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Ma Sabel and Us. Author: La Yaung Kyu Yint · Novels.: Mar; View: ;: MB. Detail · Read. Missing Page. Author: La Yaung Kyu Yint. Now and Forever Our Lives Author: Shin Ma Category: Novels.: Aug; View: ;: MB. Download Here · Read this book online · Report. Top Popular Books. Home / Popular. All; This Week Author: Lone Ma Novels.: Apr; View: Author: Shin Myat Noe Novels.: Apr; View.

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Now and Forever Our Lives. Author: Shin Ma · Novels.: Aug; View: ;: MB. Detail · Read. 2. Battle-cry. Author: Shin Ma · Novels.: Jul- . Guitar Strings of a Dream. Author: Shin Ma · Novels.: Aug; View: ;: MB. Detail · Read. Bigoted Love and Affection. Author: Shin Ma. Sep; View: ;: MB. Detail · Read. Leave Me in Your Legend (Part 2). Author: Shin Ma · Novels.: Sep; View: ;: MB.

Myanmar Book Download. Here is the collection of books shared by many vistors by online and by post. There are various categories for all ages. Our purpose is to encourage readers. We also would like to say thanks to all vistors who sent and shared books at our bookshelf.

Something that surprised Rigby about the women she interviewed was that many did not consider themselves to be feminists.

Rigby said she hoped the book, written in English, would not only be read by foreigners. While conducting the interviews she realised that women in Myanmar face similar challenges and struggles to those around the world. She cites the pop star Ah Moon as an example. When women try to lead society, it is still a fight. Hillary Clinton is an example in the US — despite everything, she still couldn't get elected. Instead, for me — and perhaps I have at least slightly convinced you — I can find hope in the women in this book.

Tomorrow for You.

The untold lives of extraordinary women

To Snow Palace with Sun Train. Tune to Call Winter. My Girl "Shi". I Found a Lost Guy.

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Love and after Love. Such way. Order of My Heart.

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All right Reserved. Agricultural Astrology Business Comedy Comic Detective Dictionary 8. English Health History Knowledge The tools are basically fabricated by originally more or less flaking techniques and it followed fluting and retouching. In which manufacturing of blades, points, crescent or lunate, microburin, trapeze and triangle of geometric microliths are emphasized.

These are tools which could not have been used simply by hand. According to the evidences known from the Southwest Asia and India, the tiny stone specimens were merely elements which in combination were hafted on wooden or bone handles to be finally used as implements Bhattacharya, It can be demonstrated that, the chipped razor or blades are put in the grove of a long piece of wood.

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Then the small blades are stoke with resin or other glue in a grove in a row, with their cutting edges adjoining each other. Resin or other glue has hardened an excellent knife with cutting edge far longer than that of a single blade Zeuner, The other weapons using the microlithis in several forms of combinations are spear heads, arrow heads, sickles, knives, daggers and etc.

Mesolithic culture is generally understood the earliest Holocene culture it occurs before agriculture was started in human cultural history. Thus there is no indication of a change in economy from the Palaeolithic period. Bows and arrows are attributed as the invention of in this phase.

Fishing and fowling might be adopted and grass seeds in the wild must have been collected by the hunter and gatherer groups in their economy. It is briefly noted that microliths in terms of technomorphology are a logical derivative of the Upper Palaeolithic.

Collected Lithic Artefacts All total number of lithic artifacts are well represented as the Mesolithic tools with their distinctive shapes and sizes.

Apart from these tools it is noted the chippings or sometime referred as industrial wastes scattered on the ground. A large quantity of those discards, none of them indicating transportation from elsewhere, came to light the tools and the wastes in-situ. Most of the tools are made up of quartz of igneous-originated gravels, chalcedony, flint and chalcedonic silica and chert.

Additionally a few of raw material like jasper and fossilized wood are included as the variable rock types. No sign of these rock-supplies can be found in the closely surrounded area of the site. They might have been brought from somewhere old stream-bed situated surrounding areas the most probable from the old river bed of Ayeyarwaddy, located east of the site.

As the majority of the tools measure between 1.

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Utilization of rocks for stone tools is imagined at first either strike or percussion that for preparing core then flaking is succeeded, sometime chipped from a core. In this case the core of pebble used as raw material might be not much larger than a hand size. Then flaking and retouching are conducted. In rare case the technique of fluting is known which is after preparing of nodule as a prismatic core to be work out tools.

The tools produced in this way have extreme sharp edges.