a long time to find out what I did today. When you all go home, dont start no stuff, for I will be right there listening at you. This is no social organization; it is a divine and national movement. By you being born here dont make you a citizen one must proclaim his nationality before his Government to be recognized as a citizen. Look what I have on, now this was handed to me by the government.

It represents the royal prince. The Holy Prophet wore a mantle of power. I have mended the broken wires, and have connected them with the higher powers.

The Holy Prophet was at a meeting speaking at the temple in Detroit, Michigan. An Asiatic got up while The Prophet was speaking and said, If that man is a prophet, I would be willing to give up my life. This angered some of the Moors that heard it. Some of the Moors started moving up on this man with their hands in their pockets, and they were going to cut him to death, but the Holy Prophet held up His hand, and said, Children, did you hear that.

It is too bad. After the Holy Prophet spoke those words, this Asiatic fell back into his seat, and slumped down. When the Moors carried him out of the building, he was dead. The Grand Sheik of a Temple should go to the Temple, hang the Charter on the wall, say the Moorish-American prayer, when it is time for the meeting to open, and if no one comes to the meeting after he sits and waits for one and a half hours, then take the Charter down off the wall and go home.

As there is but one Allah, there is just one Prophet of the temple and he came to save one Moorish American Nation.

If you go to Adept Meeting, dont tell anyone who does not go, what happened at the meeting. Try to have your temples in buildings, where the meetings are on the second floor. Your services When you take care of Temple business go in numbers of two, three, five and seven. Moorish Leaders, dont burden my Moors. Moorish Leaders are to lead Moors to uprightness, When children start crying in a meeting, take them out of the meeting.

Do not bring children to an adept meeting or in the building where an Adept meeting is taking freedom and independence. Anything short of truth is a burden. The elder Moor went to the head of the stairs, and told the people, The Prophet is tired.

He has been healing people all day long. Go home. This food here is, just European poison. People are going to be dying like hogs with the cholera, and the doctors wont know what is If you steal my money, its going to burn up in your pocket. My remedies will cure you of anything that you werent born with.

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The only thing that is going to save them is my remedies. One day, some of you Moors are going to be walking around with skippers those are maggots Boil your drinking water.

This warning was given in 1924. Today, the water pockets and air of the There is going to be famine in the land.

Today in The United States and other parts of Africa there falling out of you, praying to die, and wont be able to die. Drinking water is as The Holy Prophet prophesied. Epidemic claiming millions of lives annually. This and other diseases were unheard of and unforeseen during the prophets time.

Boys, why dont you be like I, your Prophet? I dont drink, and I dont smoke, but if you do, dont stop it all at once. If you do, you may hurt something. During the Prophets time many Moors, fresh out of slavery, had became addicted to poisonous smoking and drinking. There is a corrected mental process to follow when breaking away from these physical addictions or one may cause harm to self and others. Nonetheless, one must Stop in order to imitate the Holy Prophets healthy and holistic way of life.

An elder sister went to the Holy Prophet because she had been sick. The Holy Prophet listened to her and said, Sister, you are going to get well. I want you to go to the Temple, if you have got to crawl. You say that you want some pure meat to eat; no one is going to kill a camel for you to eat over Dont drink and come to the temple, and sit down next to people with liquor on your breath.

If you have to drink, go into your room. Harness your weakness to your self and conquer it to gain Prophets Warnings Today We Are Going To Be Taxed To Death Today, the average hard working American has become so accustomed to paying Taxes until they coined the phrase The only things certain in life is death and taxes.

Todays taxes are merely the business of recycling the silence of the lambs. The original corporate investments of the 13 British Colonies was a major European corporate Business investment designed for her Western Settlers to pay homage to the crown via taxes.

To the Defectors, winning the revolutionary war was a personal triumph and later hailed as The United States of America. That which was personal resorted to back to the business of Taxes as usual.

Ali revealed it all. Yet, any Kemetian Adept, Theologian or Historian of the Human Family would clearly surmise that most of the public opinions of Drew Ali derived from those who saw no need to protect the sanctity and Divinity of his Prophethood. He was an Angel of Allah to say the least. He came in due time. But His Holiness has been obscured due to standard doubts of His People. There has been slanderous remarks, loose talk and unsubstantiated western Islamic philosophies about the authenticity of Noble Drew Alis ordination to the station of Prophet.

Some of the Oral Statements spoken down by some of the Elder Moors, have been omitted as unsubstantiated social hearsay because their comments did not balance with the sacred preparations, status or duties required in the linage of Minor and Major Prophets in the Holy Likeness of Drew Ali.

Why does my Prophet have to be the only one, in all the history of prophetdom, to make swine kosher enough to eat?? Would a Moslem Leader ever say Moors it is alright to eat pork? He did not say that. It does not balance. A man must be at least 21 years of age to join any Masonic Lodge.